2014 Boston Marathon Training – Week 11 Recap

This week was most certainly full of highs and lows when it comes to the health and happiness spectrum. If you’ve been following this series, then you know the last few weeks have been pretty tough for me as far as training goes. I’ve been slower than I want, feeling like I’m working harder than the outcome and overall a bit deflated. This week must be the culmination of it all because it went up and now I’m certainly at my lowest point yet of this training series.

Boston Marathon Training Summary

  • Total Running: 17 miles
  • Total Yoga: 3 hours
  • Total Weights: 0
  • Total Cross Train: 1 hour

My week started off bright and fresh from a mental perspective and I was on a mission to win my Diet Bet! I totally ignored the sore throat and slightly achy body Monday night. And figured since I was juicing like crazy on my 3 Day Liquid Detox plan, I’d nip it in the bud with supercharged phytochemicals. I never get sick anyway, so I wasn’t the least bit worried. I’m was due for a comeback week anyhow.

  • Monday I hit spin and hot yoga followed by the steam room to move everything through and detox myself to skinny!
  • Tuesday I got up, not really feeling any better with a scratchy throat and slightly tighter chest. But that didn’t stop me from running my fastest series of 400’s yet or another brutal hot yoga class and an epsom salt bath.
  • Wednesday I did my final weigh in and was my lowest weight in over 4 years — such a happy day! I know the scale “doesn’t matter” but it does! It felt so good to see the number I’ve been chasing for years. But the sore throat was nagging, so I got in a really slow 6 mile run and a nice mellow yoga class.
  • Thursday it kind of all fell apart on my 9 mile (3×2 + 4×200) tempo run with Heather. We got though one set of 2 miles and I was so wrecked, exhausted, and winded — which would have been fine if I was running sub 7. But not even close! We ran 7:35 and 7:51 and I mentally crashed and threw in the towel. Sometimes it’s worth pushing through. Sometimes, you have to call it.
  • Friday was a welcomed rest day. If only I knew how to REST! I was on the go all day, we hosted a super fun impromptu BBQ and headed out to an art show where I proceeded to have cocktails and chit-chat until 2am it a spaghetti strapped dress. I was just so happy to be skinny again and I just never get sick — and I just love to have fun!
  • Saturday I was sick.
  • Sunday I am sick, sick — sicky and in bed with the vaporizer, hot tea and my laptop. I will stay here until I feel better. Fak.

I guess I do get sick after all. And now I’ve missed an entire weekend of running…

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 3.11.41 PM

Then I found this fellow blogger post — Miles Running. Oh so Relevant!

How I’m Feeling

Well, I think it’s pretty clear I’m sick. It’s a chest cold. Feels like a grapefruit is stuck in my throat and my chest and lungs are dry and scratchy. I have what sounds as awesome a smokers cough and my voice sounds like its coming out of an out of tune megaphone and pushing words out takes too much work. I can’t spend a lot of time dwelling on missing 21 miles this weekend. 15 of which were supposed to be performance/race pace. I mean I can, but it won’t be very helpful and it won’t get me to the finish line in any better condition.

At least it was a fun Friday night!

At least it was a fun Friday night!

Lessons Learned

I was so upset and demoralized during that Thursday run with Heather. I mean I didn’t feel well, clearly the cold of 2014 was brewing and I was just ignoring it, but  cooooome–onnn! How can I be such a terrible runner after all my experience and effort? I told Heather I didn’t even want to run the marathon and I kind-of, almost meant it. Here was her unflinching, automatic response to me, more or less:

You will run this marathon because it is not about you. This isn’t just any marathon or about your time. This is the 2014 Boston Marathon and it’s about our community of runners coming together at the start line. To “show-up” to be there, together to show our strength as a community. You will lace up and be there because it’s not about you and your race, it’s much bigger than that.

This is why we have running buddies. To remind us of when we are being silly and selfish. And it was exactly what I needed to hear. I create my own disappointment, frustration and essentially living hell by putting restrictions and expectations on myself that really just don’t matter. Running sub 3:40 is not nearly as important as being a part of something as big as the Boston Marathon. Especially this year.

fresh juice and veggies

This is what healthy looks like!

Moving Forward

All I can do is drink water, juice, eat well and sleep. I imagine I’ll be back at full speed mid week. I may do easy spin Monday/Tuesday, jog Tuesday/Wednesday and try in get in some real work Thursday. I still have 2 good weeks before anything like “taper” needs to set in.  And on that note —  yikes! This marathon is under a month away. Hopefully I’m getting my sicky out of the way early and can be healthy and strong for the start line. And I did invest in two new pairs NEWTONS, which for the love of god have still not arrived! But I took it as a sign that I shouldn’t be running anyhow. They should get her Monday. And at the very least, at least I’m “skinny” again — ha! 
Love Surf

Thank you Love Surf for the Oh-So Cute Capri Pants and Beachy Tee!!

And like always, I am grateful for this opportunity.

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