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30 Day Full Body Challenge – 2013 Fitness Round Up!

Are you Ready to Challenge Every Major Muscle Group in your Body this Month?

We Are! In May 2013, we launched the Teresa Marie Wellness with the Push-up Challenge. Since then we’ve grown to over 7K Fans on FaceBook and 20K have been invited to play in 10 different fitness and nutrition related challenges.  Together we’ve launched the Abs, Lunge, Move a Mile, Arms and Plank Challenges. So we’re about to wrap up 2013 and guess what — it’s time to wrap all of those into one killer fitness challenge!

To Date, No Challenge has been as Popular as the Push-Up Challenge

Let’s see if we can out do it with the 2013 Round Up the 30-Day Full Body Challenge!!

30 Day Challenge Round Up

How Will The 30-Day Full Body Challenge Work?

It’s a round up of all the fitness challenges we’ve done in 2013! So click on each of the links for reminders and refreshers on what each of these moves are and see below for the quick reference cheat sheet for how this will all go down.

Do not forget to get your tracker for this Challenge!

30 Day Full Body Challenge Tracker

Why Should You Join the 30-Day Full Body Challenge?

Because December is one of the easiest months to get off track! Between the cool weather, stacked social calendar,  over abundance of delicious bites and sweet treats within arms reach, it’s definitely more challenging to stay fit, healthy and fun. But that does not mean it cannon be done. Committing to something as simple as the 30-Day Full Body Challenge will give you something each day to focus on. and week over week, you’ll get stronger and see the growth and progress. Results are motivating, so when you get them — those little pieces of cake and extra globs of gravy just don’t look so good when you know they are in-between you and your goals.

How Do You Get Started on The 30-Day Full Body Challenge?

  1. Like the Teresa Marie Wellness on FaceBook now and follow us on Twitter.
  2. Click on Events, find the 30-Day Full Body Challenge and click “Join.”
  3. Enlist support and invite your friends. Will make it easier and way more fun!
  4. Get access to all the trackers by joining the community here. If you have already signed up for a Challenge Series Event in the past or a part of the community, then you will receive the monthly broadcast email later today with a link to all the updated trackers.
  5. Mark your personal calendar, because your challenge starts SUNDAY 12/1/13!
  6. Take your before picture because you will want it in 30 days from now!
  7. Post in the event page or tweet us @30_Challenge daily how each day is going. Let’s see how strong everybody gets in just 30-Days!

We Can Do This!

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