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30 Day Nutrition Challenge – Amp It Up!

Here we go again! Round 2 of the 30-Day Challenge Series diet focused challenges! The 30-Day Juicing Challenge has been a blast and it has been wonderful to see and hear about everybody’s delicious and nutritious concoctions! But the 30 Day Nutrition Challenge is something new…

Are you ready to fuel your body in a new way?

When I say “Amp It Up,” I’m talking about improving the quality of the food you eat. Supplying your body with higher quality products increases nutrient absorption, decreases unnecessary “empty calories” and colors your life with vitality! So let’s do this!

We’re not talking about a lifestyle overhaul here – just a few simple swaps.

Do you have favorite “white foods?” Probably, most of us do! They are readily available, cheap, tasty and satisfying. But you know what? So are their higher quality counterparts. It might take a little more work to find them, prepare them and learn to incorporate them into your lifestyle, but in the end – your body will thank you!

Are any of these foods on your daily diet diary?

White is pretty on your wedding day for sure, but not in your everyday diet. On a regular basis, do you indulge in processed grain products made with white flour like cookies, crackers, and white bread? How about low grade white rice, white sugar, white potatoes, full-fat dairy, lard or salt? You don’t need to give them all up forever, just swap out at least one a day for something a little higher quality for 30 days…just to see how you feel 🙂

For the next 30-Days, the Nutrition Challenge gives you the chance to swap them for something better!

Getting started on the 30-Day Amp Up Your Nutrition Challenge

  1. Visit the 30-Day Challenge Series on FaceBook, like the page and join the October 30 Day Nutrition Challenge – Amp It Up!
  2. Get your 30-Day Tracker by joining the community here. If you’re already signed up, you will get the email Monday, September 30th.
  3. Finish this post and review or print out your Quick Swap Cheat Sheet.
  4. Perform a cabinet inspection – what is white and/or low quality in there that can be replaced with a higher nutrition quality product?
  5. Visit the EAT section of www.www.eatdrinkandbeskinny.com for fun, healthy, colorful recipes.
  6. Go shopping! Get your high quality swappers and have them ready!
  7. Enlist support by forwarding this to a friend. It makes it easier, and more fun!

Nutrition Challenge Quick Swap Cheat Sheet

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 10.06.04 AM


Are you ready to start swapping?

We Can Do This!

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