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All in one Fitness Device: the TIMEX IRONMAN ONE GPS+

I was running the other day, my final 8 mile taper run before the big Marathon this weekend, and I was behind a gal who was running with nothing but her phone in her hand. I found myself jealous. When did I become such a high-maintenance, complicated runner? Geared up with bright colored shoes, compression socks, my giant GPS watch, a waist belt for my phone (I won’t risk dropping it) and my huge pink wired headphones. It’s kind of ridiculous really.

Timex Ironman ONE GPS+

Running nerds in full glory. But we’re training so well, it’s worth it!

But I can’t help it! Or at least I couldn’t until this TIMEX IRONMAN ONE GPS+ came into my life. It’s kind of a running miracle. It combines all the magic of my existing GPS and combines it with the magic of my phone and it syncs to my wireless headphones. I may not be able to do anything about the yellow shoes and blue socks right now, but at least I can combine electronics and get rid of wires!

Seriously, this watch is one magic device:

  • GPS for Speed and Distance. This, I could not go without. And yes, there are aps on your phone, but again, I don’t like to run with my phone in my hand and it’s important to see pace and splits, not to mention know how far you have run or for how long. This means it must be a watch.
  • Music! Yes, 1000 songs can play to your wireless headphones. As much as I love the pink wire from my headphones, not untangling it every time I go for a run is not something I’ll miss. And 1000 songs? Really? I only have 57 on my marathon play list.
  • Messaging! What? Yes! Before I ran with my phone strapped to my back for music (my trusty old-school iPod shuffle finally bit the dust), do you have any idea how many times I wished my watch could send a message? I mean, if it’s syncing to satellites to tell me where I am, surly it could let me share that information with someone else too, right?
  • Live Tracking. Oh ya. Not just for fancy races anymore and you can save yourself the fees associated with runner tracking on race day (not all races charge, but it bothers me when they do.) Now going for a run and trying to meet up with someone will be so much easier when they know exactly where I am. Not to mention the safety and peace of mind that comes from knowing someone knows where I am when I’m out running alone.
  • Touchscreen. With Qualcomm Mirasol display that only gets brighter in sunlight. While shade is nice on a hot run, stopping to check split times is not.
  • One portal to review all your stats. This is an easy way to compare workout over workout growth and see your progress.

I can’t tell you how weird it feels to just put on a watch and go. I kept doing double checks because I felt like I had forgotten something. The rituals of getting ready for a run are so much simpler now! The best part about this post is not just how geeked out I am over TIMEX figuring out how to solve so many runner problems…it’s that I HAVE ONE TO GIVEAWAY! Yes! I have a $200 watch to simply give away to one reader who will get to geek out with me.


Seriously, I can’t wait to see if there are any of you out there who can match my inner (and until now, outer) running nerd! 

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This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of Timex.


  • Kat

    After training for my first half with my dog in 2011 and then volunteering to run with shelter dogs, I can no longer run without a dog (and the leash and bags that demands)….When I try to run alone, I run way too fast and burn out like a spaz.

  • Shelly

    This summer I started running with a buddy in the predawn AM to beat the heat. Now that fall is here it is D.A.R.K at 5:30 so we now add reflective gear, headlights, AND flashing red beacons to the back of our hats. Mind you this is all on top of the GPS and phone. Can you say NERD RUNNER?! We too are getting are best times ever so I have no plans on changing but an all in one TIMEX would be pretty darn cool! (p.s. does it have a flashlight?? haha – that will be next)

  • Marshelle Meeks

    I’ve run 8 half marathons and several times my phone with my music and running app has died at 12.1. Sooo frustrating to not know your final time and to not be able to connect and meet up with your friends after the race. I have my phone for the Running app that I have used from the beginning of my running joirney. Don’t want to lose that mileage count. And I can “compete” with friends and post my runs on Facebook using that app. Afterall, your run doesn’t count if u don’t tell the whole world about it, right?i also wear my FitBit Surge so it will continue to count my calories and steps for the day and I can see my pace during the run. Also have my Garmin 10 watch to use the interval feature, b/c I run/walk. I have already upgraded to wireless headphones which is great!! What belt I use varies depending on how far I’m going – could be my SpiBelt just for my phone with a small handheld water bottle or my new Nathan handheld insulated water bottle with compartment strap big enough for my phone so no belt needed unless I want to carry gels, etc. or my Nathan hydration belt with 4 water bottles for longer runs. SO MUCH stuff!!

