30 day push up challenge
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30 Day Push-Up Challenge: 1+ Push-Up Per Day

Good  morning! Consider this my holiday gift to you! Your 30 Day Challenge forJanuary 2016! And I’m not kidding here. We’re looking at just one push-up per day next month! Read on for a bit more of my rationale, trust me, I’m not crazy and you will LOVE this challenge!

30 day push up challenge

What is the 30 Day Push-Up Challenge: 1+ Push-Up Per Day

It’s exactly what it sounds like. If you accept this challenge, you agree to get down on the ground and do at least one perfect push-up per day for the entire month of January.

Can you do more than 1 push-up? YES! That’s the whole POINT! You can do 1, 2, 5, 20, 50 or 100+. But you’ve got to commit to doing at least one PERFECT push-up per day. Chances are, once you’re down there, you’ll do more. And you should try to do at least one more each day, just to continue to challenge your body. You’ll get stronger every day, see results and watch them add up all month long. Can you do 500, 1000 or even 3000 this month? Maybe more?


A little 30 Day Push-Up Challenge backstory

I launched my 30 Day Challenge Series with the 30 Day, 100 Push-ups a day challenge — which was a smashing success. Here we are, nearly 3 years later with a community of over 30K challengers. I want to honor that original challenge as we start a fresh year, but also encourage more to join us. You don’t need to do 100 a day to improve your fitness. You just need to do something more than you are today to get stronger and build a habit around that. THAT is what this challenge is designed to help you do.

Why do the 30 Day Push-Up Challenge: 1+ Push-Up Per Day

Because perfect push-ups are the most efficient exercise of all! They are the monster of excuse free, barrier free, anywhere, anytime and even any fitness level exercise. Push-ups not only strengthen your serratus anterior, pectoralis major and minor (your chest), they also work your:

  • Rectus and transversus abdominus (your abs)
  • Rhomboids and erector spinae (your back)
  • Deltoids and rotator cuff (your shoulders)
  • Triceps brachii (the jig on the back of your arm)
  • Quadriceps (front of your legs)
  • Gluteus maximus (your booty).

Awesome, right? And you can bring them all to burning pain in as little as a few seconds of dynamic movement using perfect push-up form.  As you get stronger, you’ll still fatigue, but it will take more push-ups to get you there. This is the easiest and quickest way to measure your strength gains. Here are a few more details on the benefits of push-ups.

How the 30 Day Push-Up Challenge: 1+ Push-Up Per Day Challenge works:

  • Day 1: Benchmark. You do as many push-ups as you can (at any level you can: wall, knee, toes) with PERFECT form in 60 seconds. Record that number on your tracker.
  • Day 2-29: Do at least one push-up per day and try to do one more than the day before. Be smart and build in back-down days to allow for recovery and strength gains.
  • Day 30: Final Test. You do as many push-ups as you can (at any level you can: wall, knee, toes) with PERFECT form in 60 seconds. Record that number on your tracker and do the happy dance because you’re THAT MUCH stronger!

Getting Started on the 30 Day Push-Up Challenge: 1+ Push-Up Per Day

  1. Like  Teresa Marie Wellness on FaceBook.
  2. Request access to the Private Coaching Group. This is where daily coaching reminders are posted and where you share how many push-ups you did each day and any results or brags you have. You only need to join this group once and you’ll automatically be signed up for all future challenges.
  3. Enlist support and invite your friends. Will make it easier and way more fun!
  4. Get access to all the trackers by joining the community here. If you have already signed up for a Challenge Series Event in the past, you will receive the monthly broadcast email on 12/29 with a link to all the updated trackers.
  5. Mark your personal calendar, because your challenge starts Friday January 1st, 2016!
  6. Take your before picture because you will want it in 30 days from now!

Fine Print on the  30 Day Push-Up Challenge: 1+ Push-Up Per Day

  1. How many push you or anybody else does each day does not define you, your final numbers at the end of the challenge do. The strength you gain in 30 days is what matters! We’re measuring progress, not starting ground. Everybody wins with this challenge.  We all come into these challenges with different levels of fitness and the only thing we have in common, is that we are all stronger when we finish!
  2. During your 60 second benchmark and final tests, feel free to take breaks. At the end of the challenge, you’ll be amazed at how much longer you can go before you need a rest.
  3. Be sure to use proper form and alignment to maximize results and prevent injury. It’s better to do LESS Perfect Push-ups than MORE sub-par push-ups. Be smart! Do what makes sense for your current level of fitness. You are responsible for your own health, so push yourself for improvement but not so far that you hurt yourself! Safety is key.
  4. You will still want to incorporate cardio vascular exercise a minimum of 30 minutes per day, 5 times per week to maximize results of this challenge and improve your health.
  5. At the beginning of the month you will record weight and basic measurements along with your benchmark test numbers. At the end of the month, you will do the same thing to measure your progress.
  6. Using your tracker, check off the days as you go and record how many push-ups you do each day so you can measure improvement over time.
  7. And as with any and all 30 Day Challenges, be sure to check with your doctor before you start any new exercise regimen.

Are you ready to build a healthier habit, improve your fitness and build a stronger body in 2016? Then join the coaching group and sign up for your 30-Day Tracker and I’ll see you on January 1st!

30 day push up challenge

Be Smart. Be Safe. Have Fun. Get FIT!

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