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August 30 Day Challenge – Move a Mile!

I have been wanting to do this challenge forever! I wasn’t sure if the community would be up for it. I threw it out to the group early last week and the response was very good!

So here you have it — the the 30 Day Challenge Series August Challenge:

Move a Mile a Day for 30 Days!

  • Run, jog, walk, crawl — just lace up and go! Bike if you have to. It does not matter. Just use the energy to get your fitness gear on and go!

30 Day Challenge - Move a Mile Every Day for 30 Days

It sounds simple, because it is! My entire drive behind starting the 30 Day Challenge Series was to get a people to commit to a small, healthy lifestyle changes for 30 days. The process of lacing up your shoes everyday, for 30 days is brilliant! Chances are, you’ll go further. You’re almost guaranteed to feel better every single day after you do. Maybe you will be so thrilled, you’ll continue moving more for the rest of your life? Cha-chig — how do you spell success?!

If just a mile sounds too easy, then get your stopwatch ready and gear up to get faster! Running a mile for time is a challenge for anybody. Record once before August 1 and every week throughout the month. Post your times and share your success! And remember, you don’t have to stop after 1 mile. The goal is to get up and get out! If you feel great and want to rock out 3, 5 maybe more miles? Go for it! But the most important thing is that you go every single day for 30 days.

So how do you get started on this 30 Day Challenge?

  1. Like the Teresa Marie Wellness on FaceBook. We have almost 2000 in the group. How exciting?!
  2. Join the August Challenge – Move a Mile a Day event on the page.
  3. Share it on your page to inspire your friends and hold yourself accountable. Public commitment of a goal exponentially increases your chances of success. Plus, having buddies with you for your 30 mile journey will be way more fun.
  4. Join the community to get access to all the trackers. Print it out, set your goals and rewards. Are you up for getting faster? Record your baseline mile before the 1st and track it weekly. If you’ve already subscribed to the series, you will receive the tracker automatically shortly.
  5. Get your shoes ready, find your route (s), get a watch if your going for time and charge up your iPod!
Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 10.08.12 AM

Smart guy here…

I created the event on Friday and we have almost 300 peopled committed and 750 invited. I’d say we’re off to a good start since August is still 3 days away. I wold love to see 1000+ people sign up for this challenge and get moving this month! So share with your friends and inspire somebody to be better!

Stay tuned for more tips, benefits of walking and running, nutrition to fuel optimal performance, good workout songs and very regular motivational tips and pics from your’s truly. I’m lacing up to restart marathon training. I was once fast in my book. Today, not so much. My personal goal here is to get excited about getting out there every day, despite how hard and slow it feels 🙂 The New Your Marathon will be here November 3rd one way or another…

Boston Marathon 2013

Many miles lead up to this race — happy to be back at it and gearing up for NYC in November!

What are you walking or running for?


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  • Beth

    Up until mid- June, I did a walking workout regularly with a friend. We even completed the Disney Princess Half Marathon together in February. Life got in the way and I have not been able to do our workouts together for over a month now. A few days ago, my husband asked me to join him at the gym and I happily complied It was an overcast 80 degree day so we opted to walk my normal 3 mile circuit instead. The first mile and a half went by quickly and easily. The course is flat and fast. But, shortly after the halfway mark, my body just hit a “wall.” My hamstrings both seized up, my breathing was labored and unregulated and I felt like I was back at the 12 mile mark in the half marathon all over again. It took every ounce of strength I had to will my feet to keep moving forward. when we finally made it back to the car and I sat down, all I could think was, “how did I get so out of shape so quickly, and what am I going to do to get back to my former level of fitness?” A day later without knowing of my struggle, a friend sent me the link to join this 30 day challenge. I know I need to regain my fitness in a steady and sensible way. I feel doing this challenge is just the tool to get me started on the right path toward that goal.

    • Teresa

      oooohhh Beth! I’m so glad you found the challenge! I’m struggling with getting back in shape too. Muscle has memory, and it does come back. We just have to be patient and this is the perfect challenge for both of us! We Can Do It! Cheers!

  • jadeopal

    This will be my first 30 Day Challenge and I couldn’t be more excited to try it out! I ran a 10 km run back in June and ever since I completed the run my motivation to get out and moving has seemed to dwindle… finding this 30 Day challenge is the perfect timing. Cannot wait 🙂

  • Miss*Mason

    this could totally be due to the fact I need a nap, but I can’t find the tracker for this challenge though I’ve signed up for it… can you link it here? or does it get emailed to us?

    gonna not nap, but rather lace up my shoes in Atlanta

    • Teresa

      Ha – love it! After you sign up you should get a confirmation email. Then when you confirm. you get a welcome email. In that, you should have links to AAALLL the trackers 🙂 Let me know if you have any trouble getting the emails and I’ll figure it out. Happy walking then napping to you! Cheers!

  • Alison Suto Stripling

    I may not get to the gym or exercise everyday, but I try. I’m sure I walk a mile at least everyday though. Have to get one of those step trackers to see! Do you recommend a good one that is hip and gadgety so I use it?

    • teresamarierun

      Alison – you should totally get a pedometer! I use a Garmin GPS watch to do all my tracking for running so I don’t have a pedometer. But go check out reviews on Amazon. You should be able to get a pretty good one for around $20. You’d be amazed at how your activity adds up and having the tracker…I swear makes it more fun and you’ll move more!

  • Troy

    I signed up but did not get the welcome email, nor the access to all the trackers?! Thx

    • teresamarierun

      HI Troy – I just sent the email again through my provider, AWeber. You should have it now, so check your spam folder too. If not, let me know and enjoy the challenges!

  • Denise Annas

    Getting a late start, but starting today!

  • Aimee J

    Maybe I am just impatient, I just signed up but did not receive the welcome letter. I’m really excited to get started!

    • Teresa

      You may want to check your spam folder. You will get a confirmation email and once you confirm, you will get a welcome email with all the links. I did just send you the email again, but you will not be signed up to get future trackers unless you confirm your email address. So excited you’re excited!! We Can Do This!

  • Legomom

    Thanks for this! I have been trying find something active to do with my indoor son and he’s super excited about this. (my other boys all like to run with me but he’s just not a runner) We started this week and did 1.5 miles, 1 mile, 2 miles, 3 miles, 2 miles – all him pushing me to go more than a mile!! Now he wants to walk a 5K with me and work up to running one over time. Wahooo!!! After 4 weeks he is already planning on the push up challenge for November, too – thank you for putting this all out there :).

  • Teresa

    Oh that is so great to hear! Thank you for the update — it’s so helpful to know who these challenges actually reach. Keep me posted on the 5K progress!

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