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Now, let me tell you a little more…I’m Teresa Marie, and I’m so glad you’re here!

My goal in life is to help you live a Clean & Colorful lifestyle and that involves mastering the 4 Universal Diet Truths: 

  1. Eat more whole food.
  2. Eat all 5 colors.
  3. Drink a juice/smoothie
  4. Exercise 21+ minutes

It’s that simple! Anybody can do that and everybody who does, will look better, feel better, naturally have more energy, reduce disease and probably even lose some weight. You access your free jumpstart guide here. Below you’ll find all the 30-Day Challenges which were designed to help you master the 4th Universal Diet Truth and help you be more active…every-single-day!

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Now, get started on your 30-Day Challenge!

30-Day Tabata Challenge

30-Day Weight Loss Challenge

30-Day Full Body Challenge

30-Day Lower Body Challenge

30-Day Push-Up Challenge

30-Day 21-Minute Interval Challenge

Free 30-Day Chair Challenge

Free 30-Day Simple Squat Challenge

Free 30-Day Step and Stretch Challenge

Free 30-Day Running Challenge 

2017 Free 30-Day Fitness Challenge 

30-Day 2016 Round-Up

30-Day Plank & Push-Up Challenge

30-Day 21-Minute Interval Challenge

30-Day Full Body Chair Challenge

30-Day Full Body Density Interval Challenge

30-Day Happy & Healthy Heart Cardio Interval Challenge

30-Day Spring Bikini Body Challenge

30-Day Lower Body Challenge

30-Day Plank Challenge

30-Day Push-up Challenge: 1+ Push-up Per Day

2015 Fitness Round Up 30-Day Challenge

30-Day Tabata Challenge

30-Day Booty Bootcamp Challenge

30 Day Full Body Fitness Challenge

30 Day 5K Training Plan Challenge

30 Day Core Challenge 

30 Day Upper & Lower Body Blaster Challenge

30 Day Walking Lunge Challenge

10K Steps a Day Challenge

30 Day HIIT Challenge

30 Day Plank & Push-up Challenge

30 Day Foam Roller Challenge

100 Mile Month Challenge 

30 Day Paleo Challenge

30 Day Plank Challenge

30 Day 2014 Fitness Round Up

30 Day Clean Eating Challenge

30 Day Core Challenge

30 Day Burpee Challenge

30 Day Running Challenge

30 Day Ultimate Push-Up Challenge

30 Day Crunch Challenge

30 Day Lower Body (Booty) Challenge

30 Day Full Body Fitness Challenge

30 Day Core Challenge

30 Day Ultimate Upper Body Challenge

30 Day Cardio Interval Challenge

30 Days to 5K Training Challenge

30 Day Full Body Challenge

30 Day Push-Up Challenge

30 Day Arms Challenge

30 Day Juicing Challenge

30 Day Move a Mile Challenge

30 Day Abs Challenge

30 Day Lunge Challenge

30 Day Generic Challenge – you pick!

Here are your tips for success:

  • Print the tracker for your desired challenge, fill in the dates, take your measurements and your before picture.
  • Do your challenge every day and use your tracker daily to record your exercise completion, number of reps and any important timing metrics.
  • This tracker is designed to work not just as a reminder, but as fuel for motivation as your strength improves.
  • Log in to FaceBook daily to share your success. The community is amazing and incredibly supportive.
  • Post pictures, victories, challenges — whatever you need to stay on track.
  • These challenges can be hard — take them serious!
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In 30 days — you will reap massive rewards! 

Be Smart. Be Safe. Get Fit. Have Fun! 


  • Caroline Rutter McEntee

    I will be starting the Core challenge today, in addition to the Couch to 5k (on week 8 day 2). Wish me luck.


  • Mikki

    I’m terrible at getting past week 1 on any of these 30 day challenges. I always have great intentions but the follow thru is lacking. I read your email newsletter today regarding “planning”. I’ll try to focus on that, set my own schedule on my actual calendar, and make the time each day for my fitness. I’m getting older and know that it is only going to be harder each year to shed these pounds and inches. Thanks for keeping us going!!!


    • Teresa

      Hi Mikki — I think a lot of us do that…I can tell in the challenge because in the first week I’ll have hundreds of responses and at the end it’s like 40 😉 So you’re not a alone and you can come out WAY ahead if you prioritize your time and stick to it! Plus, I keep the challenges so simple that they’re almost fun 🙂 ha ha — keep me posted on your progress and I’ll keep an eye out for you! We Can Do This!


  • Justine Kaneris

    Hi! First off thank you for making this for free and for empowering women everywhere! I was just invited by a friend via Facebook, so I decided to check it out. 🙂 I have a really hard time starting and you give a lot of options… which one do you think is the best place to start, I haven’t really had a work out routine sense leaving Alaska 2 years ago, where I most just walked with a baby strapped to my chest and pushing the other in a stroller all over town every day all day. I was so easy to drop baby weight that way and I loved be outside and active. Now however, I’m at a stand still, neither of my boys will fit in the stroller and we have a puppy.. so our walks consist of trying to control the puppy while holding everyones hands to prevent total meltdowns for the whole neighbor hood to hear. Needless to say, we move at a glacial pace. 🙁 Today I just did yoga for the first time in 5 years, and now I will try this as well…. just need a good starting point, one that I know will work around family and kick all my excuses in the head. 🙂 Thank you again for your time and commitment to staying active and healthy!

    ps. what really interests me is the 5k one… but i hate running and feeling my fat bouce up and down and there my friends is one of my many excuses… hehehe HELP make that stop!!! 🙂


    • Teresa

      Hi Justine!

