5 Yoga Inspired Core Exercises
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5 Yoga Inspired Core Exercises

5 Yoga Inspired Core Exercises

The “core” is an area of the body that gets talked about frequently in health and fitness magazines and articles, but is often poorly understood. The “core” consists of the region between your shoulders and your hips. This includes your deep abdominal muscles, your superficial abdominal muscles, your obliques, and your back musculature. Therefore “core” exercises should be for more than just your 6-pack abs.

In running…

The core is responsible for stability, for maintaining proper posture and form, and for transferring forces from one side of the body to the other (i.e. from leg to leg as you run). A strong and stable core translates to better running mechanics, fewer injuries, and the ability to produce more power.

In a yoga practice…

The core sets up the base of the poses, assists with breathing, and is responsible for smooth transitions from one pose to the next. A strong and stable core here translates to a more fluid and controlled yoga practice, as well as better alignment and balance in poses.

5 Yoga Inspired Core Exercises

As a runner and a yogi, my five go-to core exercises are:

Front plank:

Rest on forearms or hands and feet, creating a straight line from shoulders to hips to feet.
Modification: Perform plank on hands or forearms and knees, instead of feet.
Variation: Pick up one foot for 10 seconds, switch sides, repeat.

Side Plank

Rest on one forearm or hand as well as on the outside edge of the same foot, stacking the other foot on top.
Modification: Perform side plank on hands or forearms and knees, instead of feet.
Variation: Lift top foot off of bottom foot.

Boat Pose

5 Yoga Inspired Core Exercises

Balance on the place just above your sit bones with your knees bent and shins parallel to the floor. Keep the chest upright so the hips are in a flexed position in the spine is lengthened.
Modification: Instead of lifting the heels off the mat, rest the heels on the floor.
Variation: Straighten both legs and lower the body halfway to the floor.

Bridge Pose

Lay on your back on the floor, knees bent and feet hip width apart. Press evenly through both feet to lift the hips in line with the knees and shoulders.
Modification: Rest the arms on the floor next to the body to help with balance.
Variation: Extend one leg to the ceiling and then switch sides.


5 Yoga Inspired Core Exercises

Laying on your stomach, interlace your hands behind you. Contracting shoulder blades, low back, and glutes, lift your chest and legs off the ground and your hands off your low back, towards the ceiling.
Modification: Keep hands planted on ground next to your ribcage. Use hands to assist in lifting the chest off the ground.
Variation: Bend both knees, grab both ankles with both hands, kick into legs to lift upper body and legs off ground, coming into boat pose.

What is your favorite core exercise? 

Lauren Padula
Lauren Padula, DPT, RYT-200
Lauren is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, running coach, and a Yoga Alliance RYT-200 certified yoga teacher. She believes in the synergistic power of yoga and running as a transformational agent of change in people's lives. Embracing the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of a yoga practice and combining them with running has been a powerful shaping force for Lauren.

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