30 Day Push-Up Challenge
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The 30-Day Push-Up Challenge is BACK!

Ready to rock your upper body like never before? Well then, welcome to the 30-Day Push-Up Challenge!

Almost two years ago, well before this blog existed, I had a trainer at the gym that told me if I did 100 push-ups a day, it would “transform my upper body.” I really don’t know what is so compelling about that message, but it’s not just me who digs the concept. I launched it as a fun game with some friends in May of 2012 and then formally on this blog in May of 2013. It was actually the original Challenge for the Teresa Marie Wellness, which now has it’s very own Twitter account and just about 6K followers on FB. We have all pushed, lunged, run, walked, juiced, and planked our way to better health through different Fitness and Nutrition focused 30-Day Challenges.

To Date – No Challenge has been as Popular as the Push-Up Challenge!

So it’s back! And will be back again in May 2014. This will be the bad boy we make sure stays on the calendar. And it’s the perfect time to start pumping your guns and getting them flex-ready for all your holiday galas. Yes, most of us are covered up in sweaters, ski jackets and parkas in November, but in December the sequins will be coming out for all your holiday events, so you best get to work chiseling yourself down now and be ready to rock your rock-hard arms in 30-Days!

What is the 30-Day Push-Up Challenge?

It’s ridiculously simple, but do not mistake that for easy. All you have to do is 100 push-ups a day for 30 days. It gets results, so I’m not changing it up to keep it interesting. Why fix what ain’t broken, right? If you do this challenge, your body will change!

Are you thinking?  “Um, no way — I can’t even do 1 let alone 100 — this must be for crazy-fit people!”

Well, you are mistaken. The 30-Day Push-up Challenge is for everybody because you can get them done anyway you want. There are very few folks out there who can bust out 100 push-ups in one shot. And the point is, it does not matter how many you can do today. You will do more in 30 days, no matter what! Start on your knees. Start with sets of 1, 2 or 5. As long as you get down, push-up and keep track every day for 30-Days, then you are doing the Push-Up Challenge!

30 day push-up challenge

So how do you get started on the 3o-Day Push-Up Challenge?

  1. Like the Teresa Marie Wellness on FaceBook now and follow us on Twitter.
  2. Click on Events, find the 30-Day Push-Up Challenge Event and click “Going.”
  3. Enlist support and invite your friends. Will make it easier and way more fun!
  4. Get access to all the trackers by joining the community here. If you have already signed up for a Challenge Series Event in the past, then you should receive the email later today with a link to all the updated trackers.
  5. Mark your personal calendar, because your challenge starts FRIDAY 11/1/13!
  6. Take your before picture because you will want it in 30 days from now!
  7. Post in the event page or tweet us @30_Challenge daily how many  you did per set. See how strong everybody gets in just 30-Days!

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