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2014 Boston Marathon Training – Week 7 Recap

I’m growing a stronger body!

It’s a lot of work and it hurts. But it’s totally working which makes it all worth it!

I flew up to Santa Cruz, my home town, on Tuesday for a change of scenery and to spend time with my dad. What a wonderful idea that was! It was relaxing, productive, therapeutic and energizing. The week flew by and I got a ton of work done. I had great runs and I even made it to my old gym I used to work out at when I was in high school. And in fact, I think it was even the same leg press machine I used 20 years ago — LOL, gotta love Santa Cruz. I ate for performance and satisfaction. My dad and his wife and completely reengineered their diet and there is absolutely nothing in their house I shouldn’t eat. In fact, they actually have less “treats” on hand than I do!

Boston Marathon Training

This is a little bit of what a week in Santa Cruz looks like — such an awesome place to call “home”

Boston Marathon Training Summary

Training Summary Stats:

  • Total Running: 47 miles
  • Total Yoga: 1 hour
  • Total Weights: 2 hour
  • Total Cross Train: 1 Spin Class

I got some pretty good miles in this week. It was definitely a build week in a lot of ways. I added mileage and a lot of hills. Instead of speed intervals on Tuesday I did 10×400 hill repeats in the middle of a 9.5 mile run. That felt pretty heroic, and also a good idea with the 30K coming up on Saturday.  I flew Tuesday night and ran with my all time best running buddy in the world on Wednesday for an “easy” 7.4. Thursday I did a 2×2 tempo along the water and it was windy and hilly. And I can tell you when I was done, I was ready to be DONE and glad it was Thursday. Friday was a full rest day but I couldn’t help but take a leisurely 5 mile walk with my pops around my old home town. Saturday was the 30K – what fun! Sunday I got in an easy 4, just to move the legs around.

Boston Marathon Training

Here’s some performance fuel — Pre, during, and post food for 30K. Yes, that’s my dad’s famous (infamous?) Tuna Casserole from my childhood. So much yummier than I remember!

How I’m Feeling

Pretty beat up, but I am typing this from the finish line area of the 30K as I wait for Angela and her Ultra runner hubby to finish their 50K. I felt pretty beat up Thursday too – but I think that’s good. If you think in terms of what it really takes to get stronger and faster, you need to tear your body apart just enough so it heals stronger. That’s the only way to get better. If I always felt great and everything was easy, I don’t suppose I could expect any improvement-right?

Writing from the finish line -- never a wasted moment!

Writing from the finish line — never a wasted moment!

Food and lifestyle wise this was a great week. Everything I ate was high quality and I had zero run-ins with booze or the consequences there of – yahoo. I signed up for my own DietBet, which means it’s time to start getting race weight ready! To win, I need to weigh 113.4 by 3/18. I haven’t been under 115 since 2012, the good ‘ole running days. Then I should have another month to take off the last 1-2 lbs. Getting stronger and losing weight at the same time is a tricky science.

Boston Marathon Training

I love how you feel after a week of eating like this! And it was such a treat to have my dad prepare my favorite Zucchini Boats for me again!

Lessons Learned

It’s not so much a new lesson, but a great reminder. When I was rounding out the last 2 miles of the 30K (which ended up being 18.5 miles over about 3000’ in elevation gains and took 3 hours and 11 minutes – 4th in my age group) I can tell you that is the way you are supposed to feel as you round out the last 10% of any race. Running faster than I started, smiling and feeling great. But the lesson is that it’s worth the work and effort you put into training when it comes out on the course. Seven weeks ago, a flat 9-mile run was a frustrating challenge. Today I could have run longer. But with all that said, I certainly was glad I wasn’t running the 50K!

Boston Marathon Training

A day of sunshine and smiles! Angela finished the 50K with a PR of 5:28 and WON her age group! I have the most amazing people in my life — they energize and inspire me every day!

Moving Forward

When I decided to do this race about a month ago, my primary goal was to get my mileage up fast enough without hurting myself so that I could finish. Now that it’s behind me, I feel I have the endurance to run Boston next week if I had to. The best news? I don’t have to! I still have 8 weeks to focus on getting stronger and faster! I will shift my focus to more performance-based effort. My Garmin and I are about to become really good friends again after a 16 month love-hate relationship. I suppose it’s time to name it…as I do all my essential belongings (my car is Todd, my camera is Bill, the GPS in my phone is Becky and our Christmas tree was Ted). I think I’m feeling Phill…

So far so good here and all is well in Teresa’s land of Boston Marathon Training.

And like always, I am grateful for this opportunity.

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