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30 Day Push-Up Challenge — Getting Started

“100 push-ups a day will transform your body”

Get ready for the 30 Day Push-Up Challenge!


Updated July 11, 2013

Because the Push-up Challenge has been such a success for so many people, we will repeat it every month! To sign up, check out the 30 Day Challenge Series here and look at our most recent events. To get access to all the trackers to do on your own or with the group, sign up here! Read on for more information and support on the Challenge Series.

Be Smart. Be Safe. Get Fit. Have Fun!

We Can Do It!


The 30 Day Challenge Series is off to a good start! The launch of the 30 Day Push-Up Challenge in May attracted over 1300 participants and almost 1000 organic Likes on FaceBook – Yay!! My SkinnyTinis page that I’ve had for years only has 450+ fans, so you can imagine my excitement. People post every day and share all kinds of support and motivation. Here are just a few of my favorite quotes from the May Push-Up Challenge:

Way to go everyone for getting this far. Even to my friends who are still building to 100, you have improved each day and have a lot to be proud of. Keep up the good work. We are on the downhill slide now 😀

2 sets of 50 and 6 on my toes! Not all the way down but I am stretching myself.

CrossFit this morning, a 4 1/2 mile trail run and 100 push-ups this evening. Keeping the momentum going!

100 done for today. So great to get comments and likes from people all over. Really enjoy the positivity in this group of challengers!

Broke my max today that I set five or so years ago! Was 37 in a row, but got in 38 in a row today! So excited :-). Can’t wait to get to 50 in a row!

Still on track – haven’t missed a day. ALMOST as much a morning requirement as my coffee 😉

1600 push-ups done and today I graduate from nursing school! Going to show off these sculpted arms as I reach for my degree. 🙂

I could go on and on, as the comments are inspiring, entertaining, supportive and it is really such a positive and collaborative group! Because this challenge is good, and people are still joining every day (and there are certainly more than 1300 people out there who can benefit from it) it will now be an on-going and revolving challenge! It will start on the 1st of each month.

So if you’re ready to transform your body, make a commitment to the 30 Day Push-up Challenge and get started on the 1st!

Here’s how to get started on the 30 Day Push-Up Challenge:

  1. Go to Facebook and like the 30 Day Challenge Series Page then under Events, you will find all the challenges, click “I’m going” in June 30 Day Push-Up Challenge event.
  2. Invite your friends and create a team
  3. Join the community here for access to all of the 30 Day Challenge Series trackers. Tracking provides accountability and a visual reflection of your grown and progress. Giving you daily wins, fueling your motivation. Don’t miss this critical step!
  4. Take pictures and measurements
  5. Read the Benefits of Push-Ups and the Proper Form Tutorial I put together.
  6. Each day, do your push-ups work and check off the day on your calendar
  7. One day a week (preferably Monday) you count the number of knee push-ups vs toe push-ups and record that on your calendar to track your progress. You will also record your sets (i.e. 20/20/20/20/20, 40/30/30, 50/50, etc.)
  8. Log into the FaceBook event daily to share with the team your successes, challenges, questions, motivators, pictures, anything and everything that is 30 Day Push-Up Challenge related.

Fitness Motivation

Public commitment and community support are two of the largest predictor of success when you are looking to build healthier habits. So join the FaceBook Group today and invite and inspire your friends!


  • Trish

    These are some great challenges and I look forward to starting. When I try to print the trackers, it tells me that I must subscribe. I am already subscribed so what do I need to do to get the full version? When I try to subscribe again to bypass the message, I get a message saying that I am already subscribed.

    • teresamarierun

      Hi Trish — that is so frustrating, sorry. The trackers come in the welcome email when you first register and then just before the first of every month directly to your inbox. I just sent you the welcome note again so you should have it in your inbox. You may want to create a file on your computer and download all the trackers when you get them, so you don’t have to worry about saving the email. Then you can add the new one each month when I send it 🙂 Have fun!

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