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A Case of the Mondays…

Well Happy Monday to You!


I hope you had a wonderful weekend — whatever was on your social agenda. This post is kind of from my three week free coaching series and I also just shared the concept in my Weight Loss Challenge.  But I just love it so I want to share it here too. Monday is always such an interesting day and it kind of has a negative connotation. Often you’ll find folks kinda wander around with a grouchy frown, which is commonly known as “a case of the Mondays…” Honestly, I feel bad that it gets picked on all the time.

Why does everybody give Monday such a hard time?

Maybe because the weekend fun is over? But guess what, more weekend fun is only five days away. That means you have five days to clean up, workout, and get things done so you can enjoy next weekend even more than this last weekend – right?

Why can’t it be a case of the


OMG, I’m so excited to have a full week ahead to make my life even more outstanding?

Well maybe I don’t love everything about my life today, but at least it’s only Monday so I have time to do something about it?

Our health and happiness are contingent on our mindset.

That said, it’s worth shifting it just a bit today from disdain to gratitude. You’ll find you feel much better after you do and good decisions will be easier to make.

So now, you either you want to punch me in the face because you have a legit Case of the Mondays or maybe you have a new perspective? Either way, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

In Health and Happiness,

Teresa Marie


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