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Apparently you can’t eat & drink EVERY-THING and still be skinny

And it’s not like I didn’t know that already, this is me just publicly admitting it’s time to officially put on the breaks before my 5 pound train turns into 10 and beyond…I always say…

It’s not a matter of IF you get off track…it’s how far and how long you stay that way that matters.

I already knew I had 5 pounds to lose after my Ventura Marathon experience. Then top that off with a 2 week race recovery plan followed by 5 days of solid, legit toxicity in Mexico. I’m actually very lucky it’s still only 5 pounds – ha!

Photo Sep 27, 4 02 49 PM

Really? Tequila shots? And like there is ever just one…

Teresa’s October Goals: Get Back To Race Weight

  • Running: Surprise, surprise, I plan to run myself back into shape. I’m officially registered for my redemption race. CIM in Sacramento is December 6th. I have a bib, a flight and a good buddy working on accommodations. I have 9 weeks to pull this together. Training plan is locked and loaded…
  • Cross Training: You can’t actually, simply, run your butt off. There is some cross training that comes into play. In this case, spin (2x week) and yoga (3x week) come in very hand for me. I also plan to keep working out with the November Project – San Diego on Wednesday mornings . If you are local, you should join me (6:29 am Balboa Park)!
  • Building the BOOty: This inspiration came from the doctor I have been seeing about the hip pain that just snuck in before my last race. I’ve never disliked my butt so it’s never really been a focal point of my efforts. I did a zillion walking lunges and squats for leg strength June  through September and meanwhile, my glutes have lost some serious ground. My side-butt needs help! Hence, the October Spooktacular BOOty BOOt Camp 30-Day Challenge.
  • Drinking: Water and green juice, not booze. Ha! I’ve got to be better about filling up on water. I’ll shoot for a gallon a day, let’s see how that goes. One raw juice a day always  makes me feel great and I feel like it’s a keystone habit. Once you fill your body with alkalizing-green-goodness, the last thing you want is a cocktail or anything processed. Here’s the 411, my Beginner Green Juice Video Series.
  • Eating: I’m the weirdest eater and totally stuck in a dietary rut. I don’t eat poorly, I just eat anything and everything I want.  I think it’s officially time to bust out the calorie counter and start building a caloric deficit. I’ll be following my Glycemic Menu Plan at 1500 calories to help with that. It will be good for portion control and also to get me out of this rut.
  • If all else fails…Detox. This 3-day detox plan has never failed me. I would have used it the day I got home from Mexico had I been in worse condition. But I’m keeping it in my back pocket just in case a few good weeks of solid effort to not get things moving in the right direction.
  • Publicly Committing! There is all kinds of data out there that shows that stating to others, out loud, that you’re going to do something exponentially increases our chances of doing it.
Photo Sep 29, 6 01 27 PM

I lived this up last week — it’s going to have to go on hold for just a bit now 😉

The End Result October Goal:

Well, I have 9 weeks to get back in BQ shape. But I’m hoping that this structure gets me back to race weight in October. Then I can spend November working on speed and give myself a few pounds of taper leeway. I’ll share an update in early November. These past few months, my even months (i.e. June and August) so I have a good feeling about these October goals!

Ok, I shared mine, now you share yours…what are your October Goals? 

toxic cover

So yoga/beach/Mexico cliche…but just couldn’t help myself. And it was actually really scary out there on one leg!

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