30 day walking lunge challenge
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30 Day Walking Lunge Challenge

Are you up for 1000 walking lunges in the next 30 days? Ouch! It hurts to just write it out! But let’s break this down into a series of 30 smaller goals and get ready for a tough-tushy this Summer! Want double down your results? Join the last DietBet of the summer! It starts Wednesday, 5/27! Register here!

What exactly does the 30 Day Walking Lunge Challenge involve?

Let’s keep this simple, this month you’re going to get in 1000 walking lunges! That’s 500 each leg. Just because I like to keep things “simple” does not mean they are easy. When and how many you do per day is totally up you you. You’re just going to get in 1000 total this month and re-shape your rear end while you’re at it!

Why Take the 30 Day Walking Lunge Challenge?

Because walking lunges are one of those super high ROI exercises. This simple move helps not just tone and tighten your lower body, but also helps with balance, flexibility, and core stability. The lunge is one of the exercises that is most commonly done incorrectly. Committing to walking lunges this month will give you the opportunity to master one of the most efficient exercises, maximizing your results and preventing injury.

The correct way to perform a walking lunge tutorial video

Because it can be easy to perform this move incorrectly, increasing your chance of injury and compromising your results, Stacy Michaels from Stacy’s Fitness was kind enough to create this video tutorial for us. In here, she’ll give you form and technique tips as well as modifications to make them easier or harder depending on your level of fitness.

Strategies to get in your 1000 Walking Lunges this month:

  • Be methodic and create a daily habit. Divvy the bad boys up from day one and do 34 per day for the entire 30 days.
  • Increase your performance as you increase strength. Start slow, like 10 at a time and increase up to 50 and beyond.
  • Add them to the end of your existing weekly workouts. I.e. MWF, add 80-100 lunges before you head home.
  • Break then up throughout the day. 10 when you wake up, 20 at lunch, and 30 before you go to bed.
  • Find a stretch somewhere in your route (i.e your front door to your car or the kitchen to the bathroom) and measure how many lunges it takes to get there. Then every day, replace those steps with lunges and see how fast they add up.
  • Take rest days as you need them. Depending on how many you do at a time, your tush may need a rest day and that’s ok! You just get in more then next day and make sure you hit 1000 for the month!

 Getting Started on the 30 Day Walking Lunge Challenge:

  1. Like the Teresa Marie Wellness on FaceBook now.
  2. Find the 30 Day Walking Lunge Challenge under Events and click “going” then invite your friends to make it more fun.
  3. Get access to all the trackers by joining the community here. If you have already signed up, then you know where to find them and your monthly newsletter will arrive Tuesday 5/26 as a reminder.
  4. Mark your personal calendar, because your challenge starts Monday June 1st!
  5. Use your tracker and the FaceBook Event to record your daily lunges.
  6. If weight loss is a goal of yours, double down and register for this month’s DietBet and get paid to hit your goal!
  7. As with any and all 30 Day Challenges, be sure to check with your doctor before you start any new exercise regimen.

Don’t forget to sign up and get your fun tracker!

Be Smart. Be Safe. Have Fun. Get FIT!


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