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5 Creative Uses for Mini Mason Jars

Mason jars have been around since the beginning of time and in my mind, I’ve always associated them as the “way to store jam.” I don’t use much jam let alone make any so I’d never considered purchasing them for any reason at all. Until recently. A few months ago I purchased a 12 pack of 8 oz mini mason jars. At the time I thought 12 was a bit of an overkill, but it is the only way they sell them. My original goal was to use them to store my fresh juice for up to three days. But over the months, I’ve realized how often I’m using them and how really awesome they are to have on hand. They are most definitely a key part and essential to my skinny kitchen success. So I decided to share a little post with a summary of all the ways I’ve used them. From breakfast to cocktails, I’ve put mine to the test and they never fail!

I love My Mini Mason Jars (Obviously!)

  • They really are a great way to store your healthy concoctions air tight.
  • They are great grab-and-go, portable little containers.
  • They are super inexpensive and easy to find. I got my case at the grocery story for like $5.
  • They are sturdy, can handle a beating and last a lifetime.
  • They are super easy to wash and are dishwasher safe.
  • They are awesome to fill up with any treat and giveaway as healthy holiday gift!

Breakfast: Raw Oatmeal Jars

This recipe is now a staple in my life! I make these on a weekly basis now. It turns out they store well and you can make up to about 5 days in advance. I love to top them with fresh fruit or to just pop open and eat right out of the jar. I’ve also started adding protein powder to give them an even hearty power punch in the morning.

Raw Oatmeal Take 2.jpg

Fresh Juice: Proper Way To Store Green Juice (Video)

Juicing is one of my most favorite of healthy habits. But the trick is that it’s time consuming and a little messy. It can take 5-10 min to make a glass of fresh juice, so how realistic is this habit for most people? While it is ideal to make your juice and drink it right away, there are a few techniques you can use to preserve the nutritional integrity of your juice and store it for a few days. Of course, mini mason jars are a key part of this strategy. Watch this quick 1 minute video to get the details on how maximize your health and your time in the kitchen.

Soup: Calorie Saving Soups

Research shows that those who consume soup 15 minutes before a meal tend to eat 20% fewer calories throughout the meal. Then the real trick is when you find an absolutely delicious recipes. These taste like they are full of cream and saturated fat, but they are simply pureed vegetables and a little bit of seasoning. These are also a huge component of my 3-Day Liquid Detox.

calorie saving soup to go

Dessert: Chocolate Banana Frozen Yogurt

This is one of my most favorite uses of the mini mason jars! One of my favorite dessert hacks is banana “frozen yogurt” or “ice cream” where you pop a frozen banana in the food processor with some other delicious ingredients and you’ve got yourself something as divine as your favorite frozen dessert but it’s simply banana!! So why not make a full batch instead of a single serving and use your mini mason jars to store the rest in the freezer? Now it will freeze up like rock hard, so may require more defrost time than you’re used to. Or I popped mine in the microwave for 30 seconds and it was good!

Healthy Dessert Hack

These little frozen yogurts are great to-go treats when made ahead!

Cocktail: Skinny Eggnog Cocktail with a Kick

My newest holiday cocktail creation! When you’re looking for a little holiday cheer, try this skinny eggnog cocktail concoction. It has only 140 calories per 5 oz serving and uses Silk’s Holiday Nog, Ketle One Vodka, Coffee and Light Almond Milk. Simple, light and perfect for any and all of your holiday events!

eggnog with a kick

Cocktail: Apple Ginger Cooler

This is a great cocktail that was designed to compliment a pork barbecue recipe for the summer time. But it’s actually a delicious recipe for any season!

Apple Ginger Cocktail

I’m not the only one who’s crazy about mason jars. Here’s BuzzFeed’s 28 Incredible Meals You Can Make In a Mason Jar. Tons of great ideas in there and Freebie Finding Mom’s 25 Mason Jar Recipes that make Perfect Holiday Gifts.

What’s your favorite mason jar recipe or cleverest use of mason jars? 

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