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healthy hamburger cover

A Healthy Hamburger?

With grilling season in full swing, you might be wondering if you should curb your burger consumption? Well, yes and no. There are definitely advocates ...

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daily burn supplements

Fueling Summer Performance with DailyBurn

I think one of the coolest things about having a health and fitness blog is the chance to try out so many new products. Sports ...

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healthy 4th of july

3 Steps to a Healthy and Happy 4th of July!

Not in the mood to read and rather listen to Teresa? Play now! The 4th of July is an iconic American holiday! Since I was ...

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SS Kick Off Party Cover

7 Day Healthy and Happy Lifestyle Challenge

Don’t feel like reading this post? Listen to it here instead: Welcome to Simple Secrets, the program to help you make positive, lasting lifestyle change. ...

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Teresa's Favorites

Gluten Free Shopping Guide

Guest Post: Gluten Free Shopping Guide

I’m in Jerusalem! Marathon on Friday – so excited (and a bit terrified as well – I knew it was going to be hilly, I ...

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Skinny Mango Shake

The Philippine Healthy Island Cocktail: The Skinny Mango Shake!

If you’ve been to the Philippines, you’ve had a Mango Shake. It’s an awesome little local treat that you are greeted with at hotels and ...

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Addicted to Running

Addicted to Running

For the first time in 14 years, I hung all my race bling and it helped me I realized for the first time, that I ...

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Low Glycemic Menu Plan

28 Day Low Glycemic Menu Plan Challenge

Care to listen to this blog instead of reading it? You’ve probably heard the term “Glycemic Index,” but do you know what it means to ...

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Guest Posts


Healthy Cocktail - SkinnyTini

Green Drink Cocktail to Celebrate Earth Day

TGIF everybody  what a week it has been! Kicking off Monday with the Boston Marathon, issues with American Airlines coming home on Tuesday, and two ...

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fitness goals1

Understanding your Fitness Goals

Goals are the key to success when it comes to improving your fitness. Just “working out” because you think you should is similar to getting ...

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top 5 fit tips

5 Fit Tips To Getting Your Fitness Back

Fitness really is  a journey, not just a destination. Getting in recommended physical activity requirements needs to happen all the time to get the long term ...

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Creamsicle SkinnyTini - Low Calorie Cocktail

SkinnyTini Book Signing and Tini Tasting — This Sunday!

Happy Friday Friends! I’m happy to announce that I’m finally having a formal release party for the paperback version of “SkinnyTinis–All the Fun for Half ...

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