    • Teresa

      Oh Marshelle — you’ve made me feel so much better! Good to know I’m not the only one out there addicted to run gadgets! You would def geek out over this Timex 😉 Congrats on falling in love and staying committed to an awesome sport 😉

  • Melissa Caulfield

    I’m training for my second half marathon, here in the hot humidity of south Louisiana. Well, I’m obsessed with Newtons and can’t run without my headbands. I have to wear my Road I.d. on my right wrist or I feel off, lol. I hope I win!

    • Teresa

      Those are all good gadgets to have! And I share the Newton love…I tried to switch out at one point and jumped right back in ’em. Been a Newton Runner since 2010 🙂 Good luck in your second half marathon! Happy Training!

  • Lisa Stauffer

    Ok, you have inspired me to become a geeked out runner. I have the bright shoes and the fitbit and I just bought the wireless earphones that sync with my phone. I just need the bright colored compression socks and the cool big watch! Oh, and my dog would seriously love to run with me, so I may take him along too from now on.

    • Teresa

      Awesome Lisa — the more of us out there, the better! I just started running in the compression socks like a month ago. Takes a little getting used to but I’m going to give them a shot in the marathon to see if they help. Oh — and your dog will love the exercise!!

  • kelly

    I always get to a race RIDICULOUSLY early because I am so nervous!

  • Jamie

    I am a statistician and not only do I record all of my runs, I import the data into my statistical software to analyze 🙂

    • Teresa

      I can totally relate. While I’m no statistician, I do love studying paces, intervals, progress and race projections. Not only are we running nerds, I think it makes us math nerds too 😉 he he — Happy Trails Jamie!

  • Mary

    HAH well this is nerdy for me, because I HATE MATH. I seriously get all panicked and anxious when numbers are involved in something. I once converted 48 inches into 2 feet. I’m bad at math. SO when i’m on a long run, or even a run i just don’t want to be doing, i do a lot of algebra. I calculate how far i’ve gone, when i can turn around, i do a lot of “ok, 2 miles to the halfway to the halfway, you just need 8, and then you turn around! easy! you can run 2 miles!” or if i dont have any math for my run, i try to figure out what percent of ____ is ___. WHat percent of my run is done, what is 80% of 2… any numbers. it distracts me SO MUCH and all of a sudden my run is done!

  • Emily

    I run with my phone in a holder, but my phone doesn’t give me the type of detailed statistics I need to run intervals at a certain pace. Plus, I always get paranoid that my phone is giving me completely wrong information and giving me a totally unrealistic understanding of my natural pace!

    • Teresa

      Have you tried the RunKeeper Ap? It does not always match my watch, but it’s pretty awesome! I love it for interval runs because she cues you so you don’t have to be a watch watcher. But you do have to run with your phone, which is a risky process. Happy Running Emily!

  • Kate @ SoCal Runner Gal

    Love this post and that picture at the top.

    Well, I am always a huge nerd when I run – compression socks, big ol’ hat, handheld water bottle, you name it. But my biggest NERD moment was probably at the Boston Marathon when I didn’t realize there was a huge hole in the crotch of my capris the size of my head until I was already at the start of the race!! I literally had to walk around the entire athlete’s village asking every single person if they had an extra pair of bottoms. Luckily someone was able to give me their throwaway pants that were baggy and SUPER nerdy and I went ahead and ran all 26.2 miles in them. Yikes. #nerdalert I still can’t believe that happened.

    • Teresa

      I remember that story!! “Oh, that looks like Kate, but why would she be wearing those weird pants???!?!” bbbaaaahhhh ahahahah Boston bonded us for live! #solemates Can’t tell you how happy I am you’re coming up to Ventura with me. It means the world to me 🙂 xoxo

  • Smitha @ Running with SD Mom

    I am a nerd. I am a running social media obsessed nerd. I panic if I haven’t taken a picture within 30 minutes of running. Because to me, running is about friendships and style. So, that brings me to my next and biggest runner nerd thing. I have to match and I have to poop. If I don’t do both things before I leave the house, I won’t leave the house. The End!

