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Healthy Meal Plan Packages: Find The Right One For You!

Have you ever wondered why there are hundreds upon hundreds of different meal plans out there? And have you ever been confused by the fact that they can be as different as night and day (think Paleo vs. Vegan), yet they can both have raving fans who swear that is the BEST meal plan and only way we should all be eating? In the end, who’s right?

Short Answer: Nobody. And of course, Everybody.

There simply isn’t one meal plan that will make us ALL feel better. But there is one meal plan for each one of us that will make us feel better. Meal plans are also referred to as “diets” and not necessarily in the caloric restricted sense of the term with weight loss as the primary goal. Changing up your diet can boost your health, weight loss aside. However, each of these healthy meal plans can be reduced in calorie level to support healthy weight loss.

Why are some people so passionate about their meal plans?

The folks who are passionately vocal about their particular meal plan of choice, while they might be off putting at times, are actually the lucky ones. Why? Because they found THEIR meal plan! When you unlock the code to your right diet, it can change your world. Your energy can increase, you sleep better, your body moves more freely, your skin conditions can clear up, brain fog can disappear — in short, it’s amazing. But it can take some work to figure it out.

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Quick review of most popular meal plans:


Gluten is the protein containing substance in wheat products and modern day gluten is is causing more and more problems for more and more people. Gluten sensitivities range from severe to moderate and it’s possible that up to half us us have what is called NCGS (Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity), which essentially means that removing gluten from your body will make you feel better. To get the most out of a gluten free diet, it’s best to decrease consumption of processed grains, not just replace all your current carbs with equally processed gluten-free alternatives.


The Paleo diet has its roots in the caveman days and in short suggest we adopt a diet similar to our ancestors that was full of unprocessed meat and vegetables. Paleos enjoy unlimited amounts of lean animal protein, veggies, some fruits, nuts and seeds and eliminate all grains, dairy and legumes.


Vegetarians eat no animal flesh, but consume eggs and diary products.


Vegans consume no animal products what-so-ever. This is also called a “plant based” diet and research is supporting the therapeutic effects of this diet in the treatment and prevention of many degenerative disease, including certain cancers.


The core of a holistic meal plan is to eliminate processed products and contains a well balanced composition of healthy foods without excluding any particular food groups.

Low Glycemic:

The glycemic index is a scale that considers the raise in blood sugar after consuming a certain food. The higher your blood sugar spikes, the greater the insulin response, which triggers the storage of energy. Spikes in blood sugar can cause energy, mood and hunger fluctuations and can easily throw you off balance. The idea of a low glycemic menu is to reduce or buffer high glycemic foods with lower glycemic foods to maintain a stable blood sugar throughout the day.

How do you know which diet is right for you?

You give them all a shot! For at least a week, preferably two or more and see how you feel. You keep a journal of when and how often you’re eating and you relate that to how you’re feeling and the impact on your appetite, energy and cravings. It takes time and commitment, but it’s worth it in the end when you can naturally improve your health. And it’s also one of those things that once you figure it out, you’re pretty much set.

Diet experiment caution:

If you are generally healthy, there isn’t much harm in changing up the composition of your diet and you’re really just looking forward to benefits. However, because some of these styles eliminate entire food groups, it can be easy for the best of intentions to go awry and for a healthy hopeful to end up with an unbalanced and potentially unhealthy menu lacking in certain nutrients. Nutritional deficiencies can be dangerous and in short, leave you feeling pretty crummy. Which would not be a good way to go about hunting for your right diet.

This is the reason why I launched RD Approved Menu Plans almost 2 years ago so you could try on a diet and know it was nutritionally balanced so you were sure to give the style a fair shot. I’ve always packaged them in either 7 or 28-Day packages for each of the six most popular styles. Until now!

Healthy Meal Plan Packages: 6 styles, 1 price!

These Healthy Meal Plans are designed and approved by RDs so you can be sure you’re exposed to a well balanced version of each style of eating. I’ve taken one week of each of the diets and put them in one package so you get to try all six styles: Gluten Free, Paleo, Vegetarian, Vegan, Holistic and Low Glycemic.

Plans are either 1250 OR 1500 in the Level 1 package which is most likely a weight loss calorie level and 1750 OR 2000 in the Level 2 package is likely a maintenance calorie level for most people. This selection gives you plenty of variety in style and calorie levels. If you’d like to swap the default levels, simple shoot me an email after your purchase.

This package is a $48 value for just $29. That’s a 40% savings. 

Level 1 (Weight Loss) Package: 1250 or 1500* 

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Level 2 (Maintenance) Package: 1750 or 2000* 

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Are you ready to find your right diet?

If you’re ready to finally get to the bottom of this all and find your right diet once and for all, this is a great tool to walk you through the process. Not only will you have a better understanding about today’s most common diets, you’ll have the chance to fully understand which is the best for your body.

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