      I’m so glad your friend introduced you to the page and so happy you’re into it! While I don’t have kids myself, I worked in weight loss for so long that I understand your predicament and that’s why I create everything to be excuse and barrier-free stuff you can just do at home in minutes. I think you should totally do the 5K, especially since that’s the one that interests you most. And the more you move your body — the less your fat will bounce — lol 😉 I would also put in a body weight challenge with it. Either the one that is starting tomorrow (Full Body Fitness) or the one we just finished (Core). They will both compliment the 5K and also work as a good back up in case you can’t get out of the house once or twice. Please keep me posted on your progress and you are going to do great here! I can’t wait to see a picture of you crossing the finish line! We Can Do This!


  • Becca

    Im gonna start the fulll body fitness tomorrow, I always start of great untill week two when I forget to do one day and then just dont bother. Hope this goes well I would really like a six pack by christmas 🙂


    • Teresa

      That would be a great Christmas present right? Set a reminder in your calendar and check in on the event page daily. It really does help 🙂 Have fun!


  • Ashley Fultz

    I am excited about finding your website! In 2011 I had set a goal of running a marathon after seeing the contestants on the biggest loser complete one. I completed 2 5k’s and then was in a car wreck that messed my knee up and tore my hamstring. I haven’t ran since. I am unhappy with my physical strength at this time and want to see improvements. I am recovering from an emergency appendectomy 3 weeks ago and was wondering how long I should wait before starting my challenges? I am being released to normal activity next week. I am still bloated from the surgery and it has caused me to go up 2 pant sizes in the waist. Any suggestions?


    • Teresa

      Hi Ashley! I’m so happy you found the page as well! And congrats on your enthusiasm and completion of 2 races! Accidents and injuries are such a pain and so frustrating! But they can’t stop you forever 🙂 I do wish I could give you better advice, but without knowing you, seeing your or actually being an MD — your best bet will be to speak with a local professional. I’ll be here with fun challenges and fitness instruction when you are cleared and ready to go!


  • Moo Eiselstein

    Thanks for the great site and challenges! I’m a novice runner and I was looking for some simple, yet effective exercises to do in addition to running. Challenges are motivating and fun, so I was happy to find this blog. Anyways, a quick question: If I want to start a challenge tomorrow, should I start with Day 1, or should I kind of “bump” my way into a current one?


    • Teresa

      Yay — I’m so glad you found the site and it’s been helpful! I would always start with Day 1. If you want to start a new challenge at the first of the month, you can either add it to your current one or just switch over. Some of the challenges have progression built in, so best to start level one and move with your body vs. the date 🙂 Let me know if you have more questions and enjoy!!


  • Joseph

    Starting the 30-Day Push Up Challenge. I have run 4 marathons (one a year since 2010 and will run 2 this year in 2014. My goal for this challenge is to build up my upper body strength to improve my running.


    • Teresa

      Awesome Joseph!! Yahoo for marathoning!! I’m helplessly addicted! I wish you the very best of luck and would be so grateful if you would keep me posted on your progress! Cheers!


  • Kristina

    I am planning on weighing in tomorrow to be part of your dietbet and noticed that you had a website. So that is how I found you and I am looking forward to joining you in the 30 day challenge as well. I have a serious back condition which has caused me to be disabled now. I was wondering if you could suggest a way to modify the exercises in the current (July) challenge that would be safe for my back? I look forward to hearing back from you!


    • teresamarierun

      Yay Kristina! I’m so glad you found my DietBet AND the Challenge Series! I’m so sorry to hear of your back condition — but I can tell you that making good decisions with your food to take off some weight will most certainly relieve some pressure! Without knowing more about your injury and limitations, I don’t I could feel comfortable modifying the moves. But I strongly recommend you find a local professional who can work with you — even just one time — to give you some exercises that will work for you specifically. The beauty of my blog and these challenges is that I can reach so many individuals, but it does limit the amount of personal prescription I can do with special needs. But use the challenges as a starting ground to share with a local professional and soak up all the info on healthy eating you can. You can improve SO MUCH about your body when you improve the quality of your diet 🙂 I wish you the best of luck and please keep me posted on your journey!


  • Christy Lininger

    I’m doing the plank challenge with my husband. I’ve never done anything like this before. I was wondering, for the side plank, do we do it on each side?


    • Teresa

      Hi Christy! I’m so happy to hear you and your husband are up for the challenge! Yes, be sure to do each side each day you do the challenge. It is ok to take rest days as needed too. You guys decide when 🙂 Enjoy and happy new year!


  • Lauren

    I’m looking for the 10K a day (in May) challenge, but I’m not seeing it in the list above… Help!


  • Diana Nelson

    I’m ready for this 10k challenge.


  • Donnetta Swindell

    Any chance of getting the couch to 5k challenge going? There are no links. Tracker or details


  • Peggy

    I am trying to access the push-up challenge I have followed all instructions but so not see how to access it please help!!!!!


  • Suzetta L Harper

    I would like the ab and core challenge tracker without the picture. I am starting with those two plus increasing my steps. love the trackers


  • Johannes Ntongsns

    Nice combo Teresa, thank you so much.


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