5 Fun Ways To Stay Active This Summer
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5 Fun Ways To Stay Active This Summer & Race Bib Giveaway

There are endless ways to stay active during the summer. We’ve got running, walking, and playing with the kids, but what about some activities outside of the box?

5 Fun Ways To Stay Active This Summer

Keep on reading, because I’ve got five activities that aren’t only fun, but will help keep you active this summer including a Spartan Race bib giveaway at the end of this post!

1. Go hiking

Hiking is one of my favorite ways to stay active. You get to enjoy nature, spend quality time with your people, have an adventure, and get a great calorie burn. According to Livestrong, a 160 pound person can expect to burn around 430-440 calories per hour of hiking depending on what you’re carrying and the terrain.

Not sure where to go hiking or what to bring with you? Check out this post which outlines everything from what to pack to how to find a trail near you!

2. Join an adult league

5 Fun Ways To Stay Active This Summer

Nothing says “fun” like revisiting your childhood and joining a kickball league…or a volleyball, softball, soccer, or any other type of league for that matter. Grab your significant other, some friends and sign up! Many of these leagues offer a variety of levels to choose from. It ranges from beginner/just having fun teams to more advanced/competitive teams.

Not only do these teams allow you to make some new friends, but they also help you stay active during the summer especially when you’d rather watch TV after work rather than exercising.

If you’re in the San Diego area make sure to check out VAVi Sports. They offer activities ranging from kickball to bowling and everything in between. Get out there, make some new friends, and burn some calories while having fun!

3. Take a class

The best part about summer is spending time outside. However, at times it’s just too hot to enjoy outdoor activities. That’s where trying out a new and interesting class comes along. I swear everyday I see a new style of class that looks interesting like arial yoga or POUND which combines drumming and cardio for a unique workout.

Trying out a new class near you can be a good way to burn calories. Plus, it’s so much fun giving new experiences a try. Grab a friend an go! At the very least you’ll have a good laugh and maybe a Clean & Colorful cocktail after while recapping your experience.

4. Hit the playground

5 Fun Ways To Stay Active This Summer

Who says that playgrounds are only for kids? You can easily turn your local playground into a gym. This will help you stay active this summer while switching up the scenery. Playgrounds are the perfect place to get a workout in! They have everything you need to do pull ups, inclined push-ups, stairs, and so much more.

Need a little help getting creative for your next (or maybe first) playground workout? Check out this playground workout by Nerd Fitness.

5. Do a race

There’s no better way to stay active this summer than training for a race. It gets you up and moving even when you’d rather be sitting. The best part is, there are so many races out there that involve so much more than running to keep things interesting.

Take Spartan Races for example. This obstacle style race has you running, jumping, climbing, crawling and so much more. Talk about an invigorating way to stay active! The adrenaline rush will have you coming back time and time again.

And guess what?? Today is your lucky day! I’m giving away one FREE Spartan Race bib. Yep, you read that right, a free race bib. And let me tell you, these things don’t come cheap. Depending on where you’re racing, these bibs go for around $100-$150! **US races only**

Here’s how you enter:

  • Comment below with your favorite summer activity and why you want to do a Spartan Race.

The winner will be picked next Wednesday (7/26/17). Get ready to get your Spartan Race on! Find a Spartan Race near you.

5 Fun Ways To Stay Active This Summer & Giveaway

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