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4-Week Clean & Colorful Back on Track Challenge!

I love Summer. The weather, the (idea of) freedom, the lack of structure. But you know what else I love? Structure, a plan to follow and feeling good in the body you live in day in and day out. These things tend to fall back in place in the Fall — and I’m here to help! My own life has been lacking structure and it’s time for a change. Since I’m doing it anyway, I thought I’d toss it out to all of you to join me. Here’s a little bit about what I’m talking about …

What is the 4-Week Clean & Colorful Back on Track Challenge (#CCKBOT)

It’s a chance to commit to a little bit of structure in terms of clean and colorful eating and hard, but quick and efficient workouts! It starts Tuesday, September 4th, the day after Labor Day and will run for the duration of September (exactly 4 weeks!). You’ll get a simple meal plan, simple workout plan and opportunity to check in with a community daily with questions, updates, success and challenges. And it’s all FREE! This is one of my 30-Day Challenges on steroids! Read on for all the details you need to know…

The #CCKBOT Meal Plan

At the core of the Clean & Colorful strategy tare 4 Universal Diet Truths:

  1. Eat more whole food.
  2. Eat all 5 colors every day.
  3. Leverage liquid plants with juices, smoothies, soups.
  4. Exercise 21+ minutes every. single. day.

It does not matter what the specifics of your dietary preferences or restrictions are — everybody can follow those “rules.” Regardless of your nutrition beliefs, you’d be hard pressed to find a health practitioner out there who wouldn’t agree that these four actions will improve your energy, help you naturally lose weight, prevent and even reverse many lifestyle diseases and of course, help you fall madly in love with your body.

With the 4 week #CCKBOT Challenge you’ll get: 

  • I’ll give you 3 simple breakfast recipes you can make in jars in advance and have ready to grab and go.
  • My Smart Smoothie Rules for you to follow to make meal replacement smoothies that are not simple sugar bombs.
  • My Smart Salad Rules so you can easily build a Clean & Colorful Salad each day of the week you’ll be excited to eat!
  • 4 of my favorite recipes for batch cooking. Perfect for lunch or dinner!

Download your #CCKBOT Meal Plan Guide here!

You’ll be able to meal prep for the week in a matter of minutes. And if you live in San Diego, we’re actually offering 20% off packages in September and we’ll do the prep for you at the Clean & Colorful Kitchen! Check out our September Packages here.

The #CCKBOT Exercise Plan

This part is so fun! There is something very satisfying about being able to workout on your own and in just 21-minutes and be sweaty, breathless and “worked-out!” I’ve been testing these workouts for the past few weeks and I love them! They are cardio and strength based and all HIIT style.

All you’re going to need is: 

  • A set of light, medium and heavy dumbbells (the actual pounds aren up to you, but I like 8, 10/12 and 15. Here are a few ideas from Amazon. They are a little pricey, but will last forever if you workout at home)
  • A kettle bell (This is optional, we only have one kettle bell swing. You can buy one, or just swap the swing for a plyometric jump squat without weight.
  • A tabata timer (I love this one, it’s free from the iOS store)

There is a workout tracker that has each day’s workout, but the format looks like this: 

  • Monday: Cardio Sprints (super short/fast) + Core Blaster
  • Tuesday: HIIT Lower Body Blaster + Optional Steady State Cardio
  • Wednesday: Cardio Sprints (longer) + Core Blaster
  • Thursday: HIIT Upper Body Blaster + Optional Steady State Cardio
  • Friday: Steady State Cardio + Core Blaster
  • Saturday: HIIT Lower and Upper Body Blaster + Optional Steady State Cardio
  • Sunday: Active Recovery

You’ll get a 4 week plan, tracker, some video tutorial demo and instruction!

The Community and Accountability

Arguably the best part of any of the challenges I host is the lovely community we’ve developed over the past 5 years. We’ll have a daily check in prompt for you to share your goals, progress, successes, struggles, photos and questions.

How Do You Get Started?

For now, just join the 30-Day Challenge Facebook group, I’ll be posted details in there. I’ll also link the recipe posts and video tutorials to this post as I create them over the next few days!

Share any questions or ideas in the comments below!

Remember, together, we CAN do this!

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Teresa Marie Howes, BS, CPT, HHP
Teresa Marie is a nutrition expert, fitness enthusiast and health coach. She is backed with a BS in Nutrition, an MBA, a CPT from ACE and 16+ years of experience in the weight loss and wellness space. She is the founder and lead contributor of this site and coaches clients across the globe on how to achieve better health and more happiness by implementing the 4 Universal Diet Truths of her Clean & Colorful Concept.

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  • Manny

    I love your blog, it’s almost hard to believe that you can stay so fit while eating food that looks so tasty. I guess it’s just a testament that dedication, hardwork and determination really does pay off! I wish you all the best for the years to come!