30 Day Abs Challenge
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30 Day Abs Challenge

Ready to get your core in shape and lose the pooch?

The 30 Day Abs Challenge is for you!

The 30 Day Challenge Series is off to a good start so the 30 Day Abs Challenge is the perfect addition to keep the momentum going! The launch of the 30 Day Push-Up Challenge in May attracted over 1300 participants and almost 1000 organic Likes on FaceBook – Yay!! My SkinnyTinis page that I’ve had for years only has 450+ fans, so you can imagine my excitement.  It was such a success, that I’ve decided to keep that an on-going event as the community is so supportive and the challenge is good!

But in the spirit of the challenge mindset, I’m on a mission to keep those 1300 people motivated and excited and ready for a new challenge. Hence – the birth of the 30 Day Abs Challenge!

What we learned from the push-up challenge is that the focus needs to be excuse free and simplicity is key. No equipment required, no large time commitment, any skill level can participate and the activity needs to generate RESULTS!

Well, it’s summertime and the beachwear is busting out of the drawers and I’m sure you don’t want your gut to be busting out of them! So get on it – get after it – and sign up and commit to the 30 Day Abs Challenge!

Here’s the 30 Day Abs Challenge, every day you will do:

30 Day Abs Challenge

You don’t have to do it all at once, you just need to do them all every 24 hours. It may take you 4 min, it may take you 40. You might be able to hold a plank for 15 seconds and it might even be modified, or maybe you can hold it for 90 seconds without even trying. What you can do today does not matter. What matters is your commitment to getting stronger! No matter where you are today, you will be fitter, slimmer, flatter and more confident in 30 days if you commit to the 30 Day Abs Challenge Today.

Sound fun?

I hope so!

Here’s how to get started on the 30 Day Abs Challenge:

  1. Go to Facebook and like the Teresa Marie Wellness Page then under Events, you will find all the challenges, click “I’m going” in the 30 Day Abs Challenge event.
  2. Invite your friends and create a team
  3. Join the community for access to all the 30 Day Challenge Series Trackers.  Growth in this challenge is key, you will want to know measure to see your progress!
  4. Take pictures and measurements (waist = narrowest portion of your torso and abdomen = just below your belly button)
  5. Each day, do your ab work and check off the day on your calendar
  6. Time your plank daily and record how long you held it for
  7. One day a week (preferably Sunday) you will do all the ab exercises at the same time and time yourself. Record that time on your calendar to track your progress.
  8. Log into the FaceBook event daily to share with the team your successes, challenges, questions, motivators, pictures, anything and everything that is 30 Day Abs Challenge related.

Public commitment and community support are two of the largest predictor of success when you are looking to build healthier habits. So join the FaceBook Group today and invite and inspire your friends!

Be Smart. Be Safe. Get Fit. Have Fun!

We Can Do This!

30 day abs challenge

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