Guest Post: 5 Ways to Add Color To Your Outfit
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Guest Post: 5 Ways to Add Color To Your Outfit

Oh it’s been ages since I’ve run a post from my good friend Connie over at Art in the Find. Mostly because she is a fashion blogger, and I’m well, anything but fashionable. I live in yoga pants and sports bras. Thank goodness for Stitch Fix, I actually have some new, incredibly adorable things for my corporate accounts and I didn’t have to leave the house, brave the mall and manage parking. Yahoo. I digress….back to the guest post…

Adding color to your life, beyond the kitchen.

When I saw this post pop into my inbox this week, I was reminded of how color can add beauty, brilliance and happiness to your life in more ways than just food! You may recall, yesterday was day 1 of the 21-Day Clean & Colorful Challenge. We ended up with an amazing group of folks committed to investing in their health and feeling great as we roll into the official holiday season.  It’s really not to late to join and I’m really loving the size and the energy of the community. Again, I digress…

Inside or Out, Color is a Good Thing!

I felt compelled to share Connie’s post this lovely Friday because I just thought it was such wonderful timing and I really do love the chance to expose you to all types of writers, even if they are outside the wellness field. We can all benefit from a little color in our life. And it’s amazing how wonderful you can feel once you do…inside our out, color is a good thing!

Guest Post: 5 Ways to Add Color To Your Outfit

Ways to Add Color To Your Outfit

One of the things I love about style is color.  I feel my best when I’m walking out the door in a colorful outfit.  There are all sorts of studies that show that color impacts not only your mood and attitude but also how others see you!

Whether it be a pop of color in my accessory, a shade of bright color in my shoes, some of my most inspiring ideas are derived from wearing color.  If you’re looking to add a bit of flair into your wardrobe here are some ideas for adding bright hues to create a colorful outfit of your own. 

Here are 5 ways to add color to your outfit:

1 | With a great accessory One of the simplest ways to add a bit of color in the smallest way is with a great statement necklace or great cocktail ring.  It’s an instant outfit upgrade. 

5 ways to add color to your outfit

2 | In the shoes | Oh, this is one of my fav, fav, favorite ways to create a colorful outfit.  Wearing a colorful pair of shoes is a great mood booster.

5 ways to add color to your outfit

3 | In the jacket | A colorful outfit doesn’t have to start with just accessories.  This fall and winter, why not opt for adding brightness to your day by throwing on a colorful outer layer?  This is a great alternative to adding color on the outside.

5 ways to add color to your outfit

4 | Put on a great skirt | A colorful skirt goes a long way!  You can layer over your favorite shirt dress or throw on a printed top and colorful skirt and out the door you go. 

ways to add color to your outfit

5 | As a final layer over a dress | If you have a great dress but aren’t sure how to integrate it into fall, pick out a great, colorful sweater and layer it over your dress.  Voila! A brand new outfit that’s warm enough for fall. 

5 ways to add color to your outfit

If a colorful outfit isn’t always something you feel comfortable with integrating into your daily outfits, you can always start with mixing in subtle patterns, such as animal print.  A little goes a long ways!  Do you struggle with color?  Love to infuse color into your wardrobe? What is your favorite way to mix and match with color?


Thank you again Connie for inspiring the fashionista in all of us and for reminding me that color plays just as an important role outside the body as it does on the inside! To learn more about Connie, be sure to subscribe to her blog, it is a really, really beautiful site.

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