30 Day Foam Roller Challenge
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The 30 Day Foam Roller Challenge

We do a lot of things at the 30 Day Challenge Series, planking, crunching, lunging, in general — we do a lot of MOVING!! As a runner myself, I can’t help but toss in the every-so-often challenge that is dedicated to using your body as a vehicle and simply moving more. We’ve moved a mile a day, we’ve tackled our first or fastest mile and this month I just launched THE 100  MILE MONTH! 

Why Take The 30 Day Foam Roller Challenge?

To offset all this pavement pounding, injury prevention is key! Proper stretching and foam rolling are essential parts of your success! As an active runner, and one who is pretty active in the running community, one thing I NEVER hear people say is “I’m totally awesome at foam rolling and I definitely do it enough.” In fact, I hear the opposite. We all kind of cringe when the topic comes up because we know we need it, in fact we love it, we simply don’t do it enough.

What exactly is Foam Rolling?

To get technical, it’s  a self-myofascial release (SMR) technique that is used by athletes and physical therapists to inhibit overactive muscles. I’m not going to bore you with tons of text here. Since I don’t do nearly enough foam rolling myself, it seemed to be a good idea to reach out for some insight and expertise here. I found Amanda Edell, a personal trainer from NYC who is known by many (including Google) as a foam rolling expert! She has graciously supplied a series of quick videos that will explain the why and how of foam rolling in a matter of minutes! Many thanks Amanda!!

What exactly does The 30 Day Foam Roller Challenge involve?

Now that you know what, why and how you should foam roll, the challenge is super simple! She says you can’t do it enough and I know must of us don’t! So let’s commit to rolling out the 5 most needed muscles for runners (Quads, Hips/Hip Flexors, IT Band, Adductors, and Glutes) as much as we can this month? If you spend a minute on each side, we’re looking at 10 min a day, which is about 100X more than I personally do now. So it’s a challenge for me for sure. Are you game?

The Fine Print for The 30 Day Foam Roller Challenge:

  1. You will need a foam roller for this challenge. Your gym probably has one, but since we’re doing daily, you may want to make this small, one-time investment if you are planning on doing this challenge and/or running frequently.  I have this one, which is only $20 and you can get a smaller one for $10. They can get pretty fancy, like this Trigger Point Performance roller – the choice is yours.
  2. You can do your foam rolling at anytime throughout the day, morning with your coffee, lunch break, before or after your workout or while you’re zoning out in front of the TV at night. The goal is to roll as much as possible, but at the very least more than you do now.
  3. This challenge is designed to help you build the habit to foam roll more to keep you limber and injury free! It is a great compliment to a running challenge, so join us in the 100 Mile Month Challenge this month as well.
  4. Use your tracker and the FaceBook Event to record your daily progress.
  5. And as with any and all 30 Day Challenges, be sure to check with your doctor before you start any new exercise regimen.

 Getting Started on The 30 Day Foam Roller Challenge:

  1. Like the Teresa Marie Wellness on FaceBook now.
  2. Find the 100 Mile Month & Foam Roller 30 Day Foam Roller Challenge under Events and click “going” then invite your friends to make it more fun.
  3. Get access to all the trackers by joining the community here. If you have already signed up, then you know where to find them and your monthly newsletter will arrive Wednesday 1/28 as a reminder.
  4. Mark your personal calendar, because your challenge starts Sunday February 1st!

Don’t forget to sign up and get your fun tracker!

Be Smart. Be Safe. Have Fun. Get FIT!

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  • Leta

    The link for Amanda Edell is wrong. Looking forward to the challenge. Never have used a foam roller before.

  • Charlene Bluth

    My friends have challenged me to do 30 burpees a day for a month and the longest plank I can (the bacon shakin’ kind) for the month of February. I am also doing a Biggest Loser challenge and I workout with them 4 days a week. I also runs couple times a week, at this point, with longer runs on Sundays. I think the Foam Roller challenge is very fitting.

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