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2014 Boston Marathon Training – Week 3 Recap

Ready to Enjoy The Ride…

“Everything in your life has a finish line and you’re always racing as fast as you can towards it — why can’t you relax and have fun along the way? Why does everything have to always be a race?”

This was the discussion my boyfriend and I had Thursday night. And while you don’t always initially agree with harsh feedback when it’s laid out in front of you — this one I couldn’t deny. And it really made me think. I don’t know where it comes from, but it is true. When I decide to do something, I put my head down, almost everything to the side and go for it. In some cases, this is a good thing. But when it’s everything in your life, it can be a little unrewarding for the people who care to spend time with you. And as I was reminded this week, if everything in life is a destination, and you don’t have fun getting there, what’s the point of going? Ironically, wicked productivity can be a waste of time.

Now I commit to enjoying this journey :)

Now I commit to enjoying this journey 🙂

Boston Marathon Training Summary

Despite another 16 hours of seminars this week — I was able to really make some ground! Woot — I can’t really say it’s in the speed arena, but I can tell the mechanics are falling right back into place. I did all the work this week, and my long run Saturday was literally an “easy two hours.” Like really easy. I don’t know what pace I was running, but I am relieved that I really felt like a runner again. Before this week, I felt like I was running with deflated tires. Just rocky and off balance. Now I’m pretty sure the air is back I can just focus on my speed, endurance and of course, enjoy the ride!

Training Summary Stats:

  • Total Running: 31 miles
  • Total Yoga: 3 hours
  • Total Weights: 2 hour
  • Total Cross Train: 2 Spin Classes

So this is great! I did all the work and I think its working! I’m stretching and still strength training. I’m in the last few days of my Diet Bet, so I put myself on liquid detox, which sounds way more extreme that it really is. I’m at a weight now I haven’t seen since 2012 and I think that’s helping my form (and confidence and mood — I’m so happy my runner butt is coming back!). One of the weight workouts I did was a Yoga Sculpt at my gym, that I did not even know they offered and I LOVED it! So that’s on the calendar every Wednesday morning at 7am from now until forever.

Paleo Breakfast Elixer

Ready to blend up these super-foods!

How I’m Feeling

Good. Good. Good.

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 4.36.40 PM

This was an apprehensive morning interval run — it went well. I should have taken the after pic with the happy face after I hit all the 800 and 400 paces I wanted to 😉

Lessons Learned

I have an amazing lifelong friend, Dr. Jenny Kohr who once said “Racing is a metaphor for life.What is happening in your life, can be reflected in your racing. I can spend all day explaining that, but if you’re a racer, I’ll save us the time now and just let you think about it. What was going on in your life during your BEST races? How about the worst? And for those who don’t race all that often, I now believe simply running can be a reflection life. When things are in sync, you just flow. When things are off balance, you slow down. When things are rocky, you can fall. And that can hurt. But nothing can keep you from getting back up — dusting off and move forward stronger, smarter, and faster.

Moving Forward

After last week, I realized this was going to be a bit harder to get back into the peek form than I had planned. So I’ve called in the big guns, and hired my old training group that helped go from the recreational runner to somewhat speedy runner in 2011 and 2012 — and got me get to Boston. I’ve trained for three races with Infinate Running, and have set records for myself every time. In 2010 I trained to run the CIM Marathon in 3:40, and ran 3:31. I trained for the DC half marathon in March of 2012 and set a then PR at 1:37:47. In October 2012 I trained for the Chicago marathon with this group and ran my still standing marathon PR in 3:29. So only the next 12 weeks will show how much we can do together, but it feels good to have some heavy artillery in my holster.

So Sunday evening I find this in my inbox from my new (old) coach Mike Sayenko:

I am looking forward to coaching you! I would love for you to fill out my questionnaire so I can tailor the plan to your goals, needs, and background. My number one goal is to keep you healthy and enjoy the process. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to give me a call.

Infinate Running

Happy to have the support of a qualified coach moving forward!

Ahhh…doesn’t that sound great? I think too hard every day about buidling my little business. Not having to think about my training and just do it — will be a key to **ideally** success. But either way, I promise from here on out to enjoy the ride, regardless of the pace I travel.

I am grateful for this opportunity.


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