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5 Snacks To Help You Stay Healthy While Traveling

5 Snacks To Help You Stay Healthy While Traveling

Were in the middle of summer season and I’m willing to bet you’ve got a few more last minute trips planned, #amiright?!

Woohoo! I’m a big believer in getting out, exploring and making the most of every moment we have here on this beautiful planet!

But, as a woman who travels 70% of the month for work currently, I know how challenging it can be to stay healthy while traveling.

That’s why I’ve come to share with you my 5 snack hacks on how I manage to maintain, not gain, while living out of a suitcase. And, truth be told, you can actually even lose weight sometimes while on the go.

The key— prepping ahead!

Plan head by using these simple recipes to have a go-to nourishment on the fly.

Salted Caramel Ancient Grain Snack Mix

5 Snacks To Help You Stay Healthy While Traveling
Sweet, salty and protein packed with fiber and whole grains, what more could you ask for? Whip up this beauty and I promise you, the whole family will enjoy!


Cinnamon Roll Snack Bites

5 Snacks To Help You Stay Healthy While Traveling

Breakfast, snack time or a late night dessert? Forgo the need for a vending machine processed cookie and nosh on these instead. Made with pistachios and apricots, they’ve got a dose of antioxidants too!


Spiced Nuts

5 Snacks To Help You Stay Healthy While Traveling

Don’t fear fat! Spiced nuts make a great nutrient rich snack that can hold you over for some time. Pair these with a piece of whole fruit (bananas travel very well) and you’ll be set for a few hours, guaranteed!


Gluten Free Cereal Bars

5 Snacks To Help You Stay Healthy While Traveling

There’s no need to buy that funky milk baked in processed cereal bar! Make these ahead of time and you’ll gluten free friends will thank you, too. Made with whole grains, a minimal amount of added sugar and lots of love,  you’ll be satiated, satisfied and ready to tackle your AM meeting whenever you arrive!


Raw Chocolate Protein Bars

5 Snacks To Help You Stay Healthy While Traveling

Alright Quest, step aside, we’ve got a new no artificial sweetener bar in town! These beauties are raw, meaning no oven required. Make them ahead of time and pop them in a cooler (great for a road trip) so they don’t melt or get squished in a bag, Filled with protein, fiber, and delicious oats, you’ll keep your hunger at bay for many hours before you hit the next town!


Need more inspiration? Be sure to follow me over on Instagram, I’m sharing my finds weekly on my stories as I tackle nearly every large (and small) airport across the US this summer!

Elizabeth Shaw, MS, RD, CLT
Elizabeth is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Certified Lifestyle Eating and Performance Therapist and bona fide Health Nut in San Diego, CA. She owns a nutrition communications and wellness consulting company and is an Adjunct Professor of Nutrition for the San Diego Community College District.

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