weight loss tips for easter
Who needs colored eggs when you have these beauties at the table?
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5 Simple Weight Loss Tips for Easter Brunch

Well today is only day four of our Skinny for Spring Weight Loss Challenge on Diet Bet and we’re already confronted with a tough day tomorrow! And while Easter Sunday isn’t know as the diet killer that Thanksgiving is…you are still bound to be around friends, family, candy, a buffet of some sort and perhaps some champagne — that’s a party.

Party’s are tough when you’re trying to lose weight…

But my whole schtick is that it IS possible to Eat. Drink & be Skinny, right? So you can go to these parties and still have fun and success at the same time. It certainly takes discipline, but it CAN be done. So here are my…

5 simple weight loss tips for Easter brunch

1. Have a plan. What does your day allow for calories? What will be available to eat and drink? What will you choose to eat and drink? What time will you arrive, when will you leave. Will you workout more in the morning? Will you wear tight jeans as a reminder to eat less? These all seem like minor details, but they will help ensure you walk out of that party in control.

2. Visualize the plan. Take the time to play it out in your mind and feel how you want to feel at the end of the day when you’ve successfully executed your plan. You had fun, you feel satisfied, you’re in control, you will see weight loss this week because you are the master of your decisions and you can have it all!

3. Enlist support. Find your healthiest and most supportive friend or family member and tell them your plan and about your longer term goals. Once you’ve said it out loud, you’re way more likely to be successful. And your support buddy won’t let you down even when you start to crumble when the cupcake tray starts getting passed around.

4. Manage your food choices. The best tip to help you do that well is to eat healthy before you go and never “save” calories for indulgences. When you show up somewhere hungry AND there are tasty treats everywhere you can kiss this week’s weight loss goodbye. And take control when you can. Bring or prepare a healthy dish that will satisfy you and not blow the calorie bank. Try this fun recipe French Toast with Veggies and Berries for a great Easter Brunch addition. That is one of my favorites from Color Yourself Skinny and there are 130 more kinda like it.

5. Watch the booze. I love a good cocktail but it is really hard to fit them in on a weight loss calorie level. But if you’re going to do it, these Easter Egg SkinnyTinis are really light. First try making them boozy-free with club soda. You might find you don’t need the alcohol at all 🙂

Follow those five steps my friends and there is no reason why you can’t lay your head to rest Sunday night feeling in control, satisfied, proud of yourself and dare I even say…maybe Skinny?


weight loss tips for easter

Who needs colored eggs when you have these beauties at the table?

Now, I’m off to Boston for the Marathon!

Enjoy your holiday weekend — especially when you find you can Eat. Drink & be Skinny! I’m in the air today on the way to Boston, so you won’t hear from me until after the race Monday. I’ll try to get a summary post up on Tuesday, but I may write it on the flight home, making it live Wednesday. You can track me following bib #18918 and I’ll be updating Instagram all weekend long! Fun fun!

boston marathon finishers metal

Ready to return after the 2013 race!

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  • Robin Weaver

    3:46:26 is a great time!! You should be do proud!! Followed you today

    • Teresa

      Oh Robin — thank you! One minute slower than last year but SUCH an amazing race. I’ll type up the summary tonight and get it up tomorrow. Just an awesome day!