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The Philippine Healthy Island Cocktail: The Skinny Mango Shake!

If you’ve been to the Philippines, you’ve had a Mango Shake. It’s an awesome little local treat that you are greeted with at hotels and can pick up just about anywhere for as little as 70 PHP (about $1.6 USD) on the beach. I’m willing to bet if you ventured off the beaten path, this is likely even less, but that is totally beside the point. The point is they are everywhere and pretty darn tasty!

What’s in a Mango Shake?

It looks like the recipe is pretty loose in terms of exact measurements and varies across establishments, bartenders and even the mood of the mixologist. But the basic ingredients are the same and let’s start with an entire mango. Mangos are awesome for you, not only because they are tasty, there are actually come with some pretty impressive nutrition benefits. Here are just a few, a little summary out of the nutrition guide from Color Yourself Skinny:

Good source of vitamin A, C and E, the minerals potassium, calcium, phosphorus and fiber. Contains pectin, known for helping aid digestion and lower cholesterol. Strong cancer fighter with over 25 phytochemicals including carotenoids, polyphenols and flavonoids, particularly quercetin. Also has an alkalizing affect on the body due to tartaric and malic acid helping to regulate the body’s PH.

If you get a plain mango shake (no other fruits) then your only other ingredients are simple syrup, crushed ice and regular milk. All of these exact quantities are a little TBD, but for the most part no so bad. Because I don’t have a ton of sugar and milk on a regular basis, and because we became quite good friends with our little mango mixolgists, we got them to play along with us and “Skinny” it up just a bit.

Skinny Mango Shake

It’s a lovely drink even less the stunning backdrop. I promise ūüôā

What’s in a Skinny Mango Shake?

I’m keeping the mango but loosing the sugar and the milk. This saves you about 120 calories. But it was a little on the tart side, so we opted to add 1/2 of an overripe banana for a little natural sweetness, some fiber, a few more nutritive benefits ¬†and just over 50 calories. So now for the full skinny mango shake you’re looking at 120 calories, 3.5g fiber, 1g protein, 16% vitamin A, 55% vitamin C and 1-2% of your Calcium and Iron. Not bad – right?

So how does it become a Healthy Island Cocktail?

This part is very simple. You go next door, buy a 375 ml bottle of local white rum for 50 PHP ($1.14 USD) and you play mixologist on the beach. It’s that simple and that fun! Then you grab a floaty and float around in the ocean all afternoon. It’s really quite amazing.

skinny mango shake collage

So there you have it — A Skinny version of a local Philippine favorite and the oh-so creative and inexpensive way to booze up on vacation.

What’s your favorite Island Cocktail? Let’s skinny that one up too!

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