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3-Day Detox FAQ + Some Success!

Yesterday I sent out a newsletter with a story about my 3-Day Detox program. I know you’ve heard me talk about my for over a year now and it’s because I really love it and I really stand behind it 100% even though I’m a natural skeptic of most “detox” programs. I shared the story from my friend Caitlin, over at Fitgevity and I got a great response! So many good questions, so many fun successes and so much excitement to try the plan out.

As it turns out, a lot of people have the same questions about this 3-Day Detox

So let me answer them here and I’ll continue to add to this post as I get more. Were you wondering any of these things?

Q: Do I need a juicer to do the detox?

Hands down the #1 question and the short answer is yes. But then, also no. Here’s why:

  • The plan consists of 3 juices a day and 2-3 smoothies with as much vegetable soup as you want (and tons of water and hot tea). Because the juices are a pretty big part of the program, I do suggest you get a juicer if you want to make your own. 
  • If you want to know a little bit more about the difference between and benefits of juices v. smoothies and why I use both in the detox, I have this fairly comprehensive post and video.
  • A counter top blender will work fine for the smoothies and soups — although a high speed one is better for the soups.
  • If you do not have a juicer, you can purchase store bought cold pressed juices, you will need 9 total for the 3 days. This can be a very good time saving tip! If you do not know where to buy them, there is a link to buy a pack from Suja in the materials, so you can have them shipped to you or you may even be able to find them locally.

Q: Is the plan vegan and/or gluten free?

It sure can be! For the most part, 99% of the ingredients are raw and plant based. There are a few added ingredients in the smoothies, namely protein power that you get to choose. Just  make sure the powder you choose meets your specific needs and you’re good to go!

Q: Can I do it longer than 3-days? Like maybe 7?

If you were going to do any detox for 7 days, I’d say this would be the one to do 🙂 But it’s definitely different than your standard juice cleanse/fast/detox because it includes macronutrients (fiber, protein and fat) in addition to the dose of potent micronutrients. For that reason, this plan is more sustainable and your energy should be more consistent. But I want you to be aware it’s not a traditional cleanse (part of why I love it – ha!). 

I usually do it for about 4 days, even though it’s designed for 3 and it’s my social life that will end up getting in the way (and an intense missing of chewing). I’ve never done it for longer, but I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t so long as you felt good, because it is a nutritionally sound program. 

Are you wondering what to expect form this 3-Day Detox?

3 day detox strikes again

Well, here are a few examples. I have my story here (damn, I need to do this plan again STAT! ha ha). And there is my friend Devon who took the time to write out this post a while back about her clarifying experience and then Caitlin shared her story recently as well. I got this great note from a lovely couple in Maine this week to. It was a longer email, but here is the quick gist:

We completed the 3 day cleanse/detox.  I certainly feel better (less bloat and 8.5 pounds dropped) but I am also ready to enjoy the simple act of chewing some solid food.  Patti lost 3.5 pounds…In the end this was successful for me as I jump started my much needed weight loss and lessened my bloat.  I will likely utilize it again in the future.  Patti also experienced success but will likely not repeat the program again although she will utilize some of your recipes for a shorter duration.

Then there is my friend Jodi’s text message from this past holiday season. It literally made my day! And you should see the flat tummy pics she shares with me!

3-day detox Jodie text

3-Day Detox in Summary

You can see that this isn’t a painful experience and most people are surprised at how great they feel during and after the program. And the results aren’t just about seeing the scale move (although, that is a nice perk) it’s better than that. It’s about creating awarenesses about how good plant power can make you feel. It’s about ridding your body of the toxic junk that’s been weighing it down. It’s about getting back to basics and kicking off a “fresh start” to a longer journey to better health and more happiness.

Are you ready to try a little detox and see what happens?

If you’re feeling puffy, want to bust a plateau, slim down for a specific event, or just feel healthier, maybe it’s time to give this program a shot? Remember, this is not a traditional “detox.” You shouldn’t feel overly hungry, you won’t have to halt your exercise plan and you can expect to feel better all around. It’s a great plan for a specific event or even as a regular plan to do monthly or quarterly like my friend Jodi does (and me too!).

Get instant access to recipes, instructions, a planner/tracker and daily coaching for just $19!

3-Day Detox

Added Incentive: Use discount code Detox10 to save an extra 10%! 

Have you ever done a detox before? What was the best and worst part?

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