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Getting Started on the 30-Day Step & Stretch Challenge

Welcome to the first day of our 30-day step and stretch challenge! I’m so excited to get started, and to step and stretch our way to reaching new fitness goals. This 30-day challenge is pretty simple, but will have a huge…

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How to Safely Lift Heavy Weights

Part 1: Intro to Heavy Weight Lifting What do you think of when you think about lifting heavy weights? Is it that big and burly sweaty guy who never leaves the bench press at your local gym, powerlifters, or do…

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How to a Build Killer Hotel Room Workout

Welcome back Caitlin from Fitgevity! She’s your go-to gal for staying fit while on the road. Bookmark this one for the next time yo’re on the road and need a killer hotel room workout! When we’re traveling it can be…

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CBD Oil – The All Natural Remedy We’ve Been Looking For?

When I was asked to review CW Botanicals’ Charlotte’s WebTM proprietary hemp cannabinoid products I was torn. I’m incredibly interested in the topic, as I do believe strongly in the natural healing power of plants. Yet, I knew I didn’t…

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