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2014 Boston Marathon Training – Week 1 Recap

Happy to report that the first week of Boston Marathon training was issue free! It feels good to have a plan and focus – I am so ready to be back at this!

Weekly Boston Marathon Training Summary

These first four weeks are going to be base training. I’m just trying to build up a little speed, endurance and power – and get my confidence back I’m at it.  All went well! I got in an interval run (1×1|2×800|4×400) on Tuesday and was happy with my base paces. I devoted Wednesday to identifying my threshold heart rates. Staying out of the “black hole” should make big difference! Heather and I got in a great tempo run at the Bay on Thursday and I got in a nice, ease, slooooow 90 minutes on Saturday. Woot!

Training Summary Stats:

Total Running: 29 miles

Total Yoga: 2 hours

Total Weights: 2 hours

Total Cross Train: 2 Spin Classes

Boston Marathon Training

Wonderful Long Run to Kick Off Training in San Diego!

How I’m Feeling

I am stoked! Not only do I have Heather and Sherri to train with, but great friend Kate is training for a marathon just 2 weeks after. The running stars are aligning and it’s so fun. When you can tie your social life and your fitness together, then you have something really sustainable.

Lessons Learned

I also passed my ACE Personal Training Certification, which was great timing to study and prepare for the exam. A full review of the musculature of the body, physiology and the chronic adaptations on your cardiorespiratory system was well received J This is where I was reminded of the critical point of recovery running and really holding back when you need to so you have the power to charge when you need it so that you can really force your body to get “slimmer, stronger, faster!”

Mental Focus

“Slimmer, Stronger, Faster” I will not compete with my 2011 self. I can only compete with yesterday and get better from there. My trusty training partner (Garmin) will only come with me on Tuesday and Thursday runs. Other than that, I will go easy  – run for time, not distance and simply enjoy the time on my feet. I am grateful for this opportunity.

Road to Boston is Paved

We booked our flights, secured hotels – this is happening! I am focused and ready. So excited to get going!


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