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Run this town with Mizuno

As you probably already know, I love running! After logging thousands of miles running marathons, races, and preparing for these events, I’ve learned that picking the right shoe is just as important as the time spent preparing for the races.…

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Getting Started on the 30-Day Step & Stretch Challenge

Welcome to the first day of our 30-day step and stretch challenge! I’m so excited to get started, and to step and stretch our way to reaching new fitness goals. This 30-day challenge is pretty simple, but will have a huge…

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Fitness Motivation: On the treadmill at 3:30am?

Well, not really. But kinda. Fitness motivation will drive you to do the strangest of things. I live in San Diego and I used to travel to the Midwest frequently for work. For me to be in the office by…

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Addicted to Running

For the first time in 14 years, I hung all my race bling and it helped me I realized for the first time, that I have an addiction. I am addicted to running. I’ve always kept my race metals hung…

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2014 Boston Marathon Training – Week 7 Recap

I’m growing a stronger body! It’s a lot of work and it hurts. But it’s totally working which makes it all worth it! I flew up to Santa Cruz, my home town, on Tuesday for a change of scenery and…

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2014 Boston Marathon Training — Plan Summary

Boston Marathon Training officially starts today, January 6th. This gives me 16 weeks to get ready to run my 2nd Boston and 12th marathon. To hold myself accountable and help archive my training, I’m going to post every Monday for…

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Runner Burnout: What to do when you just don’t want to do it

Have you heard the term Runner Burnout? I always thought it was just a catch phrase, like ” a case of the Monday’s” I never knew it was real. I never thought it would happen to me. And I never…

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Carlsbad Half Marathon – My best Half Marathon Yet!

I had so much fun yesterday, I’m not sure I can put it properly into words. So I stitched together a ton of fun photos from the day and I’m going to attempt to record what I think I did…

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