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2016 Tasc Performance Ambassador

This is exciting news! I’ve joined Tasc Performance’s 2016 Ambassador team! Yay! In case you have not heard of them, Tasc Performance is a line of athletic apparel that I am currently in love with. As an urban hippy and fitness blogger, there are few days I graduate from yoga pants and a tank top. So this partnership is a match made in heaven!

Tasc Performance

NOLA Crops with this cute grey pattern that I LOVE! These are the first ones worn out of the dryer every time!

Why Tasc Performance

Their tagline is “Freedom to Pursue the Adventure of Life,” clearly I’m in love. There are all kinds of things to consider when thinking about brand loyalty. Obviously the product and price matters, and I’ll get to that in a bit. But the company and it’s core values matter too. Today, when so many products and services are tied together so quickly with such little thought, it’s lovely to find a brand that has solid roots, a strong purpose and an awesome team to carry out the vision.

Tasc Performance

NOLA Crops and the Long Sleeve Crew top. Love, love, love the blue color!

I’ve enjoyed all my interactions with the team as well as the other ambassadors (which are all pretty serious adventure athletes, I feel particularly honored to have been selected to work alongside them). You really get a feeling for what their passionate about, why they started and continue to believe in and build the Tasc apparel line when you read about their story. Here’s just a snippet:

We’re from New Orleans. We march to the beat of our own brass band in everything we do. We look to nature for performance, not chemicals from a lab. All our unique fabrics are original to tasc Performance and are not available from any other brand.

What I’m loving most about Tasc Performance Fitness Apparel

In short, the fit, the style and the feel. The fabric really is unique. It’s light and silky soft, bamboo based. I really don’t know what I was expecting it to feel like, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised every time I slip into a tasc item. Whether it be yoga pants or a sports bra all the way to socks, headbands and undergarments. I love them all! And the fit of the NOLA crop pant is by far my favorite of any capri style yoga pants I have ever worn. The waist ban is essentially muffin top resistant.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 10.52.33 AM

Outfitted head to toe in TASC for this little 1st place AG victory at a small 5K! The tank is the Core Racer, how fitting.

What’s so special about the fabric?

I’m really not a fabric expert, so I won’t claim to be one here. But let me do a quick overview. Tasc has 8 unique fabrics they have developed that are all different combinations of mostly bamboo viscose, organic cotton, and lycra, but depending on the specific product may also contain recycled polyester, nylon, and/or merino wool. They offer benefits like excellent moisture wicking, anti-odor, breathability, light weight, quick drying, comfort, natural UPF 50+ protection, a high warmth-to-weight ratio and on and on. In short, they are unique, calculated and awesome.

Tasc Perforamnce

Well, you can’t really tell but I’ve got the Endurance Sports Bra on and it’s awesome and their socks…

What you can expect to see in 2016

I’m partnered with the brand for the whole year! So you’re going to see lots of variety in my posts and social media. You can pretty much assume that most of my athletic apparel moving forward will be Tasc. I just replaced all my basics with look forward to adding more fun, colorful and seasonal pieces throughout the year.

Tasc Performance

You guessed it — NOLA crops again! Seriously, I live in them. Even when I’m student teaching or the day ūüôā

Tasc Discount for you

They have graciously provided me with a Friends and Family discount of 15% off that is good for the duration of this quarter. Use discount code “FF0103-hjA6″ between now and the end of March to automatically take 15% off your order on their online store.

Connect with Tasc Performance!

You can see the entire line and their brand new website at www.tascperformance.com. The site is super easy to navigate and the shopping experience is seamless. You can also find them as @tascperformance on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter and and be sure to use hastags #tasclife #tascperformance to grab their attention.

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