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2014 Boston Marathon Training – Week 8 Recap

You know the old saying

“You get what you pay for?” It also applies to marathon training in that “you get what you work for.”

Boston Marathon Training Summary

Training Summary Stats:

  • Total Running: 43 miles
  • Total Yoga: 2 hour
  • Total Weights: 2 hour
  • Total Cross Train: 2 Spin Class

This was another butt kicking/leg shredding week! I moved over to week 5 of an old marathon training schedule and it looks just about perfect. It had me running only 4 times this week, but they were good! Tuesday I ran with the San Diego Track club for 4×1 mile intervals on the track. There were about 200 people there at all different types of paces. I will be sure to work with them at least once a month — I was wildly impressed with some of the bad ass runners there. Wednesday I didn’t have to run — so I got to go to an old favorite spin class and it was like a serious treat! Thursday I did double tempo (1/4/1/4/) in the ran and in the wind and I was thrilled with my paces. Friday I should have rested, but had a conference all day Saturday so I went to do 6 easy on the treadmill and then a yoga class. I stopped after 45 minutes because it just sucked (that’ll teach me to flip flop rest days!). Full rest day Saturday (if you can call 12 hours at a conference rest?) followed by the best 20 mile run in the history of my 20 milers with my fantastic running buddy Kate! Our pace was on target, conversation was free flowing and it was the only place I wanted to be and the only thing I wanted to be doing on that rainy Sunday morning.

How I’m Feeling

Pretty darn good. After 8 weeks of Boston Marathon Training, I think I could pretty easily break a 4 hour marathon right now as I finished the 20 in just over 3. So with 7 more weeks of training, and 7 more weeks to peel of these pesky four pounds, I’m going to say I’m optimistic for a good race in Boston! The only nagging body related thing I have is a super tight right hamstring. I think I’m about to bite the bullet and find a sports massage therapist to get in there and try and straighten it all out. But other than that, feet, legs, body feel strong and getting stronger. I won’t fib though — it wasn’t the best week for food with PMS in the way. But that is a battle I fight every month and at least now it’s behind me. I’m sucking wind at my diet bet and think I actually gained weight this week. It is time to get serious!


From Kale Salad to total crap food. The week was all over the place and the weight loss train was totally derailed.

Lessons Learned

That running in the rain isn’t all that bad. I’ve been a pretty active runner since 2001 and have run 11 marathons and countless half marathons. I bet I’m approaching the 20K mile marker on the pavement. But you know what? I live in San Diego. And of all those miles, I don’t think I’ve ran in the rain more than 5 times — EVER! I love the rain, usually because it gives us the rare excuse to sit inside under the covers in front of the TV. But this week, I had no choice. That 11 mile tempo run had to get in Thursday morning. The day’s schedule would not allow anything else. Sunday was going to be 20 one way or another and the pouring rain that literally started at mile 1 did not stop us from tackling it. I got lucky both days, it was wet, but not cold or overly windy. And the slick pavement makes it easier for your feet to scoot — so I think I may run faster in the rain!


Moving Forward

As a the nutrition nut that I am it’s time to get serious and get back on the real food wagon to continue to support and build this real body. Veggies, whole grains, lean protein and juicer are going into action this week. I’m filming a 10 part juicing, smoothie, healthy recipe series on Wednesday, so I should have all the right tools at my fingertips. Rest and relaxation combined with enough social events to keep me sane are also on the itinerary. Jimmy has 5 tennis tournaments locked up every weekend the rest of this month. We are both looking forward to happy and healthy bodies and minds as we get closer and closer to the Boston Marathon start line!

Resting with the cuddly cat is a key part of recovery :)

Resting with the cuddly cat is a key part of recovery 🙂

So far so good here and all continues to go well in Teresa’s land of Boston Marathon Training.

And like always, I am grateful for this opportunity.

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  • Jen S

    I love reading about your Boston training! Definetly find a sports massage therapist. It will be painful, but it will make such a huge difference!

    • teresamarierun

      Oh yay — I’m so glad your’e reading 🙂 I know I need to find someone for this hamstring. It does not hurt when I run at all — it’s just really tight in yoga. I need to find an NYC race for the summer too so I have an excuse to come visit you!

  • Crystal @phatycake.com

    Oh my gosh, that food looks amazing. I cant wait to hear about your race!

  • teresamarierun

    Oh thank you Crystal! I’m excited! I’m running the SD half this weekend. It’s like a little miniature Boston so it will be a great predictor 🙂 Stay tuned — I promise to keep regular updates coming! And that Kale Salad is no joke — I will share the recipe when the video is ready! Cheers!

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