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meatless monday night challenge

Meatless Monday Night Football Challenge!

Hot damn, this girl is excited! Football season has been teasing us with pre-season games for a few weeks and now the real deal is ...

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diet bet weight loss challenge

Fall Back on Track: DietBet Weight Loss Challenge!

If you’re in the mood to lose 4% of your body weight in the next 28 days, collaborate with an awesome community, get access to ...

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Full Body Fitness Challenge Cover.jpg

30-Day Full Body Fitness Challenge

Fall Back on Track with  the 30 Day Full Body Fitness Challenge! September is a great month to get back in a routine and on track ...

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skinny day drinking

Skinny Day Drinking

As we enjoy these last few (hot!) summer weekends, approach our final Summer celebration, Labor Day weekend and we’re starting to stare football season in ...

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Teresa's Favorites

Winter Salad cover 2

Roasted Butternut Squash Salad: A Winter Salad for the Summertime!

I know it’s the dead of summer and Butternut squash is a winter squash and cranberries come with an inherent holiday vibe. But that cannot ...

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Gluten Free Shopping Guide

Guest Post: Gluten Free Shopping Guide

I’m in Jerusalem! Marathon on Friday – so excited (and a bit terrified as well – I knew it was going to be hilly, I ...

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Vegetarian or Vegan Menu Plan Challenge

28 Day Vegetarian or Vegan Menu Plan Challenge

Are you ready to try out a plant based diet, or simply decrease the amount of animal protein you consume and don’t really know where ...

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healthy food for walkers_2

Healthy Food for Walkers and Runners

This week I’m filming a nutrition based series that will air on called “Fresh Kitchen with Teresa Howes” How fun is that? Well, a ...

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Be Skinny

Guest Posts


30 Day Crunch Challenge

30 Day Crunch Challenge

Get ready for a new month and a brand new challenge with the 30 Day Challenge Series! It’s summer time and vacations are here! Crop tops are ...

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Creamsicle SkinnyTini - Low Calorie Cocktail

SkinnyTini Book Signing and Tini Tasting — This Sunday!

Happy Friday Friends! I’m happy to announce that I’m finally having a formal release party for the paperback version of “SkinnyTinis–All the Fun for Half ...

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Gin Gimlet

National Martini Day – June 19, 2013

Well hot dang! We have a national day for everything and lucky for this SkinnyTini girl — today is NATIONAL MARTINI DAY! Shame on me ...

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peanut cupcake martini

The Peanut Butter Cup SkinnyTini

So many times after a delicious dinner with friends, you naturally crave a sweet treat. But cake with more wine or a different form of ...

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