30 Day Juicing Challenge
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30 Day Juicing Challenge

Welcome Juicing Enthusiasts!

We originally ran this challenge as a group in the Fall of 2013 with the 30 Day Challenge Series. It’s possible we may run it as a group again in the future, but in the meantime don’t let that stop you from taking the challenge! Read the post, ignore the dates, print the tracker, and get juicing!


Yahoo!! Welcome to the Challenge Series first ever diet focused challenge! And by diet, we’re not talking restriction or discomfort. We’re just talking about using food as fuel for better health. The whole purpose of the 30 Day Challenge Series is to try on different healthy habits and see if they fit. We’ve been on quite a roll since May and have may many strides (quite literally!) by way of fitness.

Anybody who is into health and wellness knows that fitness is less than half the battle and that “Abs are really made in the kitchen” so to speak.  You can’t exercise yourself out of a bad diet. So moving forward, we will host a Fitness Challenge and  Diet Challenge. So get excited about being a part of the FIRST Diet Challenge from the 30 Day Challenge Series!

green juice veggies

Ingredients for basic green juice — It’s like a short cut to healthy.

So What’s the 30 Day Juicing Challenge?

Juicing? You’ve heard of it. You may have even tried it. No, this is not a gunky, slushy, green juice challenge that will leave you undernourished and grouchy. Remember, we are just looking to try on new habits here, so how about just swapping out one meal or snack a day for a fresh juice? And not a glass of sugar water with a little added color you find on the shelf stable aisles of the grocery store. We’re talking fresh vegetable juice! The greener the better.

beet juice produce

Ingredients for fresh beet juice. #vitality!

Why is Juicing a Healthy Habit?

For many reason’s, but here’s Teresa’s cliff notes: For your body to function at at its best, it needs to be optimized on a cellular level. This mean nutrients get inside the cells easily and toxins can get out. This works best when the body’s pH is slightly alkaline. Your diet has a huge impact on your body’s pH, either good or bad. Certain foods (like animal products, coffee, sugar and booze) are acid forming in your body, which your body has to then neutralize. Other foods (fresh fruits and vegetables) are alkalizing, giving your body a rest. Since basic daily metabolism is also an acid forming process, you may as well do your body a favor when it comes to helping neutralize to tough stuff and get it right in your diet from the get go. Fresh, raw juice out of a juicer is one of natures gifts of oxygen, helping to alkalize your body and giving cells a breath of fresh air! Not to mention it’s a potent source of vitamins, minerals and almighty phytochemicals helping strengthen you from the inside out.

How Do You Get Started on the 30 Day Juicing Challenge?

  1. Like the Teresa Marie Wellness on FaceBook now.
  2. Click on Events, find the 30 Day Juicing Event and click “Going.”
  3. Enlist support and invite your friends. Will make it easier and way more fun!
  4. Get access to all the trackers by joining the community here. If you have already signed up, then you should receive the email within 24 hours.
  5. Mark your personal calendar, because your challenge starts SUNDAY 9/1/13!
  6. Stay tuned for more posts on recipes, tips and other useful information. But here is a good detox recipe to get you started. It’s from my friend Drew, link over to his page for a LOT more info on juicing!
30 Day Juicing Challenge Tracker

Don’t forget to sign up and get your fun tracker!

What If You Don’t Have a Juicer?

  1. Maybe it’s time to get one? Check out this quick post I wrote way back when on getting started on juicing.
  2. Find a local juice bar. They are popping up everywhere! Go green. A lot of places let you order and direct ship as well. You can store most of them for a few days in the fridge.
  3. Use a blender! Spinach and Kale work great in the blender.
  4. Try to avoid most of the “fresh” juices in the grocery store. While they are not that bad, most of them are loaded with fruit purees and are a very dense source of sugar. Look for something with no added sugar and under 120 calories.
Happy Juicing!

Happy Juicing!

We Can Do THIS!

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  • nori muro

    Are you going to start a new jucing challenge in the fall?

  • Chelle Ingram

    Let me first say that I’m all about juicing and eating a healthy diet including lots of fruits and veggies. I’m also all about accurate information. A basic understanding of anatomy and physiology proves it is impossible to change the PH of your body by what you eat. In fact everything you eat is immediately acidified in your stomach by gastric acid, that’s how your digestive system breaks it down. It is later completely neutralized by enzymes in your colon before being carried to your cells by your blood. Your body regulates its own PH by pee-ing out any excess acid OR alkalinity after it takes what it needs. If it didn’t that would be kidney failure and you would soon die no matter how alkaline your diet was. That is also why the PH of your urine can change but your blood and cell PH will not. So while eating healthy food certainly fuels your cells it doesn’t do anything to change their PH level.

