3 Crucial Steps to see REAL progress in your Yoga Practice
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3 Crucial Steps to see REAL progress in your Yoga Practice

About 3 years ago, before I started to advance my yoga practice, I could barely touch my toes. My hamstrings and hips were really tight from all of the sitting I did on a daily basis.

I was still practicing yoga, but I was so busy with life that I would struggle to get one or even two practices going a week. I loved yoga, but I couldn’t stay consistent. And because I wasn’t consistent, I didn’t see much progress.

My strength was also incredibly lacking– I remember one day trying desperately to kick up against the wall into a handstand but my arms were so weak that I couldn’t make it up!

Does this sound familiar?

3 Crucial Steps to see REAL progress in your Yoga Practice

The deeper truth

Here’s the deeper truth: underneath that physical weakness and lack of flexibility was also a deep lack of confidence within myself and daily anxiety. I could never get calm, sit still long enough to be ‘good’ at meditation and I still had body image issues.

But one day in the end of September, exactly 3 years ago, I decided to make a change and fully commit myself to stepping on my yoga mat every day so that I could see real progress.

Little did I know that by advancing my physical yoga practice I could be able to let go of my negative self talk, banish my anxiety and finally fall in love with the way my body felt.

The power of a consistent yoga practice

Advancing my yoga practice was like a miracle drug and even though I was working full time and had a whole bunch of other commitments on my plate, I learned how to get consistent & motivated enough to watch my practice soar.

And let me tell you, if I could do it, you can do it, too!

3 Crucial Steps to see REAL progress in your Yoga Practice

3 ways to become consistent with your yoga practice

Here are 3 things that really changed things around for me:

1. I planned out what I was going to practice every day

Instead of practicing random yoga videos every day, I started dividing my practice up into muscle groups. This made a HUGE difference in my practice because on the days my legs were sore, I focused on backbends and on the days my back was sore I could focus on legs, core, or arm work. I was ALWAYS able to practice because I was isolating different areas of my practice

2. I practiced even when I was tired

This might seem counter intuitive and might go against all of the caution you’ve heard from other health & fitness coaches, but I promise it works! I practice when I’m tired. You see, the beauty of yoga is that you can do a very gentle form of practice called ‘restorative yoga’.

This is my emergency drug when I’m sick, sore, or just too tired to practice. The truth is that yoga gives you so much more than just physical strength and agility. So, by doing something gentle on your off days, you’re still working your mental and spiritual practice (if that’s your thing!) AND keeping your body used to routine. Amazing, right?

3 Crucial Steps to see REAL progress in your Yoga Practice

3. I only practiced for 20-30 minutes a day

There are days where I only do 10 minutes and I STILL feel sore the next day. You don’t have to practice for 60 minutes to see progress. Even 5 minutes on the days when you’re hard pressed for time can make a HUGE difference.

If you follow these steps and stay consistent (no excuses) I promise that you will start to see real progress in your strength, flexibility and sense of calm in no time!

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Sara Lou, CYA RYT Yoga Instructor
Sara Lou is a yoga teacher who helps women go from feeling tired, anxious, stressed and unmotivated to being inspired, calm, physically & emotionally stronger, having more energy & feeling amazing in their bodies. You can grab a free copy of her Yoga Life Checklist here or for even  more daily inspiration and support, join her inspiring Facebook Community  here.  

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