Boston Marathon Training Food
Food is fuel -- that gas you put in your car is not nearly as important as the food you put in your body.
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2014 Boston Marathon Training – Week 5 Recap

I am a marathon runner.

It is my sport. I am in my grove and thrilled to be happily training for the Boston Marathon this year.

For anybody who knows me, they know 2013 was not my year to run. After 3 years of training and slowly getting faster, faster and finally qualifying for Boston, I was was struck with Runner Burnout. It was such a frustrating time and I’m so happy to have a second go at it in 2014!

Boston Marathon Training Summary

This was a good week! I was not plagued with any of the discomforts I had last week and it was reflected in the progress I made on the road. My speed is coming back and my confidence and love of training along with it. I’m optimistic with how much progress I’ve made in 5 weeks and thrilled to have another 8 weeks of hard training ahead of me. Let’s see what we can do!

Training Summary Stats:

  • Total Running: 42 miles
  • Total Yoga: 2 hours
  • Total Weights: 2 hour
  • Total Cross Train: 1 Spin Class

How’s that look for week 5 training? Does it look perfect? It should, because it is! I got in all the work. No crazy over-achieving, just good ‘ole combination of hard running, time on my feet running, cross training, weights and yoga. I had an ok speedy interval run, a GREAT tempo run (great to see you 7:15s, I’ve missed you!), a really fun off the beaten path run Saturday and a very slow, long and rewarding run on Sunday (3 hours).

Boston Marathon Training

Off the beaten path. Just me some dirt and a lot of dust for an hour on Saturday!

How I’m Feeling

Pretty f-ing spectacular! All my training went down with a great week of amazing social connections and good progress on my business. In short, week 5 was by far my favorite. Things seem to be in motion and I’m ready to keep on riding this #bostonbound train!

Boston Marathon Training

It might not be pretty — but that’s a really happy face post great tempo run!

Lessons Learned

That muscle has memory and past experiences is your greatest indicator of future success. That is totally true. I anticipate weeks ahead where I may feel defeated again, but for now I’m thrilled with the progress I’ve made. I have my 30K in two weeks, and having this much time on my feet feels great. Next week I plan to run long and slow with more hills to help prepare myself. This week was a good combination of relaxing, working and resting. I had no crazy binge drinking or exhausting hangovers. But I didn’t deprive myself of fun either.

Boston Marathon Training

Knocked back 3 of these bad boys with my big brother Saturday night before my long run.

Boston Marathon Training

Dinner party with pretty stellar people! And the wine didn’t even slow me down!

Boston Marathon Training

Post long run brunchy celebration! Always my favorite way to enjoy a meal!

Moving Forward

A healthy body is important for every aspect of your life. But when marathon training, food takes on a new light and it really becomes fuel. Honoring your cravings without overdoing it, strengthening your body and delivering the right nutrition for recovery becomes a very fun game of dietary Tetris. I will put my focus on building the best body I can to continue to handle the work and gain strength. This includes plenty of green juice, roasted vegetables, oatmeal in the morning, an occasional steak for dinner, huge “kitchen sink” salads, protein shakes with fruit and flax seeds, chia pudding, and of course – lots and lots of water! All of this let me cut my coffee consumption in like 1/3 — which I’m not even doing on purpose. But when I get mid March, I will eliminate caffeine all together until race day so it’s good tapering 🙂

Boston Marathon Training Food

Food is fuel — that gas you put in your car is not nearly as important as the food you put in your body.


What are some of your favorite “going the distance,” “marathon training,” “race ready” meals?

I am grateful for this opportunity.

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  • Andie Scoggins

    I’m no marathon runner but do suffer the occasional downs of running with associated minor injuries, flagging attitude, and poor nutrition. But when I am in the groove, like you were last week, I know just how you feel! The phrase that comes to my mind is “ROCK STAR!” and I tell myself so. It is so inspirational to read about someone who suffers the same ups and downs despite being a much better athlete. We all go through the same stuff – it’s how we push through that makes the difference! Thank you!

    • Teresa

      Oh Andie — your comment just made my day! I think we’re normal for moving through those phases and I agree 100% it’s how we get through that matters! It’s hard, but as you know — rewarding when it all comes together 🙂 Keep me posted on your training efforts as well! I do believe that with support and the right mindset — we can do anything we think we can 🙂 Cheers!

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