    • teresamarierun

      Good morning Chelle! Thank you for your very detailed note! I totally get what you are saying and will be more careful about the way I word “alkalize your blood” when I referring the the benefits of alkaline forming foods and their impact in preventing low grade acidosis and easing the burden of your body’s natural buffering systems. Always welcome the comments — so feel free to keep them coming. Enjoy the challenge if you go for it and have a great day!

    • Brittany

      Blood pH can change…it’s just super bad if it changes outside the 7.35-45 range. For example, when a person hyperventilates to where they blow off too much CO2, they develop respiratory alkalosis. Metabolic acidosis, metabolic alkalosis, and respiratory acidosis also exist. In the hospital, something called an ABG (arterial blood gases) are drawn sometimes on sick patients. They measure blood pH and an assortment of other things.

      Changing your diet could possibly lead to a more alkaline overall pH within normal range. If our diets (and environment) can turn on and off genes in our bodies, maybe those genes being turned on and off can change our baseline pH. There might not be valid science out there to prove it yet, but it isn’t such a crazy idea.

    • Ali Camp

      Awesome explanation. My friend has been hounding me about the kind of water I drink and I”m like who cares. It’s clean bottled water. Am I going around testing the PH level of water. I mean humans have been on earth for thousands of years and you want me to worry about these little things. I’m glad that you shared this information.

  • Diana

    Is there a way to do this challenge now? I can’t find it on fb, I liked the page but there’s no events…

    • Teresa

      We only did this one month over the summer. But it’s not a bad idea to do another one. I may put it out in April with the new Core 30 Day Challenge as well. But you can always print the tracker and create your own team and take the 30 Day Juice Challenge 🙂

  • Marina

    Where can I print the tracker from?

  • Oscar Boobally

    Hi. I am thinking about juicing for the next 30 days and am not sure if I can expect to lose 30 pounds. I am as much overweight as I have ever been and need to lose closer to 90 pounds, but I feel this month, if I could get rid of 30, it would do wonders for my confidence. I currently juice a few times a week for vitamins. I have an Omega 350, and do mostly kale, celery a cucumber and either a green apple or carrots, but not both. I think I could be ready to do this and this only, as I just started working with a trainer and, am ready to finally take charge. Do you recommend any supplements, or vitamins during or lemon or ginger to my juice. I am trying to balance my PH. Thanks!

    • Teresa

      It’s great to hear you so motivated and I’m so glad you found my blog! First things first, this juices challenge was really designed to be a health optimizer. The main goal here was to just swap out a low quality snack or meal with a juice for the real health benefits and to help your body PH. So I’m glad to hear those are all goals of yours! On the flip side, healthy (and permanent) weight loss is actually a lot slower than what you’re looking for. I don’t know how much you weigh, but you really should aim for 1-2lbs per week or 1% of your body weight. And of course, your first week on any new program you’re bound to lose a few extra bonus pounds. So keep making more good decisions than bad and be patient and kind with yourself. The weight will come off and you will be feeling great! If you wanted more structure for a healthy eating plan, you should look into my program at http://www.coloryourselfskinny.com. Good luck Oscar! You Can Do It!

  • russell

    I’d like to do a 30 day challenge of JUST juice and nothing else. Is there a suggested ‘juicing plan’ for this?

    • Teresa

      Hi Russell — I’m sure you can find something out there, but not on my blog. I find it difficult enough to get through 3 days of only juice so I can’t imagine what would happen at 30 😉 It’s very adventurous — but can be tricky when you go for that extended of a time because of the lack of macronutrients (protein and fat specifically) and fiber. I’d recommended starting with one day, then 3, then 5, then maybe a week and see how you feel. But find a resource that is for longer term juicing detoxes because there may be some tricks I don’t know about. Good luck and let me know how it goes!

  • Marina

    I’m 122lbs, I’m interested in the 30 day fast for the health benefits of juicing, however I am concerned that I will loose too much weight, is this the fast for me?

    • Teresa

      This is not a 30 day juice fast. This is a 30 Day Juice Challenge to have a juice a day to try on the healthy habit to see if you like it. I wouldn’t suggest a 30 day juice fast for anybody unless medically supervised.

  • Justin Merrick

    So there are no recipes for 30 days? I can’t find em anywhere….? I thought I would get a 30 day menu here…

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