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Are you FAT or FIT? And I’m not talking about the way you look

Fat isn’t so much the way you look, it’s much more important to think about how you feel.

There are plenty of “Skinny Fat” people out there and the fittest of people aren’t usually “skinny.” With a blog called Eat. Drink & be Skinny, every once in a while someone (clearly without having read any of my posts) will misinterpret my intentions.  Skinny has always been my sassy, quick, little way to explain happy,  healthy, fit and fun and I just can’t expect people to come all the way over to www.eatdrinkandbehappyhealthyfitandfun.com nor do I want to print in on a business card and say it day in and day out. But if I could, I probably would 🙂

I don’t actually like “Skinny” if you define its dictionary definition.

I like healthy! I love happy! I believe in being fit and I can’t live without having fun! I don’t know why but these acronyms just popped in my head the other day and they are stuck there. So I feel like I need to get the concept out there because the more I mull it over, the more important I feel the need to share this little way to think about being fit. So I throw this out to my readers:

Are you FAT or FIT?

Fat or Fit

If You’re Not Feeling Fit, Here Is Your Simple Plan To Get There!

1. Eat the right food. And I’m not talking low fat, low sugar food that comes in a tiny or green box here. I’m talking about real food that powers your body. Lean proteins, healthy fats, whole grains, fruits and lots and lots of vegetables. But not more than your body needs. And you should find that when you follow a balanced diet, your cravings and portions naturally decrease.

2. Exercise. At least 30 minutes a day, most days of the week. Once that is easy, aim to achieve the 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans where they say you need at least 150 min of moderately intense or 75 minutes of vigorously intense cardio vascular activity per week along with two days of at least 30 minutes of muscle strengthening work. 

3. Drink lots of fluids. The amount of water people require varies, but aim to get .5 – 1oz of every pound you weight and make sure you replace lost fluids from exercise on top of that. And you may also know, I’m huge fan of fresh juice and smoothies and they count in the hydration station as well!

4. Sleep well. Again, the amount each person needs varies, but getting the right number is key! It’s usually in the 7-8 hour range but I’ve know some who are fully functional on less than 6 and those who really can’t function without less than 9. Uneven sleep patterns and insufficient sleep can lead to hormonal imbalances that can literally mess with your mood and cravings, making healthy and happy much harder to achieve.

I am well aware that this is not rocket science for most of you…

I just felt the need to emphasize that the primary purpose of this blog and my personal mission is to encourage healthy hopefuls out there to feel their very best. It’s not about the size you wear, it’s how you feel when you walk in a room owning the way you look. Yes, I run weight loss challenges on a regular basis, because losing extra weight makes you feel better. It makes moving easier. It eases the pressure on your heart, your joints and allows your body to work more efficiently. I think if we can get behind the idea of simply focusing on “feeling fit” more often, the body you want will follow and you will find yourself falling in love with your health and happiness instead of dreading the scale and feeling deprived at the dinner table.

Does that make any sense at all?

Remember, this is your body and your life. Nobody is going to take care of it for you.

  • The happier you are, the more time people will want to spend their time with you.
  • The healthier you are, the better you can treat those around you.
  • The fitter you get, the more fun fitness becomes.
  • The more fun you are — well, duh 😉

Always Remember, it’s not about being perfect, it’s about being better.

And We CAN Do This!

In health and happiness,

Teresa Marie

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  • bamawhitney

    Love this! I’m certainly not skinny, but my cardio condition is excellent and I’m a darn good runner! Now yes, I’ve got some fat to lose and I’m always a work in progress, but I certainly consider myself FIT!

    • teresamarierun

      Yay — this makes me so happy! You sound like you are on a killer track. And we all have some fat to lose 😉 But feeling fit and wanting to improve your body from the inside out first is the best way to get where you want to go! Thank you for the great note and keep being a butt kicking runner! Cheers!

  • gracekelle at leangirlsclub

    I totally agree with you. I do not have a model’s figure, but I’m fit and leaner than I have been my whole life. That is why my blog’s name is Lean Girls Club…because I wanted to reaffirm that being lean and strong is more important than being skinny. I also feel the leanest and strongest when I eat clean foods that my body needs. It’s true what they say: “you are what you eat.”

    • Teresa

      yay — I love that saying and then follow it up with “who do you want to be?” I love it when we find like minded bloggers 🙂 I have to write things like this often so that people don’t judge or misinterpret my “skinny” blog 😉 So glad you found it! Cheers!

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