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Vegan lettuce wraps

Easy & Healthy Recipe: Vegan Lettuce Wraps

As a self-proclaimed vegetable advocate, nothing makes me happier than creating a satisfying meal that uses only food from the earth, no animal product at ...

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Dinner party bootcamp cover

DIY Dinner Party Bootcamp

Finding time to squeeze in a workout is no easy feat – especially if you’re entertaining. Be the hostess with the mostess and get in ...

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#MakeYourMove with a FitBit

Simple Secret: Get Moving More with a FitBit!

I am a health and fitness blogger. That is what I do; I earn a living writing about finding, being and getting healthy and fit. ...

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Plank and Push-up 30 day challenge

30-Day Plank and Push-Up Challenge!

Ready to trim down your body by toning up all your major muscle groups in just a few minutes a day? Planks and pushups are two incredibly popular ...

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Teresa's Favorites

Addicted to Running

Addicted to Running

For the first time in 14 years, I hung all my race bling and it helped me I realized for the first time, that I ...

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Calorie Saving Soup Recipes

Calorie Saving Soup Recipes

I’ve aways been a fan of creamy soup recipes. What I am not a fan of is when they are overloaded with calories from cream ...

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Healthy Cookie Bars with Coconut Oil

Healthy Cookie Bars with Blueberry Cheesecake Filling

When you need a sweet treat and not totally in the mood to blow your entire day’s caloric bank, you may want to try these ...

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Eating in season

Eating in Season – Summer is Delicious!

Happy 4th of July everybody! I hope you are celebrating independence day with a smile! Here is some healthy food for thought for you this ...

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Boston Marathon Finish Line

2013 Boston Marathon – Finding Gratitude in Despair

I always write a post after a race. I’m a runner and blogger, that’s what we do. I had scheduled to post a “Boston Recap” ...

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Full body fitness challenge

30 Day Full Body Challenge – 2014 Fitness Round Up!

Are you Ready to Challenge Every Major Muscle Group in your Body this Month? We Are! We are wrapping up the 2nd year with the 30-Day ...

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fitness goals1

Understanding your Fitness Goals

Goals are the key to success when it comes to improving your fitness. Just “working out” because you think you should is similar to getting ...

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Time Saving Juicing Tips

Time Saving Juicing Tips for the 30 Day Juicing Challenge!

Are you trying to make juicing a daily habit and having a hard time finding the time? Here are two great juicing tips I’ve come ...

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