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Marathon Training Guide: For Gals Who Run – By Gals Who Run!

Strategies for Fueling, Training & Mentally Preparing for Peak Performance

I cannot tell you how excited I am about this post! A few months ago (right after the Boston Marathon) when I started thinking about training for Ventura and blogging about it as I did it, I decided I wanted to offer a program to my readers in the event they wanted to train along with me. I did a bit of research and I just couldn’t find anything that had all the right pieces, right for runners of all types or one that I completely trusted and/or found to be reasonably priced.

I’ve always had the nutrition part down, and even though I’ve run 12 marathons and worked with various and well respected coaches in the past, I just didn’t feel comfortable writing my own training plans for others to follow. And in case you don’t know this already, I happen to be very action/solution oriented girl! So I asked my very dear friend and amazing run coach, Sheri Matthews, if she would design something for my readers. I was thinking just a 12-week training plan.

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We decided to co-author and 100% comprehensive guide that gave either the beginner runner or advanced runner something to think about and something to work with. Well fast forward several months, many coffee-shop collaborative work sessions (sadly a few parking tickets) and countless hours of research and content development – we ended up with something pretty amazing. It’s about 25K words and 75 pages of beautifully designed content. It looks like a flipp’n women’s running magazine! I don’t think I could be more proud of it. And I can’t wait for all the marathon gals out there to get their hands on it!

Marathon Training Guide for Women

How do you learn more about the marathon training guide?

Here are just a quick few facts, but you can learn more over at the Gals Who Run web page!

When you purchase this comprehensive, digital guide, you gain instant access to all the fueling, training, and mental strategies you need to perform at your best. You’ll also learn the small details that are truly “Marathon Must-Knows” and they come from years of experience and dozens of marathon mornings.

  • Nutrition: Fueling strategies, basics of a healthy diet, the right way to carbo-load, proper hydration strategies, and you know me…I can’t write anything that doesn’t include how to manage booze and also give you dozens and dozens (humm…try 73) delicious, healthy recipes!
  • Training: Two 12-week training plans to suit your goals, fundaments of good running, warm-up, stretching and strength training. How to avoid the most common injuries and the importance of proper rest and recovery.
  • Mindset: How do you know when to push, when to pull back, how to taper, how to leverage a positive mindset and basic race day strategies for success.
  • Marathon Must-Knows: How do you know what race is right for you? With all the gear out there, learn what you really need. Do you know how to pick the right running buddy and how to get the most out of that relationship?

How do you get your hands on the marathon training guide?

You can purchase over at Gals Who Run after you learn more, our you can take my word for it and buy it here! Because you are learning about this over at Eat. Drink & be Skinny, you must be a loyal reader. And I LOVE to reward my loyal readers. So whether you buy it here or there, be sure to use discount code “GWR20” and automatically take $20 off the price of the guide.

How do you learn more about Gals Who Run?

We are really on a mission to create a fun community for lady runners to share their success, encourage each other and hold each other accountable. Here’s what we have so far, so come playing with us!

  1. We’ve created the web page, as a hub for all the materials we plan to develop.
  2. There is also a blog over there that we will update fairly often with post from us and other cool runner bloggers.
  3. We have the really fun FaceBook page that we update several times a day with important articles and inspiration images. Who knows, we may even give away a few free guides over there so be sure to like that page and please say hi and let us know what you’re training for when you do!
  4. You can sign up for the Gals Who Run Newsletter and be in the know about super important community and program development!

Wondering if we have a Training Guide for a Half Marathon, 10K or 5K?

Short answer – YES! In fact, they are already in development and will be available in the coming months as ad-on/upgrades to the main guide! So if you’re not feeling 26.2 just yet, thats ok! The strategies, instructions and information in the full marathon training guide are applicable to all distances, and the mini guides will provide additional information and training plans for that specific distance. These guides should be ready before the Fall, but don’t let that stop you from getting the core material now! Woot!

Are you ready to get running with us gals? 

Comprehensive 75-page guide with 2 training plans to get you to the finish line for the first or in the fastest time! 

$69.00 – less $20 loyal reader discount “GWR20”

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