5 Reasons Being Injured Doesn’t Totally Suck
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5 Reasons Being Injured Doesn’t Totally Suck

Welcome back Kate from SoCal Runner Gal! Last month she shared with us 10 Tips for Falling in Love with Running & Making it a Habit. Today is quite the opposite, but does happen to a lot of use. Recent research is even saying as much as 4/5 of us each year. Yikes! I’ve been there, and I agree with all of Kate’s points here. While being sidelined from an injury can be painful, it really is just a part of the journey. Learning to roll with it is the best way to go. Thank you Kate for these great tips!

5 Reasons Being Injured Doesn’t Totally Suck

In any given year, anywhere 65-80% of runners get laid up with an injury. We’ve basically all been there at one point or another and have experienced the sadness of not being able to run a race you’ve trained for or were hoping to train for. Some lucky runners can run back-to-back marathons and never get injured, and then there’s normal people, like me.

We train our little hearts out and then end up with a strain, stress fracture, tendinitis or some injury we can hardly pronounce. It feels like as soon as we aren’t able to run, our Facebook newsfeed fills up with PRs and BQs and photos of people running through finish lines practically mocking our injury.

It can be hard to deal with the FOMO of watching others run. I’ve been through it more times than I’d like to admit and I think I finally found the silver lining. Hear me out.

5 Reasons Being Injured Doesn’t Totally Suck:

5 Reasons Being Injured Doesn’t Totally Suck

1. You have more free time.

The time spent mapping out runs, setting out clothes and gear, charging your Garmin, going to bed early, driving to your run destination, running for hours on end, stretching, and driving back home, becomes FREE time do whatever you want! Think of all the books you can read, recipes you can try and coffee dates you can squeeze into your schedule now.

2. You have good looking feet.

Runners are notorious for ugly feet (second to Ballerinas). Taking time off from the pavement leaves your toenails and pedicure nicely intact. Bye-bye, blisters and black toenails! Hello, strappy sandals!

3. Workouts become social.

Maybe you were a social runner to begin with, but it’s usually easier to find someone willing to accompany you to a 45-minute spin class versus a 10-mile tempo run. You’ll have a chance to sweat with those friends who aren’t runners.

4. You can try something new.

Variety is the spice of life and keeps boredom at bay. When your priority is getting mileage in during marathon training, other workouts often fall to the wayside. Take running off the table and you can do something fresh and new every single day. Your body will love you for mixing it up.

5. You’re suddenly fun again!

In training mode, your world revolves around miles, paces, intervals and all things running. When invited out on a Friday night, you usually respond with, “I can’t. I have a long run in the morning.” It’s great to be dedicated to the plan but it doesn’t leave much room for spontaneity. When you’re injured, texts about happy hour are met with an emphatic “Heck yes!” a lot more often. Cheers to that!

5 Reasons Being Injured Doesn’t Totally Suck

If you’re currently injured, stay positive. Take this time off to do all the things that get put on the back burner during marathon training. You’ll be back at it in no time.

Have you ever suffered an injury? Or, what injury have you suffered may be the more appropriate way to ask – ha! How did you make it through recovery? 

Kate Buntenbach
Kate Buntentbach, Certified Run Coach
Kate is an avid marathon runner, Certified Run Coach, San Diego transplant, and full-time marketing professional.  She has run six marathons, countless half marathons and has three BQs (and several injuries) under her belt. Through her active blog and run coaching she inspires others to run distances and paces they never thought possible.

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