30-Day Push-Up Challenge- 100 Per Day Will Transform Your Body
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30-Day Push-Up Challenge: 100 Per Day Will Transform Your Body

Here’s a little story for you…I was riding shotgun in my boyfriend’s truck the other day and I looked out the window and saw my reflection in the side view mirror. It was kind of a wonky angle, the bottom right side of my face and a whole lot of my right shoulder/chest area. When I looked at the reflection, I saw something I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. I was wearing a tank top and did a double take. I was like “what-what?!”

Pardon me if this is too much information or even a little gross, but I have a feeling you just might be able to relate… between my right shoulder and my right boob was an entirely new fold of skin. Eeek! It looked soft and flabby and then it hit me like a ton of bricks — it’s time for some pushups! It’s time to put that muscle back into shape and ideally, eliminate this newly identified part of my body!

Sooooo….let’s go! It’s time for the #1 30-Day Challenge of ALL TIME (and the original, might I add) … the 30-Day Push-Up Challenge!

30-Day Push-Up Challenge- 100 Per Day Will Transform Your Body

What is the 30-Day Push-UP Challenge?

I once had a trainer at the gym tell me that if I did 100 push-ups per day, it would “transform my upper body.” I don’t know what was so compelling about this message, but it stuck and now we’re back with the four year anniversary of the push-up challenge!

This challenge ridiculously simple, but do not mistake that for easy. All you have to do is 100 push-ups a day for 30 days. It gets results, so I’m not changing it up to keep it interesting. Why fix what ain’t broken, right? If you do this challenge, your body will change! (Maybe that’s why that fated encounter with the above trainer was so compelling??)

How do you do the 30-Day Push-Up Challenge?

Are you thinking, “Um, no way — I can’t even do 1 let alone 100 — this must be for crazy-fit people!”? Well, you are mistaken. The 30-Day Push-up Challenge is for everybody because you can get them done anyway you want. There are very few folks out there who can bust out 100 push-ups in one shot. And the point is, it does not matter how many you can do today. You will do more in 30 days, no matter what! Start on your knees. Start with sets of 1, 2 or 5. As long as you get down, push-up and keep track every day for 30-Days, then you are doing the Push-Up Challenge!

With the 30-Day Challenge Series, we always like to measure progress. So you’ll start on day 1 with a “Test” which is simply as many push-ups as you can do in 60 seconds. Then we follow a 4 week push-up schedule that keeps us on track for completing 100 push-ups per day, wow! Then we wrap up day 30 with a final “Re-Test” to see how many more push-ups you can do, and just how much stronger you are!

30 day push-up challenge

Getting started on the 30-Day Push-Up Challenge:

  1. Like the Teresa Marie Wellness on FaceBook now and join the private coaching group for daily reminders and accountability.
  2. Get access to all the trackers by joining the community here*. If you have already signed up, then at the end of every month, you automatically receive a newsletter with all the links to the trackers. If it’s MIA, check your spam, especially if you have Gmail.
  3. Read the rest of this post for the details on how the challenge works, why it’s awesome and some form and safety tips.
  4. Invite a friend (or 10), accountability is key! Plus, you can feel good about inspiring someone else to get fit!
  5. Mark your personal calendar, because your challenge starts Sunday, October 1st!

*When you sign up for free access to the official tracker, you will also get my entire Clean & Colorful Jumpstart Guide and regular tips and strategies to living a cleaner and more colorful lifestyle. *Note: If you are currently subscribed to my newsletter and you get my weekly Clean & Colorful Conversation newsletters, you DO NOT need to register again for the tracker. It will be sent in the monthly newsletter on Tuesday the 26th.

The Fine Print 30-Day Push-Up Challenge:

  1. You don’t have to do all the push-ups in a row, you just need to do the in 24 hours.
  2. Be sure to record your progress on the tracker.
  3. Yes, recovery is a natural part of the process, so try to do your pushups around the same time to get 24 hours rest and take rest days should your body be asking for them.
  4. Results are important so make sure to take measurements at the beginning and end of the month, and track your push-ups!
  5. Always use proper form and alignment to maximize results and prevent injury. I’ll pop in throughout the challenge with tips and tricks, but here are some basics and benefits to get you started correctly.
  6. Be smart and mindful of your current level of fitness and follow the schedule in order to the best of your ability. You must respect the balance between pushing yourself for improvement but not so far that you hurt yourself.
  7. Use your tracker to record your test results and daily progress and how the sessions went. Some days you may feel strong, push yourself on those days. Other days you may not, don’t beat yourself up over it.
  8. Depending on your current level of fitness, this can be a hard challenge. Be smart, listen to your body and take a rest day when needed. As long as you’re progressively increasing your intensity with good form, you’ll get stronger and leaner.
  9. Always speak with your doctor before you start any new exercise regimen.

Are you in? What are you goals? Get ready to CRUSH them!

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