3 Ways to Exercise Outdoors
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3 Ways to Exercise Outdoors

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It’s officially summer, yay! This means spend as much time outside as possible before the cold comes back (well, for those of you in the cooler climates that is). So why not exercise outdoors?

3 Ways to Exercise Outdoors

It feels like such a shame to spend time on the treadmill and Smith Machine when we can easily take our workout outside.

So you want to exercise outdoors??

Exercising outdoors is actually pretty easy to do. There is a huge variety of equipment out there that will allow you to take your workout outdoors without jeopardizing the effectiveness of your workout.

In some cases, you need nothing but yourself and a good view! Keep reading for three ways to take your exercise outdoors.

Bodyweight exercise

3 Ways to Exercise Outdoors

Bodyweight exercises are the easiest way to take your exercise outdoors. At the most, you need a towel or mat to workout on, and even that is personal preference. When done properly bodyweight exercises can be just as effective as working out with weights.

A few things to consider when planning your bodyweight workout:

  • First decide if you want to do an upper body, lower body, or full body workout. This will determine which exercises you’re doing.
  • Always work opposing muscle groups. For example, if you’re working your biceps make sure to work your triceps too.
  • Proper form and going slow will make bodyweight workouts more effective. If you’re pumping through your reps without considering proper form or speed there’s a greater chance for injury. By flying through your reps you’re also increasing momentum which makes the workout easier.
  • Have fun and enjoy the fact that you’re burning a few calories while enjoying nature!

Need ideas for your bodyweight workout? Check out this workout by Nerd Fitness.

Resistance bands

3 Ways to Exercise Outdoors

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Resistance bands are amazing for exercising outdoors. By bringing along some resistance bands you’re able to take your cable machine and free weights with you without needing a moving truck and two burly men.

Most resistance band sets come with a variety of resistance levels and accessories so that you can easily switch between muscle groups and add variety to your workout. Grab a set like these resistance bands to maximize your versatility. This set comes with five levels of resistance, handles, an ankle strap, door anchor, carrying bag and exercises.

For an awesome resistance band workout, check out this full body workout by Men’s Fitness.

Ab roller

3 ways to exercise outdoors

If you’re looking to take your ab exercises outdoors then an ab roller is perfect for you! Not only is an ab roller an awesome and portable tool for strengthening your core, but it also works your lats, triceps, hips and shoulders. Basically it’s a great way to strengthen a variety of muscle groups while focusing on your core.

If you’ve never tried an ab roller or would like more info, here’s an awesome article by Livestrong about how to use an ab roller and its benefits. If you’re interested in purchasing an ab roller, something simple like this would work well. No need to drop tons on money on this guy!

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