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Tespo Vitamins: A smarter way to take your daily supplements!

You don’t hear me talk about vitamin supplements all that often, mainly because I believe so strongly in the power of food, eating all five colors every day and getting your micronutrients straight from the source. There are a few other reasons too, which I’ll fill you in on. It is true that a high quality vitamin can fill in the gaps of your potentially not-so-perfect diet, and I’m super excited today to show you a better way to do it. Dare I call it fun?!


What’s wrong with normal vitamin pills?

Well, generally, it’s tough to find a good pill and it’s tricky to remember to take them daily, they say that compliance is about 65%. Most pills are full fillers and binders, stuff your body really doesn’t need or want. Generally, it’s difficult for your body to pull the micronutrients it needs out of a pill and only about 15% of the nutrients are absorbed by your body. Combine that with the fact that we forget to take them every third day and you can see why traditional pill form vitamins aren’t that good of a solution.

Essentially, high quality vitamins can be pretty pricey when you combine that with the fact that there is not much a guarantee your body will be able to use the nutrients…even if you do remember to take them. I’ve always heard that liquid vitamins have better bioavalibilty (your body can use more of the nutrition), but they can be tough to find. Until this little Tespo device hit the market!

How does Tespo work?

Tespo is a health and wellness technology company that spent three years researching and designing this smart kitchen appliance and unique vitamin discs. You insert the disc to the machine, it works its magic and you get your daily shot of liquid vitamins. The device keeps tracks of how many servings are left in your disc and you can sign up for a subscription so your next dose arrives just before you need it.

Why is Tespo better?

For a multitude of reasons. First, there’s the science. All Tespo vitamins offer only active ingredients — no fillers, binders, flow agents or unnecessary ingredients of any kind and they are mixed together to be delivered in liquid form. So you don’t have to swallow any pills and the bioavailibity of the nutrients goes up to 85%+! There is also no added sugar, makig Tespo vitamins a better solution for your kiddos than traditional gummy vitamins.

Second, there is the reality of the situation. If pills are hard to remember to take, Tespo helps here too. We know the best way to get something done regularly is to make it fun or make a habit — best case scenario, both. Try putting your Tespo device next to your coffee maker. If your coffee habit is anything like mine, you’ll be hard press to not be reminded to take your vitamins as you wait for your coffee. And honesty, the device is just fun. It lights up, does a little dance and quite literally gives you a “shot” of something tasty and good for your body. I’m in LOVE with mine!

Tespo vitamins

What micronutrients are in the Tespo vitamin pack?

Tespo has several formulas available right now and the sleep pack is about to be released! You can view all the nutrition labels by clicking on any of these links:

Currently, I have the Women’s Essential disc in the device and feel pretty good about the nutrition panel. I have energy and focus waiting in the side panel disc storage compartment.

Tespo side door

How can you get your hands on one?

The device is $129 and the monthly supplement discs are $35 each. But the better news is that I have a discount code for you and you can save 35% off the dispenser using this unique discount code “eatdrinkskinny” and when you subscribe to the vitamins, it goes to $30 per month — and you get free shipping! With 5x the bioavalibitly of nutrients and with how much more fun you’re going to have taking your vitamins now, it’s a small price to pay. Get your Tespo device here and don’t forget to save $45 with that code!

You can also learn more by checking out their website or find them on FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Tespo. The opinions and text are all mine.

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