6 Tips for Summer Hiking Success
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6 Tips for Summer Hiking Success

*This page contains affiliate links. I personally enjoy all of these products and would never suggest a product if I didn’t feel like it would be a good fit for you!

One of the best parts about summer is hiking! Not only are we getting a little exercise, but we’re also getting up close and personal with nature in addition to spending quality time with loved ones.

6 Tips for Summer Hiking Success

With that being said, if you’re not prepared for hiking, this fun adventure can turn a little bit into a nightmare! Running out of water, lacking in the snack department, or not having the proper protection from the sun can make hiking not so fun.

How to prepare for your hiking adventure

Preparing for your hiking adventure is actually pretty easy with a little planning. And luckily, we’ve done the planning for you! We’ve got you covered from water and snacks to hiking apps. (I really didn’t even try to rhyme there lol).

So let’s begin….

1. Snacks

6 Tips for Summer Hiking Success

Let’s face it, hiking without snacks should be a crime. You can’t beat enjoying some goodies in the wilderness. Over here at EDBS, we love GoMacro bars! These bars are super yummy, and come in a variety of flavors such as Cherries + Berries, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Banana + Almond Butter, and Apples + Walnuts. Basically you’ll be able to please everyone with the variety.

Just a few other reasons to love GoMacro Bars. They are:

  • nut-butter based
  • gluten free
  • vegan
  • packed full of plant based protein
  • Non GMO
  • made with some pretty awesome ingredients like organic chocolate chips, organic almonds, and organic brown rice protein
  • they are very, very, very tasty

You can shop these vegan nutrition bars here !

2. Hydrate

Ok, maybe hydration should have been number one on the list…Anyways, staying hydrated is key when it comes to any type of activity, especially activities in the sun. To stay hydrated while trekking around we suggest getting a CamelBak. These things hold a lot of water while being hands free.

We really like the CamelBak Women’s Daystar 16 Crux Reservoir Hydration Pack. This pack holds 2.5 liters of water, is light weight, has pockets for your GoMacro Bars, and is designed to fit a woman’s body.

3. Protect yourself from the sun

Nothing will ruin a perfect hike like an intense sunburn. We’ve all been there before…either deciding that one coat of sunscreen is enough for six hours outside (when it says lasts for two hours), or we decide to go sans sunscreen all together.

When you’re out and about give a Zinc Sunscreen a try in addition to a hat. Zinc sunscreen isn’t filled with a ton of other ingredients that are potentially harmful to us, and that hat will give you extra protection from the sun’s intense rays.

6 Tips for Summer Hiking Success

4. Wear hiking boots

Depending on where you’re going hiking, hiking boots may be necessary. If you’re hiking somewhere where there are lots of steep inclines, interesting terrain to walk through, or it’s just a longer hike, you’re going to want the grip and support that comes from a good hiking boot. Give Salomon Women’s Run Footwear a try! They are comfy and come in some pretty great colors. 

5. Take pics

Being out in nature is so beautiful, how can you not take pics…haven’t you heard it lasts longer?? Anyways, taking pictures is the best way to reminisce on your trip, and remember all of the beautiful places you’ve been to.

But what about when you want to be in the picture, or if you want to get a stable video? Of course you need a mini tripod! Give this KobraTech Mini Phone Tripod Stand a try! It’s tiny enough to put in your CamelBack and super flexible so it can stand evenly on any terrain.

6. Scope out the best hiking spots

6 Tips for Summer Hiking Success

Never get lost again and find all of the best hiking spots with the AllTrails app! This app is pretty cool. You can see 50,000 plus trail maps, follow along the trail, and it’ll record your activities. How amazing is that?

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