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42/42 Annual Summer Bootcamp Challenge

42 Day Bootcamp Challenge starts June 9th – are you so excited? I originally hosted the 40/40 Day Bootcamp in the summer of 2016,  in honor of my 40th birthday. We did 41/41 last year and it was also a success (in terms of participation and results!). Even though I’m not doing as much work on-line these days (The Clean & Colorful Kitchen keeps me very busy!), I can’t miss this awesome Summer fitness tradition now!! So let’s all do it again to celebrate my 42nd birthday!

Get ready for some structure and accountability!

If you ever took one of my free 30-Day Challenges, then you have a little bit of an idea what to expect. But my annual Summer Bootcamp challenge is like 30x better! You get more information, more variety and … more time! This is a 6 week challenge!


What is the 42/42-Day Bootcamp Challenge?

It’s a chance to improve your life and body over the course of 42 days. This will be a comprehensive lifestyle challenge where we focus on clean and colorful eating and following a detailed workout plan all wrapped up with daily coaching and accountability in a private Facebook group. I’m so excited!


Is the 42/42-Day Bootcamp Challenge right for you?

If you’re interested in incorporating these Clean & Colorful principles into your life, this challenge is for you:

  1. Learning to unprocess your diet for 42 days. The more you can use real food, the better off you will be.
  2. Focus on adding more color to your menu every single day from fresh fruits and veggies. If you can’t count your meal or snack as a color, maybe you should skip it?
  3. Leverage the power of liquid plants in the form of high quality smoothies, soups and/or juices instead of a typical (ideally processed) meal or snack
  4. Exercise for at least 21-minutes per day, six days per week. This challenge will come with a detailed exercise plan. Think 30 day challenge x 30! It’s going to be awesome!
  5. Collaborate with your fellow challengers daily. Recipes swaps. Accountability. Motivation. All of it. It’s going to be fun!
  6. Commit to clean and colorful eating and workout hard for 40 days. Get ready to feel your best! Check in with the group and share your progress and your struggles.

Important note: You don’t have to be 42 to play, the challenge is for everyone, but I’ve designed it to hold myself accountable. ha!


What does the exercise plan look like?

My Clean & Colorful concept has you workout out for a minimum of 21 minutes a day, 6 days a week. This challenge will include detailed workouts to help you do just that (and more if you’re into it)! It will be a combination of strength training, steady state cardio, hills or stairs and interval training to tighten and tone all areas of your body.  The format is going to look a little like this:


How Does the 42/42 Day Summer Bootcamp Challenge Work?

  • After you register, you’ll receive an invitation to join the private FaceBook community. All the workouts, trackers, reminders, videos, coaching will be in there. I’ll also send you a code so you can download my Clan & Colorful nutrition program for free.
  • The challenge will start Saturday 6/9 and run through Friday 7/20 (my birthday is the 20th).
  • Each day of the challenge, I’ll will pop in the morning with coaching notes including workout reminders, nutrition education, recipe ideas, engaging questions and other healthy strategies.
  • You’re asked to share your successes, ask questions and collaborate with your other 42/42-Day Bootcamp Challengers!
  • I’ll probably drum up some prizes for participation from some of my favorite healthy brand partners!


Included Coaching Materials and Resources:

  • 42-Day Workout Plan with workouts shared in advance ($60 value)
  • 42-Day Tracker to plan your entire 41-day challenge ($9 value).
  • 28-Day Clean & Colorful Nutrition Program with recipes, meal plans, shopping list ($39 value)
  • Private FaceBook Group with daily check in’s for support, accountability and motivation ($42 value)
  • Prizes for Participation – details here TBD, but don’t be surprised if some awesome prizes pop up for bonus challenges throughout the challenge! (Value TBD)

Total Program Value: $150! Register today for just $42!

(Register now, space is limited, this challenge will sell out!)



Are you ready to get fit as Teresa turns 42?