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The Jerusalem Marathon…it’s happening 1 week from today!

In one week from today, if all goes as planned, I’ll be a 2015 Jerusalem Marathon finisher!

The marathon starts at 7am local time. Let’s remember this is in Israel, I live in California. The time change is +10 hours. So I’ll be starting my marathon at 9pm pst Thursday night. Weird right? Most of you will be asleep or tearing up your Friday night when I cross the finish line somewhere between 1-2am. That isn’t the only thing that’s been hard to wrap my head around…

I’ve never been on a press trip, so I don’t really know how things work.

I’m a pretty spur of the moment kind of gal and thought I was pretty edgy because I was able to commit to this major trip with less than a month to prepare. And we’re not just talking about getting my life and business in order so I could head to the other side of the planet and be off the grid for a week. I also had to get this old body ready to run a tough 26.2 miles. As my dad likes to remind me, I’m “no spring chicken” anymore. I did it, as best I could.

Doubt has surrounded this trip, and at this point, unnecessarily.

I hate the way your mind can play tricks on you like that. My PR contact consistently reassured me that flights were coming shortly and not to worry. This is a big trip to organize, and it was taking longer than had expected. When I woke up yesterday morning and still didn’t have a flight, I was almost certain this trip was not happening and I was sad and frustrated. But worst case scenario, I had ramped up my OC marathon training quite a bit, lost a few pounds and had all of next week’s calendar completely clear — I suppose I could have headed to the desert for some local adventure had this trip been some sort of bizarre trickery…

I’m not in this alone, the beauty of a “press trip.”

I had been following a conversation on Twitter with three other runner-gal-bloggers who were also invited to go on this trip. Beth from Shut Up + Run, Heather from Dietitian on the Run and Sharron from Mommy Runs It are all in this kitten-caboodle of a trip with me. While I don’t know them (yet), it brings a certain level of comfort. They are women, they blog and they are up for the same crazy adventure as I am, so I imagine there will be no shortage of conversation topics! And we were all equally uncomfortable with the seemingly late arrival of our flight itineraries.

Then Twitter tweets and I learn one of the gals got her ticket. Yay! I checked my email. Not me. Then another, I checked my email, nope. Then the last gal, “I got my ticket!” and I checked my inbox. Nada. Talk about being a ball of nerves. Then what seemed like an hour later (and it was probably only 5 min) my email made that magic ring-like-chime and anxiously I checked it and there it was…”ELECTRONIC TICKET   for HOWES TERESA.MARIE Monday 9 March 2015.” Shortly thereafter, I got my marathon registration and and I breathed a sigh of relief. And maybe I even cried…

Jerusalem marathon registration

OMG — I’m really going to Israel Monday and I’m really running the Jerusalem Marathon Friday!

Am I ready? Ummm I don’t know. But it is happening. And now for the first time since this entire thing came up, I’m really nervous, doubtful and there is even a little twinge of being terrified in there. While I was relieved to get my ticket, it unveiled a lot of tension I’ve been carrying around and it hit me…am I crazy? Where am I going? Where am I running? And 26.2 at that! I fired off a message to my BBB girls with those fears just for a quick gut check. Their immediate response was so sweet and exactly what I needed.  Specifically, it looked like this:

You run marathons in your sleep. We are not worried one bit. Running is the same in every language. We will be with you every mile.

We only really grow when we get outside of our comfort zone. Remember that. You’ve got this. I’d do anything to be in your shoes. What an incredible opportunity. Seize the day! Go out there and represent the #BBB with a smile on your face.

It’s going to be amazing!! And you’ve run so many marathons T, you’ve got this.

We are your support group, you are not alone.

That’s my local crew of running gal-pals. They are like gold to me. It’s impossible to measure how much your friends mean to you until you have these moments of self-doubt and they push you forward…

Running friends

My preparation efforts so far…

  • I followed the training schedule I set up almost to a tee for running. A little poor planning and bad math on my part actually got me to a 19 mile long run last week for a total of 41. It’s all felt pretty easy, but my long runs have been flat, so we shall see.
  • This week I’ve been sleeping like a dragon and eating like a bear getting ready for hibernation. It’s like my body knows what’s coming. I’ll get in an easy 8 Friday, easy 6 Sunday, a few spin classes this week and did hill repeats yesterday as my last hard run. Next week I’ll be in Isreal and would like to get in an easy 5 Tuesday and 3 Thursday, but we’ll see how that goes.
  • I’ve got a great line up of guest posts for you next week! Kate from So Cal Runner GalLindsey from Fit & Awesome and Sheri from Sheri Life Fitness and Gals Who Run will be stopping in to share some wise words in my absence.
  • I picked up two books at the library to read up on the Holy Land on my way over. I’ll be on a full tour, so picking the sights is not on my list of things to do, but understanding their importance is.
  • Packing is giving me anxiety. It looks like the weather is pretty comparable to what we’re used to here. Low 50s to low 70, and a chance of showers on race day. Awesome. Every marathoner loves to see that. But I’ve had worse and worrying about the weather is not something I can waste energy on at this point.
  • Passport is in hand, new shoes ready to go, thank you Newton for replacing my tore up pair in the nick of time! New phone with tons of storage and water proof case has been purchased. Working on the cell service plan now…

Jerusalem Marathon Weather

For now, that’s it. What am I forgetting? For those of you who have traveled to Isreal or for an international marathon, what must I do in the next 4 days as I prepare for this adventure?

This is my last post until the week of the 16th…be sure to follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter for live updates! 

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