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Video Post: The best diet for weight loss

I did it! I said it, I called it a “diet!” One of the most controversial words in the weight loss language. I’m sure you’re more than familiar with the concept that all successful weight loss stems from the statement…

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Success Story: Life Beyond Cancer And Hypothyroid by Kylee Molloy

If you have found yourself struggling lately, physically or emotionally, I think you’ll relate to and appreciate this motivational story from Kylee, a gal I know from a local fitness group here in San Diego.  I always knew she was…

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Video Post: Anytime Anywhere Full Body + Interval Road Trip Workout

I was on the road last week! I made my way up the California coast in my little white fiat, which many people know as “Todd” (in fact, we were in a little Fiat commercial last year, which you can…

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How to freeze Bananas and my first FB Live video!

https://youtu.be/8_4ovEHT8Cc Last Friday I shared a post about Healthy Eating on a Budget and my favorite 8 foods to help you do that. This week, I decided to build on that a bit and took it LIVE on Facebook! As…

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Intuitive Eating: Is a Calorie Just a Calorie?

I have met many personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts over the years, and many of them take on the “calories in, calories out” philosophy as a whole. Are they right? This is the general thought in many nutrition programs and…

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Video Blog: Preventing “snaccidents” with Smart Snacks

Snacking is a pretty big deal. In fact, I’ve delivered seven corporate wellness trainings on the topic this week to one of San Diego’s largest and “healthiest” employers. At the same time, I was asked to take a look at…

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Skinny Traveler: 10 Tips for Healthy Weekend Getaway

Change is not inherently fun. But it can be such a great opportunity and catalyst to do things you wouldn’t otherwise do. When I found my most recent relationship crumbling to pieces (albeit for the right reasons), it seemed like…

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Skinny Day Drinking

As Summer hits, the day time parties become much more frequent, yay! But that can be tricky as these can make for long days that can roll into short nights and a miserable following day. So how do you manage…

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