    • Teresa

      OMG Smitha!! That was hysterical!!! I am so glad social media connected us running nerds!! And I love seeing all your pictures! I’ll admit, sometimes when I wake up with a hangover and see your smiling face I do get a tinge of guilt, but it’s motivating all the time!! I hope your training is coming along well!

  • kally00

    Funny running story: when I first moved into my area, I got lost in the park behind my house for the added bonus of an extra 2 miles… don’t ask how, still not completely sure

  • Alison

    Wish your contest was open to us Canadians! This Timex watch sounds awesome. I usually skip the music because I hate the the ear buds cord. Love my Garmin 405 and about once a week I download all my stats so I can analyze and pat myself on the back for all the miles I’ve run.

  • Kellen McAvoy

    What an awesome giveaway! I just started my running journey about about a year and a half ago and have now completed 3 half marathons and am training for the Chicago Marathon in October (AGHGH). When I did my first half, I used MapMyRun and had never even heard of GU, Nuun, Hydration Belts, Salt Tabs, etc. I quickly came to realize the importance of socks (who knew?!). Now I find myself decked out on long runs with neon compression socks (my fav), a hydration belt, lots of energy gels or chews, salt tabs, tylenol, chapstick, a phone, headphones, you name it! I’m like a running Sporting Goods Store 🙂 If only it was acceptable to run with my foam roller…

  • Run To Munch

    my nerdest running fact is that I now research races every new place when I travel for work or fun just to run someplace new. Sometimes I look up running groups even if I dont speak the language, because the sound of feet hitting pavement is the same in any country.

  • Kathy McElhaney

    I run with a Suunto Ambit2 and really geek out when I get home and look at all the data. Training for marathon #4 and would love to go wireless. My iPod has been super flaky lately. Strange coincidence – I have 56 songs on my marathon playlist.

  • Fit for the Mommies

    During the winter months I look craaaazy with all of my gear-mainly because I end up shedding so much of it during my run and end up carrying it! Toboggan, ear headband, gloves, pepper spray, etc. The worst was right before a half marathon last December my strap broke on my Garmin and I ended up carrying it because heaven knows I’m not racing without that :).

  • Laura Lohr

    Oh, man! I wrote a long comment and it got eaten. Fingers crossed this one sticks! (It said there was an error with JetPack and the comment couldn’t be posted.)

    When I was 6 months post-partum, I ran my first marathon (back in 2006). At the time, phones were not very smart. GPS, music, and cell phones weren’t all in one. So, I had a Timex Ironman GPS device, an IPod, and I carried my cell phone for emergencies. BUT, the Timex GPS back then, was two parts: there was the watch part that displayed the stats that you wore on your wrist and there was this HUMONGOUS GPS device that you wore on your arm. This meant I had a GPS tracker, an IPod, a watch, plus my cell phone was usually in my Gu belt or running belt. What a mess of cords and wires!

    During my first marathon training, members of the running club started to call me Gadget Girl. Even though some of them didn’t know me by name, they would sometimes say, “Hey, Gadget Girl! How’s it going?” Pretty silly stuff!

    Even now, I run with my FitBit Charge, my cell phone, and my headphones. I’m still Gadget Girl and love to have the latest gadgets. I’d LOVE to have the latest Timex Ironman!

  • Gloria

    My nerdiest running fact is that I need a watch to pace me when I run – an iPhone app or just regular stopwatch doesn’t help me and I end up going out too fast and burning out. This watch sounds amazing.

  • Jeffrey

    I started running marathons in 2010 and am pretty ritualistic, my wife calls it nerdy! When traveling I plan out arrival and departure times at various locations (expo, hotel, race). I eat the same prerace and pre-prerace meal and usually do so at the same time of day. I had a fun spring, I turned 40 and to celebrate ran two marathons the weekend of my birthday. I highly recommend it if you would like to go over the hill in an over the top kinda way! Entering the masters division I had a PR and PW in 24 hours. This watch has some awesome features, if I won I would even consider letting my wife try it out!

