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How to Eat Less Processed Food: 28 Day Meal Plan

Food plays a pretty massive role in our lives, it fuels, replenishes and builds our bodies and is often the center piece of our social circles and cultural traditions. Not everybody spends as much time thinking about the quality and impact of the food they eat as I do, I get that. But that’s why I’m here, to help you decipher the good from the bad, the better from the best and the right from the wrong. It will look different for everybody at the end of the day, but to guide us all towards smarter decisions, I created the Clean and Colorful Concept, and put in what I like to call the 4 universal diet truths.

  1. Eat Less Processed Food.
  2. Eat all 5 Colors Everyday.
  3. Swap one Snack or Meal per day with a Juice or Smoothie.
  4. Exercise at least 21-Minutes a Day 6 Days a Week.

And now I’m dedicated to creating more tools, resources and information to help make it easier for more people to do those things more often. Today, let’s talk about #1, eating less processed food.

Ready to start eating outside of the box?

If you’ve been feeling excessively groggy, fatigued, itchy or grumpy, generally “not so great,” there’s a good chance a change in diet might do you some good. And a reduction of processed foods can go a long way. I’d say “elimination” but I am also a realist. Depending on what your diet looks like today, simply eating less is a powerful start. And here’s a little bit more from me on that:

If the idea of eating less processed food and putting less “confusing” food into your body sounds appealing, but you really don’t know where to start, then I have good news for you. This is where my handy 28-Day RD Approved Menu Plans come in! I have them in a multiple of calorie levels and diet styles and in this instance, I think the Holistic Menu Plan is the perfect tool to help guide you towards a cleaner and more colorful diet, that could in fact, evolve into a healthier lifestyle for you.

What exactly is a Holistic Menu Plan?

Holistic nutrition is the concept of eating food that is as close to its natural state as possible to support your body for optimal performance and well-being.  At the core of Holistic eating is a focus on unrefined, unprocessed, organic and locally grown foods that promote health, while at the same time supporting a strong immune system and preventing disease.  These menu plans provide ingredients, portions and recipes to ensure you consume a balanced, healthy diet using mostly unprocessed, unrefined and whole foods.

“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”

― Ann Wigmore

Holistic nutrition and chronic disease

Holistic nutrition can have a positive impact on many chronic lifestyle diseases. If you have or have a high risk of diabetes, obesity, arthritis, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, colitis, or gout you may see improvement or prevention of the condition by adopting a holistic diet. The revived energy you can gain from eliminating processed foods and food additives is something I can’t really explain in words, you just need to try it for a month and see for yourself.

Benefits of a Holistic Menu Plan

Benefits of following a holistic menu plan and eating less processed food in general include not just the obvious increase in immunity function, it’s also likely you’ll experience weight loss or find it will be easier to manage your current weight. You should also see increased energy, a better mood, get more sleep, have consistent blood sugar levels and/or a decrease in your cholesterol and/or blood pressure levels. Woot!

What types of foods are on the plan?

eat less processed foods

The beauty of the Holistic menu is that it’s not in any way restrictive, as long as it’s as close to original state as possible you can eat it. Meat, gluten, carbs, fruit, dairy – all of it. This makes it one of the more appealing menu plans to adopt for lifelong healthy eating for those of us who do not like to forge entire food groups for the long haul.

holistic menu plan

You don’t have to be perfect to feel better.

Remember, this is does not need to be a massive change in your diet, just a focus on eating less food with long ingredients lists out of a box. If you want cookies, fine. Go buy the raw ingredients and bake them. That is the beauty of shifting your focus of not so much what type of food you’re eating, just the quality of it. A higher quality diet will pay dividends in your health, happiness and longevity!

The 28-Day Holistic Menu Plan Includes:

  • 28 days of RD approved holistic menu plans so you know exactly what you CAN eat to improve your health.
  • 28 days of healthy and balanced menu plans to avoid any nutritional deficiencies.
  • Weekly shopping lists that making shopping quicker and complete.
  • A weekly tracker that allows you to track and understand how your body is responding.
  • You have a few calorie levels to pick from 1250, 1500 or 2000. 1750 is available upon request.
  • The full 4 week challenge is reasonably priced at just 28.00! Or you can try just one week for 7.97.



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  • Tiffany

    Can I get a 28 day holistic meal plan for lacto/ovo vegetarian (no mushrooms pls)?

    • Teresa

      Hi Tiffany! These are not custom menu plans, which is why they are so reasonably priced 🙂 But they are super easy to sub/swap items! If you opt to give it a shot, just sub any mean product for your favorite plant based protein and skip the mushrooms. It will work perfectly and you’ll still get all the insight on variety of items and recipes. Let me know if you have any more questions! Cheers!

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