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At least I burned some calories laughing so hard?
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2014 Boston Marathon Training – Week 10 Recap

Still plugging along here…

Boston Marathon Training Summary

Training Summary Stats:

  • Total Running: 42 miles
  • Total Yoga: zero
  • Total Weights: 1 hour (+ 2 days)
  • Total Cross Train: zero

I’m surprised I still got in 42 miles last week after the way things went down. Sunday funday on the 9th resulted in a full rest day Monday. Tuesday I fought hard for a speed workout (5 x 800 / 200 recover / 400) which was surprisingly fast. Wednesday I did an easy, flat 6 that was painfully slow. Thursday was a long tempo run (2 x 2 miles /  2 x 800 / 4 x 200) and those paces were ok. Thursday and Friday I worked as a “fitness model” (no joke) at the 2014 IHRSA Convention demonstrating the functional flooring product Pavigym. So while it wasn’t a structured workout, and I only had about a 2-3 minute bit to repeat every 30 minutes — I think it counted for something. I was so sore! And my poor feetsies — achey. But it was such a fun experience and I’m so glad I was there! Saturday I went to run a hilly 16 with Heather that turned into 20 and then Sunday was a bust from Saturday night toga party. Ugg….


How I’m Feeling

Pretty slow. After last weeks fun, but frustrating race in the San Diego half I’ve come to realize that I’ll really be pushing it to even run 3:40 in Boston. I have rationalized this by remembering that when I was running well it was months upon months of good performance training. I’m only 10 weeks in here. Maybe I can run fast in the fall if I stick with it.

I also feel like I like to have too much fun. I have it in my head that effective April 1, I go on no caffeine no booze “detox.” That is three full weeks without some of my most favorite things. So when a Cards Against Humanity/Toga party comes up — I just can’t say no. And it’s really more damaging than just the night because I don’t get in the extra workouts outside of running like yoga and spin. So this is a bit of a problem for me.

Cards Against Humanity

At least I burned some calories laughing so hard?

Lessons Learned

That running buddies make all the difference. My legs were shot from the 2 days of fitness demo. So I knew I couldn’t run the performance long run that was in my schedule. So I opted for long, slow hills instead. Heather was my hero Saturday morning. She is faster than me, and bless her happy runner heart she just trotted along with me up and down the coast making me laugh all along the way. When we finished at 16, I felt pretty good and knew that getting in a hilly 20 would be more beneficial than 16 — so I opted the finish it off alone. What’s another 4 miles anyway after 16 – right? A lot! Especially when your entertainment has left you. But I got it in and have 2 – 20’s under my belt so far.

Heather Ford 20 Mile Run

Some of the most beautiful coastline on the planet! And best hills in San Diego.

Moving Forward

Despite my slow and toxic week, I am looking at 10 days of clean living and eating ahead. And I’m kicking it off today with my favorite 3 day liquid detox today. I love this one because you don’t end up macro-nutrient deprived with the protein shakes and soup. But it will clean you out and lighten you up. I have my final weigh in for the Diet Bet on Wednesday as well. I haven’t weighed myself in 2 weeks because it was too frustrating. So we shall see Wednesday morning. And I did invest in two new pairs NEWTON running shoes. Road Runner sports was luckily closing out this version so I got them under $100 each – pfew! Ready to get running for real this week! 
Newton Running Shoes

Hoping to get this bounce back with my new shoes!

Back to the grind this week, all continues to go well in Teresa’s land of Boston Marathon Training.

And like always, I am grateful for this opportunity.

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  • Marisa Vallbona

    You’re going to run like the wind at Boston! I’ve never seen you so motivated, and I’ll be cheering you on every step of the way… from this detox you’re starting right now, to the minute you cross that finish line in Boston with a PR. Love you girl!

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