Simple Secrets Program Launch: Digital Health Coaching

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Wow. I almost can’t believe I just got to type “Simple Secrets Program Launch” and it’s in action, not theory. For those of you who pay close attention to what I’m working on, you may have heard me mention this digital health coaching program quite a bit in the past year. It was on a flight to the Philippines almost exactly one year ago that I sketched out the program on a note pad on a hopper flight from Manilla to Cebu…and now 12 months later I couldn’t be more excited to share a few more details with you.

Why did I create Simple Secrets?

I feel like there is an overwhelming amount of health and fitness programs out there that are really good and telling you WHAT to do. And maybe you inherently already know what you should do (i.e. eat less sugar, more vegetables and exercise regularly). Where I think so many program fail, is the the inability to actually show you HOW to make to make change. How do you actually cultivate the lifestyle that supports and perpetuates better decisions, more often? What are the rules, strategies, thought patterns and actions you want to work on to create the foundation of a true happy and healthy lifestyle? You would have to hire a health coach, and let’s face it, most of us don’t have the time or money to make that type of investment.

I decided to fill the gap.  Teresa Marie’s Simple Secrets to Better Health and More Happiness was born. Born to help you define, design and live a life you love.  

I also know that motivation to change ebbs and flows, that’s totally normal and part of the change process. We work on changes and it’s fun for a while, then not anymore. When you’re working one one one with a coach or in a small group, this can create pressure and resentment, taking the fun out of the process and your chances of success much less. I wanted to create a platform that was 100% comprehensive and worked for you on your timeline. You can take on more coaching or less coaching, make more change or no change. It’s up to you, and it’s affordable enough that you’ll never feel like you’re “wasting your money.” The program is your cozy blankly, your safety net and your place to go when you’re ready to build a better life and a stronger body.

What is Simple Secrets?

It’s a membership program with all of the tools, digital health coaching and resources you need to change your life for the better. I know that lifestyle change can be hard. And deciding to change and then actually following through in the long to it are two totally different things. I created this program to make it easier for people to make change and have it stick. I created a s**i-ton of coaching videos that are designed to let you make one small change at a time.

Each coaching session is only about a 3-5 minute video and a quick worksheet for you to print and complete. This is where you get a chance to put the tool, strategy or thought process into action. From learning to master meal prep, to finding a better fitness routine for your life all the way to heavier things like developing your tribe and managing mishaps productively. The topics are relevant to you and can help you create better habits and more forgiving thought patterns to really find better heath and more happiness.

When I started my entrepreneurial journey over two years ago, it was like throwing darts and just seeing what stuck. And that was fun, I found a few things that really help quite a bit, things like 28-day RD menu plans, Color Yourself Skinny healthy recipes, my 21-Day Fitness Challenge, my 3 Day Detox, my Diet Bet weight loss games and coaching and more. But until now, there hasn’t been one place to house all of this information and even I get confused trying to find it al. Ha ha. So in addition to the new coaching material, all of my other resources and tools live in there as well. Bonus. Bonus! 

In short, the digital health coaching that comes in Simple Secrets is high end, legit health coaching at a ridiculously reasonable price. 

What will Simple Secrets teach you?

Well, there are two main things…the WHAT on how to eat better and make exercise more fun. That’s addressed through recipes, menu plans, and my simple to follow Fitness Challenge. These tools make it simple and clear and give you ideas, inspiration and instruction on what to do.

Then there is the HOW! If lifestyle change was as easy as buying a new cookbook or workout DVD, well, wouldn’t that be grand? It’s just that’s it’s not that simple. And that is where the coaching sessions come in hand. One lesson at a time, you’ll have a chance to evaluate your current situation and see exactly where and how you can make sustainable change for the better.

In coaching, we talk about things like:

  • Taking Control of your Kitchen and Cleaning Up Your Diet!
  • Finding, Fitting In and Falling In Love with Fitness
  • Living and Loving your Happy and Healthy Social Life
  • Advanced Healthy Eating Strategies
  • Creating a Momentum Focused Mindset
  • Designing a Healthy & Happy lifestyle that Lasts a Lifetime

And if weight loss is a goal of yours, I created an additional coaching program that holds all the nitty-gritty facts about weight loss and maintenance and teaches you how to navigate the rest of the program to maximize your results.

If you have 5 min to spare, here is the getting started tutorial that shows you the ins-and-outs of how to use the program:

How do you get started on Simple Secrets?

Ready to check it out? Then head over to and see how it looks. I sure hope to see you in the community and I can’t wait to be your digital health coach and help you find better health and more happiness from here on out!


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