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Top 10 Healthy Tips for Vacation

It’s time to dust off my favorite healthy tips for vacation as we’re off again! Jimmy and I are jumping on a jet plane tonight (which would be last night). We are Puerto Rico bound, which I’ve never been to before, with the exception of a quick stop over at the airport on my way to…St. Kitts maybe. But I’m excited for this one. It’s not a girls getaway or a chance for us to run wild in the streets. We are actually sharing a condo with his parents. We expect this vacation to be a real “getaway” and a chance to get off our computers (for a bit, you know I can’t break away completely) and on top of adventure!

We plan to see some caves, hike, snorkel and spend a fair amount of time focusing on our sun tans. So the real question, how do we do this, live out of our element for 8 days and not come home soft, puffy and exhausted? Heed to my top 10 healthy tips for vacation! Every trip I try to revisit these and have been perfecting my list over time…

Top 10 Healthy Tips for Vacation

1. Think about where you are going, then specifically where you are staying. Is it a place were you can be active, at least a few of the days? Will there be air conditioning? A fitness center? Local athletic club? Plan accordingly. Don’t leave these things up to chance. If you won’t have access to facilities, you need to go prepared with good “excuse free” body weight workouts. Here is a great one from TNT Fusion Fitness. And also a great beach workout I did in Playa Del Carmen in April.

Playa del Carmen - Nature's gym

Nature’s best gym in Playa Del Carmen

2. Always get planned exercise in on the first day, first thing in the morning. Set the precident from the get go. Put your running shoes outside your suite case so you can see them. Sleep in your workout clothes if you have to. But get it in on day 1! If not, you have little hope of keeping up with any form of a routine.

push up challenge

No reason why you can’t exercise on vacation!

3. As with any trip, always keep oatmeal, healthy snack bars, Starbucks Via in your suitcase. Here is one of my favorite posts on how to keep healthy treats on hand for frequent travelers.

Creature comforts on vacation!

Creature comforts on vacation!

4. Bring your own reusable water bottle and fill it up in the gym and drink as much as you can — all day/night long. Will stave off dehydration, keep you fuller and help you flush out unavoidable vacation toxins. I have my favorite type that I carry everywhere! It hardly leaks and is super easy to cary. Just don’t forget to empty it out before you go through security.

Best travel buddy ever!

Best travel buddy ever!

5. If you plan on drinking and traveling internationally – leverage your duty free privileges.  Snag some fun, local juices and fruits and club soda from the local market and you’ve got a fully stocked SkinnyTini Bar!  And don’t forget Airborne and Emergen-C are low calorie and delicious. They mix well with vodka are the ingredients of the ORIGINAL SkinnyTini (circa Antigua 2008!)

Mix'n SkinnyTinis in Belize 2011!

Mix’n SkinnyTinis in Belize 2011!

6. Always smile –no sense in getting grouchy when things don’t go your way. You will get more by being nice (and have more fun doing it). Positivity goes a long way when it comes to being healthy. Try not to get frustrated or hurried. Enjoy the local customs, as different as they may seem.

Jen and I smile everywhere...Curacao 2012

Jen and I smile everywhere…Curacao 2012

7. Listen to your body. It’s smart (for the most part) and knows what it needs. The point of vacation is to rest/recharge. If you need to sleep a little more – do it. If you’re body is screaming for a piña colada – have it. If you don’t like where you are – move it. You define vacation success 🙂 You don’t get to do it all the time, so honor the precious time — you worked hard to get there!

Bali Vacation

The “last supper” at Bali Coffee Roasting plantation – quite possibly my favorite of the group and trip.

8. Enjoy the local cuisine! Try some new veggies. Most international local cuisines are not so bad — it’s pretty much us who invented the burger and fries, chicken fingers and doughy apple pie. Think about the USDA’s Healthy Plate strategy. You want mostly veggies, some whole grain, some lean meat and a little healthy fat.

You can do this anywhere!

You can do this anywhere!

9. And not really health related, but a KEY to vacation success: pack a bikini, sunscreen, undies, flip flops in your carry-on. Bags do get lost, and this will bleep you from missing out on any QT in the sunshine! Also don’t forget bug spray and anti itch spray. Nasty little fu@&$#%ers. Also downy wrinkle rid, spray water/body spritzer, face wipes from the trial size aisle will also serve you well.

Day 2_day BBD Pool

You don’t want to miss ANY of this! Barbados 2009.

10. Plan some active/fun days. You can only sit like an iguana, stoic in the sun for so long. Kayak, rent bikes, snorkel, zip line, hike, tour the city you are in. Use your body as a vehicle to get somewhere. One year we literally kayaked from our hotel to a bar out on the water.

We did kayak to a bar in Belize!

We did kayak to a bar in Belize 2011!

That autta do it for me! I’ll print this out and stash it in my suitcase so I don’t forget my own words of advice 😉

Necessary vacation items!

Necessary vacation items!

Am I missing anything? What are some of your best healthy tips for vacation?

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