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Fitness Fashion Challenge: Feeling Good & Looking Great

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This week, Eat, Drink, and Be Skinny has graciously opened up her blog to let me in and do a little bit of style writing!  What does style and health have to do with one another, you ask?  As a nation, we spent $48.6 billion dollars trying to make ourselves feel better and look good.  So I’d say, everything! And thanks to the recent 30-day challenges, many of you are out there getting more exercise and feeling great about yourself.

So, I thought I’d help share ways to style your workout wardrobe so you’ll not only feel great but look great working out too!

We’ve all had those days.  Days where we wake up, throw our gym clothes on, and head out that door.  We go through our exercise routine and intend on pulling together our after-workout-outfit.  Then, fifty other things get in our way and we end up spending the day in our gym clothes! I’ll admit, it happens to the best of us.

If you happen to be a fashion-workout-victim, this post is for you! In here you’ll get:

  1. How to start improving your overall workout wardrobe.
  2. A few key style tips and reading suggestions to continue to improve your look.
  3. A fun fashion fitness challenge to really get you moving.
  4. Ideally a compliment or two while spending the day in your gym wear!

Where to start your fitness wardrobe renovation?  From bottom up!

Shoes: The perfect place to begin.  Most of the problems we have come from improper footing due to improper shoe wear.  The same applies to wearing too high of heels!  Sure, it may look good but if it’s not right, don’t try to make it work!  In San Diego, we are lucky enough to have a program at Road Runner Sports called Shoe Dog. (If you live anywhere near a Road Runner, do this! It’s super helpful.)  After a series of small trials in store, they find, and fit you with the proper shoe gear.  I tell ya, I did it and boy, the knee problems I thought I was having when I ran, dis-a-ppear-ed.  I was wearing to wrong type of shoe!  (If you are familiar with words like pronate and supinate, welcome to Shoe Dog world.)

Neon is a big trend in shoes right now.  So, go ahead and get yourself a new pair of kicks and make sure they fit your feet for the right type of activity!

Athletic Shoe


Pants: There is something to be said about the style and length of the workout pants that you wear.   If you spoke to fashion maven, Tim Gunn, of Project Runway, he would abolish capri pant anything.  (just so happens that more and more women are wearing this style pant for workout wear.)  He has a great reason why and the same applies for workout wear.  Baggy capris, let alone baggy yoga pants, can be really unflattering for the leg.  They cut off a women’s leg at the wrong point, making the leg short and stumpy (for lack of a better term.)  However, when you wear…..

In the warmer months, we have a lot more freedom and can wear a great pair of comfortable, yet stylist, shorts.

Pants and Shorts


Tops: Tops, tees, undergarments, sweaters, and jackets.  Phew!  This is a big topic.  Finding the right fit in tops is very important to both looking good and being comfortable.  I just had the horrid experience of not reading the label on a pricey sports bra and washed it in warm water…Ugh, big mistake.  It shrunk a size and I can no longer return it, nor wear it.  What a shame.  Women, the biggest piece of advice I can give you is: don’t let size be the determining factor for your buying.  Meaning, depending on the maker, you can be a small in one and a large in another.  I have quite an array of sizes but it doesn’t matter, I need it to fit! (And secret?  No one else but you can see the tags…Yay!)

Fit tip:  When trying on a sports bra, turn and look at the mirror behind you.  Make sure that the sports bra or top is not pulling too tightly at the skin that it is making indentations , if so, go a size up.

Sticking with the same color themes as the pant, here are a few great choices for tops.

Workout Tops


There are a few great brands out there that have a great combination of fit, comfort, and price.  Many people have fallen in love with Lululemon and know them well, and if you love them, fantastic, but here are a few other recommendations for stylish workout gear.  Plus, any of the looks you’ve seen above, you can click on the mini image and purchase immediately!

  • ZELLA: A brand mostly sold at Nordstrom, the brand has great price points and is well known for their comfort in pants.
  • CHAMPION: Sold at Target and other sports stores, Champion has a well-priced sports bras and athletic clothing for men and women.
  • ALO: Great-looking and comfortable yoga clothes.  A bit pricey, but worth it in fit.
  • LUCY : This activewear company built up in the early 2000’s in Portland, Oregon out of a necessity for stylish and flattering workout wear.

More Information to help you improve your workout wardrobe

Whether walking, running, or riding, something you should consider is what type of athletic clothing you should be wearing.  Here are a few tips:

  • Weather: If it’s hot, what you wear should be designed to cool you.  If it’s cool, the fabric should be designed to warm you.  Think about fabric that wicks away sweat.  Here is a great article from Discovery Fit & Health that has great information about fabrics.
  • Function: Clothing that is close but not too restricting keep muscles warm, flexible and increase blood flow.  They also keep you dry, and should be comfortable.
  • Fabric:  Clothing that is made of spandex, nylon, and cotton tend to soak up sweat, help you stay dry, and are flexible and comfortable.
  • Brands: Here is a great article from Women’s Health Magazine about the Best Fitness Gear for 2013.
  • Affordability: Buying workout gear shouldn’t cost you a fortune.  Here is a great site for suggestions on buying affordable workout wear.

Your Fitness Fashion Challenge!

Runners, walkers, yogies, exercise junkies, here is a style challenge for all of you active, stylish people out there!  I would love to see you take a peek at your active wear and start thinking about pulling together fun & stylish active looks. (Use my inspiration boards to generate ideas.)

To evaluate and maybe revamp your activewear wardrobe, follow these steps:

  1. Pull out everything you wore the last 3 weeks to workout in.
  2. Think about fit/comfort, affordability,versatility/function, weather.
  3. Ask yourself: What do you love? What works? What’s missing? How does each item make you feel when you wear it?
  4. Take your top 5 favorite items and put them in one pile. These are going on the top of  your drawer so you’re happy to wear them ASAP. Take your bottom 5 and put them in a different pile. These are going to the goodwill or trash — if it doesn’t make you feel good, you shouldn’t let it take up real estate in your closet.
  5. Decide what’s missing. Establish a plan to fill in the gaps. Do you go on a spree? Do you reward yourself for fitness milestones achieved? Your wardrobe can be very motivating!

Once you do, share your active wear looks with me on Instagram, Facebook, or comment on my blog!  #stylishactivewear

I can’t wait to see what you pull together! Here’s to feeling good and looking great!

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  1. This is a fun guide! I love getting new workout gear, it makes me look forward to my next workout! My favorite look is lulu capris, a cute print sports bra and a racer back tank. Thanks for these cute looks!

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