  • Kellypoole

    I run with my phone because I’ve never had a watch /gps. I would love to further enter nerdom. 4 half sunder my belt and training for #5!

  • Meg McIntosh

    I’m running my first marathon this weekend in Ventura, but I’ve run several half marathons before (including the triple crown series in San Diego, where I live). I moved up to the marathon length initially to help me grieve the loss of my sweet greyhound earlier this year, but I have found so much more in the process- self-confidence, pride, a sense of purpose. I anticipate many more marathons in my future, and having a watch simplify things would make racing so much more enjoyable (no more worrying about whether my fanny pack is riding up to my face and bringing my shorts with it!). I guess my nerdiest running fact is that I HAVE to run with my thumb and ring fingers touching. My dad taught me this in high school when I was running cross country because be said it helps with circulation (?)- not sure if that’s the case, but it helps me to re-focus when I am struggling and my mantra “Mortal Combat!” just isn’t cutting it anymore. 😉

    • Meg

      Oh and I found your blog thru SoCalRunnerGal. I see you ran Ventura, too! I found inspiration in her posts and also told her how I started running for my dog and how it has totally changed me (pretty sure I also said I was more confident, have more pride and feel like I’ve found myself- LOL. Such a small world.) Looking forward to following you now too.

      • Teresa

        Hi Meg – -that is so awesome! I find myself forever grateful for Kate. It’s crazy that she’s such a great friend, running buddy and motivator of mine, and also a but-kicking blogger! Happy to hear about your running successes. I love that about running. So happy you’ve found it! Happy to be connected!

    • Teresa

      Oh Ventura – blah! How was your race? Brutal…is all I can say…but also done! I’ll get a race recap out later this week, but I hope you had an amazing race! Congratulations — it’ a HUGE accomplishment no matter what!

  • Femme Fitale Fit Club

    My nerdiest running fact is that I can really only run in the dark because I’ve been doing it for so long. It’s difficult to run in daylight.

    • Teresa

      OMG –that’s crazy! I seriously cannot run in the dark. I’d I look down when I run (which I know is a bad habit) because I think I’m always afraid I’m going to fall. So the dark would totally spook me. That’s awesome you know you’re groove though 😉 Happy trails!

  • Amanda

    I HAVE to finish my runs on an even number. If it’s 6.25 I’ll run to get to 7 miles.

  • Rosa

    I always run with my phone and i make it so I end on a whole number every time, Would love to try a watch!

  • Amie

    I love analyzing my running stats and past races.

  • Ruth Christensen

    I drink a V8 energy drink before my races

  • Amanda Sakovitz

    My nerdiest running fact is that I listen to a radio when I run and put it in an arm strap. I don’t like to use my phone because its too big.
    pokergrl8 at gmail.com

  • Jen @ Mom's Gotta Run

    My nerdiest run fact. I ran a 5:00:06 marathon on my birthday a few years ago. My birthday is May 6th aka 5/6. I love telling that story! 🙂

  • Lauren

    No-phone connectivity is important, since I do not like to run with my phone.

  • Diana Cote

    I love running with my dog, it’s become a thing now, we even have pre run smoothie. hahaha

  • Elle

    My nerdiest fact is that I always wear sunglasses no matter the whether – sunshine, gloomy, rain, hot, cold, dark, etc.. just because I am used to the way they feel on my face and it helps me escape into my own little world. It;’s weird to go without them.

  • Janice R.

    I need this watch because I would love to accurately track my distance when out exercising. I have actually been resorting to Mapquest trying to create the route I went and see how long the distance was but it’s always impossible to get the exact route since I don’t just go from Point A to Point B.

  • hlymreHaley

    Love this giveaway! My nerdiest running fact is that I eat a handful of carrots and a handful of purple grapes before every long run. I tell myself it is for the sugar boost – but now it is a superstitious thing!

  • Christine Rockey

    I have been running for years and just started using a GPS and HR monitor. I would love better technology!!!

  • Kate Daly


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